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    nice post Athena =D one thing though <font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade> Tanya took the lift up to their room where she promptly shed her swimsuit, showered and dressed. She couldn´t wait to get out of the hotel and be alone. As much as she loved Rob, sometimes their relationship was too intense <b>at times </b>. A result of their personalities and passion for life, she guessed. <hr size=1 noshade></BLOCKQUOTE></font><font face=´trebuchet ms, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica´ size=2> maybe remove the &quot;at times&quot; i highlighted, or edit it, it doesnt read well. otehr than that, nice post I´ll try to get my update up this weekend.... with my copious amounts of schoolwork and college apps I cant promise anything though....

    yes but dan brown´s characters arnt exactly the same type of people we´re writing about. and yes some got a little steamy, but so do some episodes of star trek. Nothing written in the fan fic forum is worse than you´d see on TV on any given night. granted I think TV these days is rediculous, but if this stuff is found on TV, in music and movies, in Fine Art, I think it should be acceptible in writing to if it is used to help define a character. If any of you have seen movies like &quot;Do the Right Thing&quot; they are filled with swear words, yes some of it is overboard, but it is used to help define a character. Now if you´ve ever seen this movie on TV they replace words like mother ****** with mickey flicky, which completely ruins the point the director is trying to convey. I realize this second point detracts from one of my earlier ones, but it is still worth mentioning.

    i totally understand where everyone is comming from, but I believe Killa´s primary argument is for his fanfic. we´ve all acknowledged that this can be avioded, but in general banter, it is heard all the time, especially between characters like those in killa´s fic. I agree whole heartedly that the forums should be censored to this kind of language, but it does take away something from character development in the stories. yes, I know, us fanfic writters could write about someting else and avoid it entirely, but look at the universe the game is set in, it isnt exactly eden now is it? perhaps when/ if the forums are revamped there can be a fanfic forum like the veteran forum, because some stories developing on this site are simply amazing, and so are the authors. anyway, i dont know if my post is helping the cause anymore, so I´ll be quiet, but its just some food for thought Edited by - [GR_Fallen_Angel on 10/16/2005 7:20:33 PM

    alright, so this is really short, but I havnt updated in a really long time, so I thought i should before this became just a distant memory. as always criticism is always accepted, Im sure theres a few mistakes I´ll need to fix, its late.... anyway, sorry about the wait ------------------------------- chapter 9(i think) Dylan was in the park, that one fateful park. Nothing was different; yet, nothing had stayed the same. The buildings looked familiar, but nothing he had seen before. The constellations, as normal as they appeared, shone with a strange radiance he had never experienced. The grass was soft. Softer than anything he had ever felt. It wasn&amp;#8217;t rough, or sharp, it didn&amp;#8217;t make him itch and wasn&amp;#8217;t damp from the dew that was so common at this time of night. He turned towards that woman, that girl, that person who had never left his side, but she too was different. No longer that person he once knew, a new being, a new presence, a new soul, like nothing he had witnessed before. A person who was an extension of himself. He knew it without really knowing her. He didn&amp;#8217;t know her name, where she was from, but he knew she wasn&amp;#8217;t out of reach. Perfectly untouchable, but still in his arms. He felt her warmth, her pulse beating against his chest, but there she sat, and arm reach away. Reaching up to slide her soft brown hair out of her eyes, her pale gray eyes, reaching out to hold her, feel her powder soft check, but there was nothing there, nothing at all. For an instant the cold, hard feeling of steel. Dylan was confused. Dylan&amp;#8217;s dream, or whatever it was, was cut short by a sharp pain in his jaw as it met the steel floor of the hanger. His head twisted sideways, his neck baring the force of the fall. The body of the fallen man crumpled into an incoherent heap, barely resembling a human being. Arms and legs twisted to angles even contortionists would be jealous of. Unfortunately for Dylan, he was aware of none of this, for him the world was dark. Suddenly his mind erupted in a pain he had never felt. He saw a blindingly white light. This wasn&amp;#8217;t like the pain you get from walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night and flipping on the light, this pain shot through his optical never like a lightning bolt. His body convulsed violently. His mind however was in a different place. There was nothing: he couldn&amp;#8217;t see the park, he couldn&amp;#8217;t see the station; his surroundings were blank. He held up his arm and all he saw was empty space. He existed but there was no physical manifestation. He could hear voices, hundreds of them, all talking. Some were exited, others in tears, some screamed, others whimpered. What was this? Where was he? He laughed, and it reverberated, echoing through this space like a scream into a giant chasm. He heard a sound, like a voice, but nothing he had ever heard before. There was a click, like a switch being thrown, and the whiteness vanished as quickly as it appeared. Dylan found himself staring up at the vaulted ceiling of a hanger bay, his head throbbing, the taste of blood reminded him what just happened. He tried to wiggle his toes, they responded, barely. It was a good sign. As the feeling suddenly rushed back into his body Dylan realized everything hurt. His back felt wet, he prayed it was sweat. His left arm buckled violently as he attempted to push himself up. He yelped in pain before quieting himself. &amp;#8220;Surely someone would have hear me fall,&amp;#8221; he thought to himself. Luckily no one had come to investigate yet. Dylan&amp;#8217;s ears were ringing due to the fall, perhaps the room was actually really loud due to the commotion of loading a cargo train, and the machinery and engines had drowned the sound his fall. &amp;#8220;Maybe this wasn&amp;#8217;t suck a good idea after all,&amp;#8221; he mused, &amp;#8220;I was doing better in the garbage chute.&amp;#8221; Dylan rolled over and used his right arm to push himself to his knees. A dark red stain outlined where his torso had been lying, the diamonds of the textured plating glimmered dimly through the pool of blood. &amp;#8220;I&amp;#8217;m never going to get off of this god-forsaken hell-hole,&amp;#8221; he grumbled. He stood up, carefully. His knees complained, but held. Using the crates as hand holds he slowly made his way to the end of the aisle of containers. He looked into the open part of the bay where the train was; there wasn&amp;#8217;t a human in sight. Heavy lift robots were loading the train, not even a janitor was around. Dylan limped over to the train; the door to the crew quarters had been left open by whoever was the last to leave. The battered young man clambered onto the ship, knowing full well that there could be someone on board. He didn&amp;#8217;t care; it was worth the risk to get off this place, how much worse could dying be anyway?

    I remember when one of the hosts died of lung cancer from second hand smoke... that was really sad, he was a cool guy... i was about 5 or 6 at the time so i dont remember an aweful lot, but that was a really cool show

    I have no problems with them =D. Im a bit of a hopeless romantic, so any romance is nice to see, keeps my hopes alive. like I said earlier, this is a fic for mature people, and the people who read this are hopefully openminded enough to accept it is a completely natural thing that has existed as long as humanity has, and probably longer

    perhaps a small disclamimer in the first post would be good, but at the same time, it can draw people into it who arn´t necissarily at the maturity level needed to understand and see the fic as a whole for what it is. Rob and Tanya have been sculpted mevelously. they´re believeable, they have their strenghts, but they suffer from the reprocussions of their line of work. I think anyone would be hard pressed to fine another character as well developed as these two on this board. they ahve developed into more than simply characters of a fan fic for those of us involved, and for the readers, Im sure they´re captivated, I know i was when I was reading and still am. also the way the fic is written I think it would, for the most part, weed out those who couldnt handle these subjects before they get to them. this is a part of life, and as the years go by it has become less and less taboo. yes, this is a family site, but a large portion of the people here are very intellegent, mature people. smart enough to avoid subject that cause riots. I for one think it fits the progression of the Fiction perfectly (and if I may say so, about time =P) anyway thats my rant, I completel understand where you´re comming from jacob, but i think that the way it is written, those we would be worried about wouldnt completely understand what was going on.