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    Polarbear, you'd have to give me a long time to learn the graphics properly...I feel really lost. I used to get by with an older version of Blender, but this new one is tricky. They changed a lot.
    Currently studying, so no time to model, except when I need to forget studies. But progress is very slow.

    As usual, I'm way too late to say hi, but for what it's worth, hi! :)
    From time to time I try to learn to model with blender. Want to model some of the characters in the fic. By the time I can, there'll probably not be a point any more, lol. But I keep trying...
    So keep trying. It's always worthwhile working towards a dream.

    Surrounded by darkness, obscured from view, and as motionless as the mountain’s rock around him, the sentinel kept watch on the camp far below. The orange glow of fires long lit shifted in the gloom, but their warmth was not for him. The night held the promise of rain as the strong south-western winds swept over the prone figure, their touch as cold as the ice on the distant lakes. He knew that this was a night on which the fortunes of the world would be changed, and many kingdoms would be reshaped, but how it would be remembered in future accounts, he dared not guess.

    I'm going to post a short piece of writing, and I'd like volunteers to help write the 'story'.
    You should post a short piece of writing (preferrably not more than 4 sentences at a time), expanding on the preceding storyline.
    Once you have posted, you must wait for someone else to expand the storyline, before getting to post again.
    As long as your post is related to the storyline, you are allowed to take the story in whatever direction you think it should go.

    I'd really like to do this, so I ask members to take the time to participate. Adding a few sentences shouldn't take up much of your time, so please consider it.

    My next post will be the beginning of the story (which does not have a name and does not yet revovle around a specific topic).

    Hi everyone,
    early this year I got very ill and stayed ill. Eventually, surgery was neccessary. I've been recovering from the operation since, and have not been able to do much (and honestly did not have the motivation to use a computer!). Right now, I'm writing exams, but I wish to continue with my fanfic afterwards. I've thought of some new angles to the story, and I guess I must not expect to write it a certain way, but must allow it to take me on its own journey.
    I'll have to start playing fl all over again to catch up to the story (looking forward to it!), so writing my next bit of fic might take some time, but I really want to attempt it.
    I'll also have to catch up to some of the threads on lancersreactor.
    Just thought to let you know, and hope that you are all doing well! :)

    Good advice, thank you. I'm progressing a sentence at a time. (Finally added another bit of writing after the longest time...) Some pieces that require writing just are more difficult to do, and more frustrating, so they do take longer.

    I've tried continuing the fic from different angles and am not satisfied with anything. It's the part where Watcher and co are extracting and deciding what to do next. Any ideas will be welcome. The main problem seems to be that I can't get past the first few sentences. It's like a writer's block. :(

    So your main concern is that people are not participating in the forums/discussions any more?
    Do you have any ideas how we can establish a community which will participate more actively? (I know I've been away myself for a long time.)

    Chat takes forever to load, though. Tried loading it one night - let it load through the night, but the next morning it was still busy loading. That was probably over 12 hours. That's when I decided I won't ever get in. Though, I presume that nothing is going on in it, all the same?

    I've done nothing except to run FL. The patch still complains about a missing dll-file when I try to run it, so it is definitely not the patch doing it. I've just determined that the F1 function works fine as long as the cd is in use :P - typical me to make unnecessary and unclassifiable problems for myself and everyone else. I'm really sorry about that. F1 is only problematic when the cd is removed. Will the patch work without the .dll file when I copy it to the exe folder?

    PolarBear, nevermind my previous post. The patch works now - I've removed the FL cd and started the game and it runs just fine now. My problem now is that when I press F1, I am thrown out of the game to a settings window. How do I get F1 to work properly? I can't save or quit. It worked fine for a short while, then suddenly it started throwing me out.

    I've downloaded the no-cd program and have installed FL. Now FL can run without being registered (it has a register option and a play option). But the no-cd program complains about a 'Common.dll' file being missing when I try to run it. I think I can play FL without it, though. Still, it'd be better to have it. I've downloaded it twice just to be sure it wasn't actually complaining about FL (first time had it installed before FL was up). I'd like to take you up on your offer of a copy, if it's still standing. I believe you can view my email?
    Btw, FL does look good on this laptop. It says it doesn't recognize my 3d graphics card, but it works just fine anyway.

    Will the one enabling game play without the cd also work? Btw the better processing doesn't work for my Lord of the Rings game. I actually lost some graphics quality. Don't know why. I think the graphics card is supposed to be good. Maybe this is the laptop version for better processing, not good video quality or graphics. (Not even movies look good on it :( )

    When FL asks to be registered what should I do? I understand that the site where it needs to be registered no longer exists or something. Also, will an i5 processor make the game too fast? I'm not sure what behaviour to expect from FL on this laptop.

    I've decided to start a tropical aquarium. From what I understand and undergravel filter is also a type of bio filter (although other types also exist). Is there anyone with experience with bio filters who can tell me about the different types of bio filters? I'm thinking about combining undergravel with a non-bio external filter. How well do you think such a setup would work? (My tank is a 29L)