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    It´s only after you have learned this stuff that you would be able to understand the explanation, so I´m not going to attempt to explain it. You wouldn´t understand the explanation. When you have learned the mathematics I am studying you will realize how useful it can be. Most of what is called mathematics in the curriculum in the United States is essentially that subject as it existed at the end of the eighteenth century, therefore it is old and even though new theories have advanced, they are not taught. It is the same in the UK

    well people. wizard. you ruined it. now i´m sure you´ll reply and say i brought it upon myself. but wizard iis clearly stirring something putrid and wrong here. he has invaded my privacy, which i felt could be trusted by tlr. i believe the moderators should look into wizard. i expect you were just counting the days until i would revert. well i am not just going to leave yet, i think. you can be trusted. This post was not Edited by - benjon4 on 10/3/2005 12:48:22 PM

    hi jonben. you dumbasses who r tlr clearly haven´t realised that benjon and jonben are infact 2 peple. Ben and Jon. Don´t you get it? are u rwally that stupid.

    well no it wasn´t. just hope you can wait. Its so exciting. dear: Grand Mullah Tawakalna i am curious as to why this has been edited? this post was not Edited by - benjon4 on 10/1/2005 9:20:12 AM

    i am sure my fantastic history will be available soon. but please. just wait for a few hours.

    Why yes whoever posted last. we were blocked for it. Several times. Haven´t you wondered about the whole benjon4 thing? Well you May not really be that observant an ignorant dolt. JUST IN CASE YOU STILL HAVN´T REALISED, BEFORE US BENJON, BENJON2, BENJON3, JONBEN, FINALDAY MKII AND HEADMAN HAVE ALL BEEN BLOCKED