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    As you can see, I tried separating it as much as I can, and it's no use.

    Here are the formations copied comparing to the original ones:

    It all seems right, right?

    That's the save trigger's code. Now, the problem is: Only the first formation of the above spawns. Those fprmations are copies of the original non-savegame formations since I had to change the spawn location.
    Not only that, but the trigger named "Spawn_rogues" which is suppose to spawn the rogues (obviously) doesn't spawn them. Maybe I don't yet fully understand how the in-mission save system works?

    Thanks for any help!

    Still alive eh? Nice to see some old guys peeping out here ;)

    OP may get mad, but if you like SW you might wanna try Freeworlds:Tides of War. IMO it really is an amazing mod, just as much as the latest Crossfire version. Both massively enhance the graphical engine so the mods are heavy and the system requirements are high.

    If you're looking for SP mods, there are not many of them and not too qualified but you can go for Wings of Federation. Also, lately I came back to lancing and soon I will release the first Beta of TimeLancer's first mission (a mod that continues the original storyline from the point where it ended).

    I think there is someway to make the map bigger by editing the HUD and making its size bigger on the screen. Of course this may cause some problems with the resolution, so you will have to edit every available resolution the game contains with HUD shifting... So if you want simpler just stick to my original solution, is the simplest you could find.

    Unfortunately, no. At the time it was new, and even later, only Russian FL fans knew about it and nobody bothered to translate it as the community in which it was created and released gave up on Freelancer (Elite Games RU). You could search for it there if you want.
    But I have to admit, this was one of the best mods released at that time. Not only that it added lots of new ships, weapons and systems, but it also was the first mod to edit effects (Probably not through the ale files), and it had it's own SP missions that were a sequal to the original ones, in which you fight a new faction of cultisit that terrorises humanity and eventually find out more about the Nomads. A very well done mod in my opinion.

    The ale files are more complicaten than you think. Its been pretty long time since I last dealed with an ale effect. I remember that the max I could do is change the shape of an engine effect and it's color. You might want to look at some tutorials before you dive in the world of ale alchemestry. Good luck :)

    If the interface navmap had MIPs I assume it could be possible...
    What you can do is extend the general universe map. By this I mean relocate all the systems from Sirius to a smaller cluster, and add another map that will be aside it. Take for example the sector map of the Russian mod "Curse of the Daam-K'Vosh" (picture attached): They moved the whole Sirius sector to the upper left, and added 2 new ones so that there would be a lot of systems for the players to explore. I'm planning to use exactly the same method with EoC.

    This is great! You've got a tallant!

    I like the way you describe details, you should be writing a book or something ;)
    Anyway, I'd say this is some good material for a short movie, and I wish I could make it a one... But its possiblt to use the game's engine and write it via Thorn format scene-scripts (although it could take ages).

    Are you planning to continue the story?

    For Open SP I use the Reballance method: In every mission's ini file only write an accomplishment trigger, and in the 1st mission do all the presets (location, ship and loadout). This is way simpler then editing Common.dll to start from Mission 13 because it still might bug. Try it and tell me how it goes, I've attached the ready files, all you have to do is change the presets.

    Well, if you dislike Freelancer you don't have so much to do here.
    In fact, what you said about Freelancer not being a "SpaceShooter" is only half-correct. Freelancer is a role-play space shooter flight simulator (yes, multi-genre). In StarLancer there wasn't the part of the role-play since you could only be a fighter there. But define it as you wish.

    Just to inform you: StarLancer is now a dead game. No new mods, no new nothing. But its nice to see that people still remember it. Personally, I really loved the campaign there and the methodics with the video cutscenes.