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    Yes, this one should work.
    Laptops are naturally for work, not games and movies. Therefore they have a weak graphic card and a strong processor. They're made for multitasking and not gaming or watching movies. There are of course laptops designed for gaming or graphic designing that can stand in high-end graphics (and obviously the price is fair), But every modern laptop is good enough for FL's graphics.

    I referred to it after the pics, but I'm not sure how good it is as a solution...
    Maybe there could be some plugin for such a feature, since the game originally was going to include this. The team planned to have different backgrounds for every sector in Sirius (you can see that the only one we have in the game refers specifically to Liberty).
    At least you can have a different color using a field.

    Major mods (CF for example) that expand the universe into several sectors beyound Sirius. The problem is that the universe map of the original game is too small to contain this huge amount of systems. Therefore, I thought of a method: The map of the galaxy with all the sectors could be the universe map (originally with all the systems). Then, every system would represent a sector in the galaxy. In every sector obviously there are several systems. Each system is represented by a jumpgate (a new kind with a custome star icon if you wish) that leads to the actual system. the actual systems are hidden from the full map. The paths between systems could be represented by tradelanes.
    Let's use the Crossfire map as an example:

    Now, for a custome background to use with the sector map, you can use a "Non_Selectable" object with an icon of the background you wish for.

    Those are King and Juni:

    I spawn King and Juni using this:

    1. [MsnFormation]
    2. nickname = ontrent_formation
    3. position = 39989, -110, -15661
    4. orientation = 0, 0, 1, 0
    5. formation = fighter_basic
    6. ship = King
    7. ship = Juni

    King and Juni form on Trent (player) using this:

    The problem is that when I jump, the formation breaks. I'm using this line for the jumpout condition:

    1. Cnd_NPCSystemEnter = Iw02, player, ontrent_formation

    I tried using just Cnd_SystemEnter, not working.
    Also tried to give the ObjList to the NPCs again, not working.
    Any help please? Thanks :)

    Edison Trent was a miner from Bretonia. Probably related to the IMG, though he had a deal with the GMG with this "rare ore" he risked his ass to sell Lonnigan (worked for the GMG, a friend of Trent). From details given during the game, he grew up with Tobias on Leeds.
    So if you want a nice military background you should go for King.

    Guys, guys, chill down...
    I love robots, especially when they fly in space.
    GL, I may not be a tallanted Modeler, but I offer you my help. I just wanna see it alive and working, and would be happy to do something for it. As soon as I finish working on TimeLancer, we'll procceed. Till then it would be nice to gather some forces.

    I think it would be the right place to mention: I'm still working on my SinglePlayer mod called TimeLancer. It is a direct sequal of Freelancer's campaign with a 100% new missions, adding also new ships, weapons, factions with hardcore fighters, and most important: original content and plot that will blow your mind with Metatronic time loops.
    I'll be finishing the first mission and will release the demo ASAP

    I've already heard of that idea loooong time ago... somewhen in 2006 if I can recall...
    There was a model pack, and one of the models was used in a mod called New Universe. This mod sucked on ice, it was a big mixture of random stuff...
    I'd really love to see a true Gundam mod. I'm pretty sure FL's engine is capable of such things and even more!
    Well, I didn't really read the whole thing you wrote to be honest, but I am already willing to play such a mod.

    Well, if you take a look around you can see that this forum is more about modding and not fanatics, yet the fans are not such a small part of it!
    Personally, I don't play that lots of futuristic Sims, but Freelancer really is an amazing one!
    This subject brings me bacm to one game I used back at the day. Echelon is the name, and it also has a sequal! I might wanna try it ;)
    anyways, welcome to TLR! If you have any questions about FL, the storyline or whatever you're interested in, this is the place.

    Well, MS never told us too much about the things they cut off from FL. In matter of fact, there were suppose to be features the current game engine can't be featurin even after the most advanced modifications we have.
    But this isn't the topic. This intro was initially not included in the game not only for the 2 reasons OP mentioned, but also because the story changed. The storyline was planned to be totally different as you can see in the earliest trailer. Nevertheless, the sequal had one option with the long intro, but two or more with the short intro. It gives us, the modders, more options.

    You did not understand what I was talking about…
    Why ships? Because they will never appear in the same window with weapons. You can also use commodities, but when players trade it will have this bug again. As you replace the texture, the Icon wont show a ship anymore. Easier, if I may say, but of course the best way that won't confuse the system is the one you did already.

    Never say that there's no such thing. Let's say you use mission scripts in MP. You can define that near every base there is a formation of NPCs that once you hail them they form on you. You can, probably via FLHook, activate triggers that give them commands. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be so easy since this trigger you activate has to be preset so you'll have to set a go-to course trigger for every single base or object as you want them to go scout it. An agonizing work indeed, but nevertheless possible.

    Try this: copy a ship's icon 3db file, rename it to whatever you want, change the texture to the one you want to use and see if it works. Remember: every time you do it take a different icon you didn't use before. This way the game won't be confusing them.

    Something off-topic I wanna say:
    Copying from Discovery is the very first beginning of every mod maker ever since Discovery was out. It's not like it's something wrong, but if you really want to practice your modding skills start from scratch. This way you'll learn the structure of different ini entries.
    Anyway, I have no idea what are your plans with this mod so just go on.

    In FLE you have to make mission zones, and then go to a base and choose "edit base characters". You need to have at least one NPC in the bar who offers a mission. You can choose which level of mission you want, and I think the type depends on the zone type.
    If that doesn't work, I'll tell you how to do it manually.
    Good luck ;)