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    different factions have different ships and i am not likely to get access to pirate ships so i am not editing them(pirates is hostile). i actually managed to figure it out for the most part but i do want a bit more information. each faction is shortened to 2 letters. pirates is pi while liberty is li. what does the other words represent. bh for example. it is not a problem that npcs on my side gets stronger as i will never fight them anyway. another thing i want to figure out is how i can reduce the power drain of my weapons and the strength of my shields.

    i did it long ago to make my server more fun to play on an to give players a chance but i forgot how i did it. i want to edit the ship classes available to the player to make them tougher and give them more storage while not editing enemy ship classes. i also want to edit the wings so that they are more resistant than the ship as my previous edits left the wings very vulnerable while the ships became tough. which files to i need to open to do that and which IDs belong to player ships?