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    Bob!!! The man of steel!! Never thought you'll come here... Well, welcome to TLR!

    BTW good to know Kawaiilancer is finally getting some work on! I was sure its just another wasted idea.

    You could try and contact the guys from the Hamburg City Server. they've got cloaking in their server mod. But only for specific ships and you cannot fire while cloaked + for a short interval after uncloaking. I also runs for a limited time only. Afaik

    Yeah... I can't because w0dk4 hates me...
    Anyway, I use it for specific ships too, and not being able to shoot is a vanilla feature. Limited time, I'm not sure about it, I think its programmed in the vanilla INI.

    I already tried multiple HpPilots. You can see an example in CSV that this doesn't work with Freelancer. Monkey Universe probably uses some offset.

    But its not the only thing I want, I also want to do as Alfa said, but not on the side - I want it on the top.

    The thing is that players can't see you! ;)

    I'm using the cloak in my mod on a specific ship type (scout), so it would be nice to make a special HP type for it.

    Anyway, how did it almost kill Freelancer? The terrible gameplay? :huh:

    I will not be doing any more work on cloaking (I posted in the old TLR about that). The last thing I did was on TSP, making the cloak equivalent to countermeasures, allowing them to be mounted/unmounted/bought/sold.

    Can you please link a download here? Or its an offset? Its one thing we could certainly use.

    I'm searching for some plugin that will allow to display internal equipment (like Scanners) with a model, like a shield for example.

    Does anybody have some plugin or other way to do it?

    Thanks ahead!

    Are you ready? Here we go:

    Hi everybody, I'm PolarBear (shortly Poly), known also as TheDvDMan.

    I'm playing Freelancer since it was out. I'm modding Freelancer for about 5 years, so I'm pretty experienced. I'm currently working on Freelancer: The Knowledge (alone) and I will release a Beta soon enough.
    If you know me from TSP, stop knowing me from TSP.


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    I'm glad to be here.