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    It´s fairly new, but I did somehow break the power button off, so now I have to use a toothpick to turn it on. Anyhoo I just fixed the problem by finding the place where I can rotate my screen, apparently ti had been set to 270 degrees somehow. It was really weird, I was just playing ET and bam! Monitor screwed up. I was like, "dangit" and I ran all three of my ad-ware stoppers, nothing new, but it might have been that VX2 thing I was having trouble with awhile ago. Anyways, problem fixed. In lighter news, I scored a 92% on our practice standardized test.

    Oh, how I would so dearly wish to post a picture of myself, and then photoshop it so it would be a picture of me and The Rabbit God sitting at the top of the world. But unfortunetly, I do not have a digital camera. I don´t want to waste my money buying one since I would have no use for it, other than to post pics.

    What´s this? My Leader´s arch-nemesis is one more year older? Bwahahahaha, this will work well into my plan. I´m hoping that he meets parylization by falling from his walker (jk of course). By that time, I shall be at the legal drinking age here, and will take over his domain!........... Anyways, happy birthday Taw, and another good year of nemsisship

    *sigh* Oh well I can´t seem to get rid of the problem, but it´s rarely becoming an annoyance now and the MS anit-spyware and ZoneAlarm are doing a good job of alerting me when the things try to break thre my defensive grid. This is only because re-formatting my hard-drive just doesn´t seem very appealing at the moment. I mean I don´t want to go through Halo on hard again, and I´d ahve to restart Freelancer. I´d have to remake all the nice mods I made in NWN along with the characters. Then I´d have to re-download Ragnarok Online again, that takes a good portion of time. Now you´re probably saying "IDIOT! Just backup your files" but I think you need the ability to burn cds on your computer for that, and my poor Dell Inspiron 2400 just doesn´t deliver.

    *crowd cheers* We should fallow our great leader for we shall be re-paid for our faithfulness! He will show us the true way to purity. But first we must remove a blight on the land, the festering scumhole known as Tawakalnistan! Do not worry for we shall watch our enemies spears and stones fall under our gunpowder weapons!

    Well paint says it doesn´t support the format it´s in. These are screens from Rome so I don´t know if ther eis anything special about that. I can however open them in media player curiously.

    (ah man you guys made me spill my coca co..., er, I mean ginger beer all over my pants). I will not listen to your would be converting propoganda. You only spread lies! Why oh why do you not convert, yes convert to the better side. If you came to us, our combined might could conquer the world! Yet you sit there with your silly RAID arrays(whatever those are) and have uncountable problems with your technology. We may have only dial-up but in its simplicity we obtain true purity!*shake shead* poor Tawakalnistan, forever to be left in the dark of the world.

    Ah iy seems imy leader is yet another year older, a year of glorious reign if there ever was one. Now we must look on to our country´s next year of reign by the Rabbit God *quotes from the Book of Rabbitness,Chapter ,Ginger Beer*, "And after another succesful year of ruling, ginger beer shall flow from the Rabbit Holes and all shall be good!" Edited by - Jagged on 4/22/2005 3:22:05 PM

    Hmmm, I´ll use this thread to post my own question, since my thread will probably be ignored. I was wondering about some good, free, downloadable spyware removers and such. I tried ZoneAlarm on my old computer once but it kept opping up nd annoying me.

    Ah yes, unforutnatley a typo demon has been clining to me for osme time, I fear it will never go away. It seems I´ve only returned to fulfill my duty as an Esqulite and to kill the evil Raven people or some other nonsense. Also is anyone from Germany here? I´m doing a project on it and it would be helpful or extra creditish to knwo mroe info. Edited by - Jagged on 4/9/2005 12:58:15 AM