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    EDIT: Good news i did it. Thanks everyone for your help you guys are long time players of freelancers and thanks to you I can continue to fiddle around with these great mods and now I have been able to start combining( no TC's yet but im adding ships into 2 TC's by creating a whole new folder and modifying files. At this point i have added a total of 4 new ship packs into the two TC's) so again thanks

    Was wondering today if there was a way to combine certain mods I know some are incompatible but I'm saying more advance like extract one mods files to the other modify the .ini's etc. PS need help with .dll files which not sure how to edit any help would be appreciated thanks!

    So I just recently downloaded one of this sites mods and was wondering if anyone could help me get it to work. I have FLMM and the download came from here…ownloadDBData&dataID=1089

    after downloading it installs right away and it should get working just as fast right? Is it my save games im using that are messing it up? I've tried it two ways so far one without importing old saves and one with so anyone mind helping me out here.... many thanks appreciated.