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    I dont found new vmeshes...
    I want cube starsphere, but game have a strange starsphere as default....
    Cube, most easiest background, where to find it for freelancer?
    Or how I can make it?

    I found one.
    Look in attachments, 7z file.
    7z in zip.
    Support 4096x4096

    Tell please, where I can get a milkshape pack for freelancer, to import\export models files and editing it?

    Look down on the post please.


    Or more easy, I need a "cube" based starsphere, spherical, visually not cubic, like real looking.
    For 1024x1024 and for 4096x2048 and 2048x4096(numbers can be less, but its proportions)…ewtopic.php?topic_id=5293

    But how I can import it in freelancer engine?

    Hi. I have downloaded a F_edit, there is utf editor, with it I extracted some dds\tga resources.
    I want make new background, but dont know how. I want a mono-image background, but if is better to make like in cmp file, I`ll try, but help with it)
    There I found a nebula image, I dont know where to place it, and how to edit this.
    I seen there a 3d model of simple sphere, I have a gmax.
    So, how to do it all?Thx. :)

    I tried to make new icon for coalition, and I made it)))
    Vielen dank :)

    I saved this topic, it is instruction and tutorial with easy reading)

    I dont know what need to make good icons without bugs\image crashes


    • W1.ZIP

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    Wie man Danke?

    But it is first icon, I want to make more icons.
    Please dont close topic.

    One icon work good, I tried to make new, I edited VmechLibrary(
    equipicon_gunF new name of file.

    I edited Dt_name to INV_gunF

    Dt_flags from @ to @@

    Type from DcDtOcOt to DcDtOcOt1

    In texture library name is INV_gunF.tga

    In all values I renamed tga to dds, because I use dds file.
    Nothing. One icon work good, new not work...

    I made type and Dt_flags to original, not work. TO

    not work...(

    (Mine Deutsch not very good)


    What I did:
    I found in game some not used files, with names like equipicon_guni

    Reversed file for normal looking(while importing UTF reversed file, your files reversed also)
    TGA to DDS with generating MIPS(
    Renamed file for export to name of file in this equipicon_guni
    Renamed MIP0 to MIPS

    New files: I think in punkt Material Library need to rename Dt_name for new icons, or not.

    But look on screenshot!We did it!))))))))

    Ihre Dateien + 8bit Größe(2-4-8-16-32-64 etc) + DDS?
    Ich werde versuchen, wenn sie probleme, Ich werden fragen hilfe.

    (but I had

    I want to make a new big rock, big asteroid.
    In Freelancer explorer is option "Other Objects" I hope there I can put every model.

    For example, I have ready 3ds model of asteroid. What next? It will be my first putting in freelancer
    new model, I dont know how, please tell like "For Very Newbie"

    Texturing, I want use texture of big rocks like in tohoku, but want fix it(if I will can export and import it, I will can make from
    old texture new).


    Em, excuse me...
    I verified all directories for files in folders and ini files, and in names of files...
    I dont know why, its idiotism of game...

    item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\equipicon_Bomberenergy1.3db

    item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\equipicon_Bomberlaser1.3db

    2 different files, but use nothing...maybe some cmp or mat files have a inputed ids in files,
    and check default files?(not Deutsche making of icons, more easy to make single tga files for icons, I tried, it was crash, if
    for icon game must use tga file).

    Please try to use weapon_good.ini and new icons. I dont know what problem here, why game dont want load this.

    Why ships?
    It is weapons!!!! icon

    Dont spam please. Admin tried to help, you`re made a spam in topic.

    I hate killers of initiative.

    Please help and with missions in new sector.
    I one time tried to make my systems, but I dont know how to make missions,
    In Fl explorer is option, place a mission`s zone(green circle).
    How to make missions?
    I`m a big newbie, please write\give something very easy for understanding.


    item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\F_b_shil_p.3db

    item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\F_b_hull_e.3db

    I use 2 different files.
    But dont know why game use only one, and next again default.
    Thank you, but help please with it.

    New bug: other guns use icon, second gun dont use any, and 3th gun(I not modified 3th) use new...