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    What about John Williams for his classic soundtracks?? He is the best classical composer around today IMHO. Tchaikovsky is very good, but I like Gustav Holst for his Planets Suite. I do not really have a fave composer, I just like good pieces of music, hence I like a lot of composers. Most of ´em just make me feel jealous though!!!

    Thanks Sylverfish. BTW: I failed Psychology at A-Level (I got hung up abut that most insane Dr. Freud - and that Swiss madman Piaget). Off to put my train to bed, it has an exam in the morning! <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>)

    I gave up using CM after a while... I discovered that the moment you hear the missile warning it is best to change direction and press afterburner for a while. The problem is that Cruise Disruptors somehow manage to hit you. However, you are usually out of weapons range when they do. I only use CM against security forces for that reason.

    In the modern commercial world, if it ain´t popular enough, it won´t happen. The only reason Star Trek went on so long is because it got huge ratings (and the only reason Enterprise was not as popular is because it tended to ignore what history the previous series had created - and got obsessed with time travel.) My point is, is that Star Trek was (and to a certain extent, still is) considered cult - which unfortunately for sequel hunters, Freelancer is. Therefore the only way for a sequel to be made is for: a) Every copy of Freelancer available MUST BE BOUGHT! Which will show Microsoft that it is popular enough for a sequel, or b) J Dawg to go round to Mr. Gates house and physically watch him code the new game himself. Petitions and marches don´t tend to work (mores the pity) and unless enough people on this server are capable programmers (of which I am not) we are going to have cope MOD´s.

    Take two Migraleve and then lie down in a darkened room. However, if you are on Arton´s screaming bus, double the dose and don´t lie down (the people on the bus may shut up, but they´ll surround you like a school fight)

    Sylverfish:- most of those symptoms of ADHD describe me.... However, I must qualify it. My handwriting is bad because my eyesight is terrible, until the age of 13 I could (quite seriously) not see past the end of my nose (clearly at least). Also, due to my eyesight problems, I was very fidgety, and over-active (my doctors, family and friends of the time believe that it was because I was perceiving myself as misunderstod.) However, the symptom you describe that I cannt account for is my self esteem - any suggestions? On a more humourous note.. I used to live with three psychology students, and I never once consciously thought they were judging me. Hwever as a Management student myself (which invlves more psychology than people realise) I can understand the psychology students predicament in that regard. On an even less serious note, I claim to peple that I am voluntarily insane, which raises a few eyebrows and the response of &quot;Why?&quot; to which reply &quot;Why not? It makes life more interesting!!!!&quot;

    I understand the politically risky stuff, but I say ´IT IS A GAME IN SPACE´, what lamoes are going to equate it to reality? In fact, I view the game as spectacular fun, and spend most of my time patching up reps and trading goods to bother with any supposed politics. However, the chances of a sequel are about the same as George W. Bush being voted the cleverest man in the world. This is not to ignore the fact that WE WANT A SEQUEL (especially one where can actually join the damned factions <img src=smilies/icon_smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> )

    &quot;I may not agree with what you say, but I´ll defend to the death your right to say it!&quot; - Anon &quot;I suggest a new strategy R2... Let the wookie win!&quot; - C3-PO (Star Wars) &quot;We´re gonna need a bigger boat!&quot; - Chief Brodie (Jaws) &quot;One giant step... ON Mankind!&quot; - Destroy all Humans (PS2) advert &quot;I get to see some beautiful scenery... y´know, trees and stuff.&quot; - Cameron Poe (Con Air) &quot;Yeah, but WHAT have the ROMANS ever done for US?&quot; - Reg (Life of Brian) ANything Tony Blair ever says is funny!!! And George W too,

    As far as I could tell, the action all happened at the same times it would in F1 - the start and around pit stops. I t was exciting, but i for one believe the blocking rule is stupid, a lot of skill is involved in that, and entertainment as it causes crashes which are always entertaining to watch. A god effrt all rund, needs a bit of work thugh to over-take F1!!!

    Bejay- good point about cameras!!! (BTW: the pictures are B&amp;W aren´t they? since colour TV on Earth was in its infancy then) Also the other apollo missions, did any of them actually have any footage beamed back live (even the ones that went wrong like 13)? Lest we forget, true or fake, it is an amazing comeback considering Apollo 1 caught fire on the launch pad and killed all three crew (God rest their souls). My point is, all apollo missions after 11 could easily be faked if there was not live (supposedly) video footage because they could make that later (even if not the 11 mission would be good practise. As for Apollo 13 (great film BTW), it need never have left Earth orbit, they just spend a few days orbitting, and claim something went wrong, but I agree in principle that 13 does somewhat fly in the face of coonspiracists, as I can think of very few reasons to:- 1) The US Govt. and/or NASA could see the flaws in their faking and created it to cast doubt in the minds of theorists. 2) US wanted to make sure the Russians did not get more suspicious than they already were that the moon landings really happened. 3) NASA wanted to maintain the level of interest in space exploration with a dramatic &quot;hollywood would be proud of that&quot; twist plot. Mainly to keep the Govt. funding coming, and partly to give conspiracists and doubtors quiet. But, as I said, they are very flimsy reasons that none of which would I subscribe to as they are all far too weak, any other ideas welcome on this one. One last reason I don´t believe the mon landings happened is this. On every programme or during every debate that arises about the moon landings, the US Govt. and NASA do not defend them. Either because they never happened, or because the public won´t believe them. Whichever, it is a clear case of NASA of the Govt. preferring to save face, than face their critics.

    BH2001- I did apologise in adavance, and yes, it may well be founded on my dislike for America (not it´s people, I hasten to add, it is more based on it´s Govt.) However, my opinion (and that is all it is) is based on scientific facts that have all been mentioned between my last post and this - the waving flag especially as I have seen scientists stutter on that one. The shadows are all wrong according to one British photographer and astronomer. There is also Russian propoganda, and as I already alluded to, the fact that up until 21 June 1969 the Russians beat the USA from first man in space to docking and EVA. So, no-one take it to heart please, as one philosopher once said &quot;I may not agree with what you say, but I´ll defend to the death your right to say it!&quot;

    Oetox- Vaughan (Yorkshire), Flintoff (Lancashire), Trescothick (Surrey) although Strauss is mre a German name isn´t it? Besides, surely that fact that any team has beaten Australia is agod thing??

    Wilde- I chose that song cos someone mentioned it earlier in this discussion, and just happened to be the best &quot;X&quot; song I have heard. Zwitter is a way cool song for Metal nuts - pity it is in German, can´t they sing in English (the German so and so´s......) This rule about the word &quot;The&quot; is a bit odd too, as I know a load of songs where it means nothing with it (Like The Scorpion by Megadeth and The Four Hrsemen by Metallica) - hey ho...

    Best is a threeway play off between: Unreal Tournament, Freelancer and SimCity with Birth of the Federation and Civilization on a good showing. Worst is Italia ´90 Non-PC is Pro Evolution Soccer or Star Wars Battlefront as best. Any Fifa Football game the worst.