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    I wouldn't want the LABC in any of my mods. It's a flying Barghest shooting range. :P

    Thanks again Bob. It's a shame you had to... "leave" Discovery.

    P.S. I like the avatar.

    My Games folder is in My Documents, sorry.
    If that's where you were looking, then... Yeah you've got a problem. :P

    Ah, I didn't check there. I thought you said My Games/Freelancer because that's where you saved all of your FL stuff. Mine's in a folder called "Freelancer and modding tools". I've found the MP folder and am about to delete it. I'll see if it works now.

    Edit: That appears to have worked. Thanks again Bob.

    There's definitely a problem with that ini and folder, because they're not there. There's mpnewcharacter.fl in the EXE folder, but no mpcharacter.ini or MP folder.

    No matter how many different servers I host with FLServer whenever I try to create a character it tells me the character name's already been used. I hosted a Discovery server using FLServer and that worked fine, but when any mods I create are activated it doesn't seem to want to let me create a new character.

    The problem started after I accidently launched a ship from a station that was no longer there. It crashed and then this problem started. I've reinstalled Freelancer, FLMM and FLE but this has had no effect. Any suggestions?

    @Aesthetic: I heard that FL System Editor mixes up the .inis' and makes them much harder to read for the human eye. I'll try it if I get desperate.

    @OP: I did find folders and files with padlocks. I managed to solve this, but until I sort my most recent problem I can't test it.

    Most recent problem: I can't deactivate a mod in Mod Manager. I activated the Nearly Invulnerable Shield Mod after the Discovery mod was unable to activate to test whether it was Discovery that was causing the problem or not. Now it seems I'm unable to deactivate the mod.

    Just restored the backups. Solved the problem. Silly me. >.>

    1) Freelancer has its own folder in C: while FLE is installed in Program Files. I'll reinstall everything to that area now and see if that helps.

    2) Heh, sounds like a silly thing I'd do, but I made sure to close down the server, make my edits and host a new server with a different name every time. Took a few attempts to actually do everything in the right order, with turning the mod on and off and the server on and off.

    3) I don't know how to check which gate tunnel effect each hole/gate is using. Like I said in the previous thread, I really have no experience with this sort of stuff. ^^

    4) I've copied the figures shown in a tutorial. The screenshots shown in the tutorial have all of the numbers I've copied down, and I've made sure they match.…ohn-Sheppard/Picture2.jpg…ohn-Sheppard/Picture4.jpg…ohn-Sheppard/Picture5.jpg…ohn-Sheppard/Picture6.jpg

    It's taken me a while to respond because I've been following the advice in your first question and trying to solve the issue. I may've sorted it but I need to test, but I've decided to post this now before the test.

    @ Bobthemanofsteel: I'm not sure. I've made quite a few tests since that jump gate test and going through the data in FLSpew would take a while. If I need to perform another test like that I'll check what FLSpew tells me.

    Seems my computer likes to make as many problems as possible crop up. With my very limited knowledge of FLE I decided to appeal for help from the experts rather than poke around myself and end up sending my computer into meltdown. At the moment there are two three serious problems:

    • I'm unable to establish a connection to two systems using jump holes/gates. I made a system, created a jump hole in that system and a linking one in Tau-23. When I try to use the one in Tau-23 it denies me docking access. I tried using jump gates to link the two systems instead, and when I docked with the gate in Tau-23 it made it half-way through the in-transit cutscene before the game crashes.
    • I edited the starsphere and other background effects of Tau-23 to experiment with what FLE is capable of doing. I'm unable to see the results of my experimentation however, as when I try to undock from Java I lose my connection to the server.
    • Whenever I name a new system and then try to apply the change, FLE doesn't like it. Tells me there's been an error, and then when I log into FLE next the name hasn't been applied.
    • Most recent problem: I can't deactivate a mod in Mod Manager. I activated the Nearly Invulnerable Shield Mod after the Discovery mod was unable to activate to test whether it was Discovery that was causing the problem or not. Now it seems I'm unable to deactivate the mod.

    My operating system is Windows 7. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

    Did you add an entry to the [Library] section of /exe/dacom.ini to load the console.dll ? I can't remember if there is a readme with that plugin or if the install instructions are just in the cpp files header...

    Yeah, I didn't know what to do once I had the console so checked the readme. I placed it in the Libraries section of dacom.ini and in the Freelancer EXE folder.

    I downloaded the command console as suggested in the post above and the 1.1 FL patch. The console didn't seem to work in SP, but I decided to test the MP method again with this patch. Turns out the patch means I can use the MP method and I really can't be asked to continue trying to use the SP method. Thank you all for your helpful advice.

    I found one and tested it. I was able to use SP mode. Are there any tools you would be able to recommend I download to allow me to control things in the game i.e. beam myself around Sirius to check systems?

    You need to enable port 2302 on your router, and you should get the global server workaround . Then the issue will be solved.

    Download the global workaround here: Freelancer Multiplayer Server Statistics

    I've already talked to you about your response on Skype Claud.

    however i would suggest using openSP to do such tests

    I appreciate the advice. I tried to use SP to test the mod but all it does is start storymode again. How can I use SP to test mods?

    I've found a thread on the Discovery forum made by somebody facing exactly the same problem with the same operating system. Hopefully his instructions will work. Thanks for the help guys - I'd still greatly appreciate being told how to set it up to test using SP if that's all right OP.

    Recently I've started using a tutorial, and talking to various people, to learn how to use Freelancer Explorer. I decided to test what I had made so far, so started FLServer Version 1.0 Build 11 up and made my own server (with my mod activated using FLMM version 1.3). I can see the server but am unable to connect to it in neither LAN nor Internet. I'm eager to solve this problem and have tried everything I and people I could contact could think of, so any suggestions as to what the problem could be would be appreciated.

    Something of note was the jumbled IP Address I see for my server. I don't know if this is normal for servers you've hosted yourself or not, but I haven't seen any IP Addresses for FL servers resembling this: Image of this here.

    My operating system is Windows 7. Please avoid technical talk as to be honest I am very inexperienced regarding this sort of stuff and won't know what you're talking about.

    A pleasure to be here and the warm welcome is appreciated. Like Vlko I'm just a Lore writer, and with my exams I won't have much time to do that at the moment, but I hope to make as many contributions to the development of this mod as possible.