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    Sorry that my answer took so long. However it seems that it is not the mentioned crc conflict. The old icon is still displayed even though I took the other two ships from the base. Actual logically impossible. I strongly suppose that the game gets the information about the icons via the goods.ini. There is a path, that I changed into the path and file name that the new file actually has. Also I overwrote the old file. Bull****. this little thing slowly turns my mood from "don't care" to despair xD Now I wanna have it perfect.
    Thanks for that suggestion anyway. Do you got something else for me?

    Found it. Thanks again. Why I didn't look there from the beginning?! However, now is just the icon left. I really would like to fix it but I also could live with that unsolved.
    Someone with knowledge that could help with that problem anyway?

    Thank you for the fast answer. Finally I know how to edit all the IDs. That really helps a lot. But I got another problem now. Even when it's maybe offtopic, I don't start a new thread just for that. So could you help me with that too, please?
    Well, there was just one reason for me to play the newest version of Discovery, 4.87: The new model of the "Raven's Talon". So I imported it into our version, 4.85. And the ship itself works fine - model, engines, hardpoints, textures, etc.
    But the commodity icon of the ship and the weapon classes are a bit buggy.
    At the shipdealer it displays still the old icon (I already overwrote the old .3db file in the "nn_icons" folder). But what's much worse, the ship got 3x class 8, 2x class 9 and 1x class 10 weapon points. And I can't equip weapons lower than class 7.
    Just for information: I imported the "goods.ini" and the "shiparche.ini" ship entries almost completely. Only the old IDs are left which have no effect on the ship data I guess.
    However I would be very grateful when someone could tell me how to solve to mentioned problems, how to update the commodity icon and how to set the weapon port classes.

    A friend and me edit an old version of the Discovery mod to make it more senseful in the Freelancer universe, to restore "the classic Freelancer feeling". Well, at the moment we are working on the circumstance that bots are travelling around with the normal train and around 400000 units cargo space seemly because of the cargo pods they carry. Anyway the player just got around 1000 cargo space for the train. However for the player are the cargo pods not functional how you probably know. So we changed the train cargo space to 400000. So far so good. But now I would like to change the train info card as well. Could you just tell me please, which is the .dll that contains the info card entries for the ships with the stats and stuff? I already looked for the name of the dll here and there and I really found many tutorials but I didn't find the name of the dll file that I have to modify.