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    I don't really know if I have well understood your wish but:

    It seems the only way to mount a cloak device is to declare it as a Countermeasure Dropper, but for make it to work you have to patch common.dll (a big thanks to Adoxa):

    Offset (in hex): 139B74

    change 905332 to 50DB26

    Another patch is possible to use the cloak as internal equipment but it apparently never worked.

    I hope this helps :)



    the mat does not contain any size values at all

    Yes, except if the pictures extracted is 256x256, or 128x128, etc... Are you sure it has absolutely no incidences on models? Because as I already said, by rescaling models with Milkshape, all works well, by using FL Model Tool, I encounter problems and yes, I resize both *cmp and *sur files.

    clearly a hardpoint problem where the hardpoints face into the wrong direction

    best is if you take hardcmp and take a look at a vanilla station so see how they have to be orientated

    Thanks a lot SWAT... And really sorry for this very late reply but I'm not online as often as I would want.

    I tried to modify hardpoints but nothing works. I have to precise that the concerned model have been resized using FL Model Tool, and the issue seems coming from this:
    Indeed, by resizing the *.cmp + *sur files, the *mat file is forgotten. All works fine if you scale x2 (or less) but more, the *mat file isn't adapted to the new size. The only solution I found is to use Milkshape 3D by using the 'scale' function in 'Tools'. It allows to resize the model as big as you want and adapt the mat file in consequences. The only thing to do after is to re-create the *sur file.

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    Here is my problem, when I try undocking, the ship seems turning again and again before launch, I tried a few modifications with harpoints on the involved station, but the problem remains, any idea?

    SolarArch.ini section:

    Thanks by advance

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    Thanks for reply OP

    And yes, I already reproduced the work step by step before posting here ;) but...

    ...I found the mistake: The guilty was the size of the system. Indeed, the one I built was huge and to fix this, I had 2 solutions:

    1) reduce the size
    2) modify an offset in server.dll (if I'm not wrong)

    Honnestly, I prefered the firtst solution because when I tried to reach the main planet, it took me ages via tradelanes, and it could become boring for (eventual) future players.

    All works fine now :)

    Thanks again

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    Hello everyone

    I got a problem with a system I created, this one is linked to Omicron Major (st03b). Each time i open the NavMap in it, I see a strange brighness appearing, and when I want to close the NavMap, the game crash.

    Here's the universe.ini sections:


    Any idea? ...

    ...Thanks by advance

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    yes, got the IPs
    will deal with them

    Very Kind from you, really...some others would not have your patience.

    Furthermore, I really tyhink all of this is the result of a childish spirit, never a responsive adult would do this.

    hey, excellent

    but, it means that I have to not take the "Testing" branch but the "Unstable" one....who said Ubuntu? <joke inside>

    Any way, that what I love on Linux, the possibilities are infinite

    Many thanks, :thumbup: I will study this.

    Hi there

    Last night, I saw a strange thing: each time I tried to log on Lancers Reactor, it shown me a SQL error and maybe related to my Internet Browser.

    Was it a maintenance operation from the site? Because I never had this problem before...or was it a bad-ware ?



    Thanks Drake, but I didn't find any Linux version for Wineskin Winery and it seems it's a porterage of Wine under MacOS X, and as far I remember , adding specific dlls (those added into a mod) aren't accepted by Wine.
    I will look further, because considering that the "stable branch" of Debian don't use the latest versions of softs, but the most stable, maybe changing to the "testing branch" could fix it, as this one accept the latest versions of softwares.

    I will give news as soon I find a solution :)

    Thanks again for your time.

    As reference for SP campaign, I tried to download Discovery 4.84. Here's what I had:


    You may not download this file as this would exceed your personal, or the global, traffic limit.


    Can someone explain me? Because I don't think I downloaded like a pig there LOL

    You have to know that you can't install more than one mod in general. So are you sure you got 1 mod installed and only one?

    If no, try to disable all other mods in FLMM except the one you want or ... do a fresh install of Freelancer and re-install the concerned mod.

    If I'm not wrong, the file you talk about (M13.ini), involve the SP campaign, so if you used Crossfire for example, you can't add another mod as Crossfire have it's own campaign.

    Thanks for infos.

    I posted on Mod DB, I will see, But I don't have much hope as this mod version was apparently released in 2008... Knowing the date, do you think it could be a serious problem if I use it any way?

    Yes, I all checked twice, loadouts, npcships are well configured as there are are no problems in other pop zones with the concerned npcships.

    I really think it's the path itself the problem, I checked the "Sort" number, seems good, checked all encounters, seems good too (I created some)...
    As you can see, I choose the "miningp_trade_transport" encounter, and of course the concerned custom faction can use it. But I read somewhere in Buck Danny's Tutorial ("Trying to understand encounters") that these path have nothing to do with mining and Into the mod, it's supposed to represent transports which load / unload the droid miners in the mining zone. So do I use the wrong parameter?

    The path start from a base and return to a base, maybe the problem is there, as the start and the end are the same.

    I found this model in Freeworlds 18.31 Mod:

    My questions are:

    - Who is the model / texure author ?
    - Do the Freeworld Team still use it?
    - Can I use it for my own mod (and giving credits of course)? Because it could make a perfect Border-World Transport :)

    I already asked on Starport as, if I'm not wrong, the most of the Administrative Team is part of the Freeworlds Dev Team, but still no answers (posted 2 days ago).

    Thanks in advance