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    ok i got it to work so far that ships in NY cant be harmed...

    ; nopvp settings
    ; SystemX: disable pvp in this system(players can't damage other players)

    but when i add another system like this

    ; nopvp settings
    ; SystemX: disable pvp in this system(players can't damage other players)

    ships in Texas will still die.

    when i enter only


    there will be no pvp in Texas
    what am i doing wrong?

    im still playing around with this, but im not 100% if i got it right.

    I used the 1.5.5 flmod version and get it to work so i can use the commands ingame.

    i found the part where i can set the systems as "pvp" or "no pvp". But i need informations for the different systems like System=Li01
    How do i find out about all the system names?
    And also as for the discovery plugin, there are several folders like bin, src and such, do i just put them into the exe folder and it will all work automatically?

    Im trying to understand the whole thingy.

    Sorry to bug you.

    sorry m8s to get back on this but...

    i dloaded the plugin 1.6.1 for discovery. since im not a modder or programmer my question is...

    is there a version for flmm? I dloaded FLHOOK (Mod) download - {TG} ~ Mods - Mod DB,

    but i wonder how i can add a plugin to that FLHook.

    What version of FLHook do i need to dload to make the 1.6.1 plugin version to be added.
    For you guys this might be a piece of cake, but for me this seems to raise confusion.

    thx for your patience..


    oh they giving it up? They can drop a copy for me then... ;-)

    I know Flac can do things FLHook cant, but u seem to be right, thats what i might have to use for now.
    I expected at least an answer to my mail, telling me its costly and such, but no response at all.
    I prolly even would pay for it.

    Thx anyways Gibbon

    Hi guys,

    i was wondering if anyone has any clue about how to get FLAC. I wanna put it on our server. I registered as requested on eagle utopia and sended them an email with all required infos a while ago, but noone even bothers to answer.

    I wonder if Eagle is still there at all, since most of the posts on that forum are a few years old.
    Im not sure but im under the impression that some members from this place here might be also members of the FLAC stuff.

    I would really appreciate, if i could get that application.
    Any ideas?

    i know this thread is kinda old, but i wanna put in my 2 cents as well.

    I am playing this game since it came out in 2003. Im old school to this and i remember when this site started, almost everyone involved in this came here to be part of it.
    One time when Freelancer got older and many players spend their time on other games the game as well this place became kinda lonesome. Servers started to die. I started running from mod to mod to find one wich fits best for me. I found many i liked and i played here and there, but for some reason i always came back to vanilla, cuz its the one i played most.
    I really was shocked in a way, when i found out that this place alsmost died, cuz this for me was like the bible for freelancer. Tons of infos, dloads and advises.
    Now im an admin again on a vanilla server and like to populate it and hope that more players are willing to join the fun like in the old days. Of course i used a different name before, but i really like to impress my respect to SWAT, that he brought this place back to life.

    When i think about freelancer, TLR is the first place im gonna look for. Great to have it back. :)


    thx for your reply...

    are you certain this will work with vanilla server?

    i`d like to keep it as simple as possible.

    another question...

    since we got the hardcore guys here... whats the latest version of FLhook wich includes the PvP thingy and where can i dload it