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    I had a poor experience on their site. Tried to pledge $125 with a valid card, and it was rejected... twice.
    After, the multiple attempts I had made had all been registered on my account page as valid transactions.
    Contacted Support about it and a week later the site removed the entire "Account" section from the main
    page, after telling me to send them the transaction numbers. The registered orders were gone after it came
    back online.

    What do you mean, it's possible? We can barely even detect a player launch in MP scripts without crashing the server, so taking on functional wingmen is out of the question. Having the server manage each player's script event is the equivalent of telling it to crash.

    As for Fox's wingmen, he pretty much drop kicked us all when it first showed up in Flak, but
    from a conservative viewpoint it's a huge gamble with stability. The glitch it exploits with NPC cargo
    scans is severely limited and unreliable. You can't put it in a mod and expect it to run smoothly.

    Assuming you wanted an MP-compatible mod, anyone could tell you that it's far from possible at this point. It won't happen unless we get FL's source.

    I can see pretty plainly that he's making an active effort to include the community in development judging by the discussions on the forums. If he didn't at least learn from past mistakes, (from an economic perspective) then I see no reason why he would completely ignore us in favor of concepts that would cause the game to do badly. Best not to speculate now and to just see what comes of it. Otherwise, we will either be disappointed with a good product or be even more disappointed with a disappointing product.

    A quick Google search landed me a crack identical to the one in my flash drive archive.
    I think the site it was from was Gameburnworld, or something similar to that.

    (NOTE: I do not condone the downloading of illegal files, and I did not in fact state that I have them in my own possession. I was instead metaphorically referring to a copy of Minesweeper) ;)

    The day I cease to draw breath will be the day the Reactor dies, and during the moment I charge through the gates of Hell, the name of OP shall be my battlecry!

    I'm fairly certain that if you grab yourself a no-cd crack and run it in NT compatibility mode, it will most likely run unless you have a hardware limitation. (mobile Intel chipsets are known to cause problems)
    I'm not obligated to distribute warez however, so you will need to find the no-cd crack on your own.

    (The above statements are not encouragement or endorsement of criminal behavior.) lolguyface.jpg

    In this case, the issue was with multiple formations using the same MsnShip.

    Be careful with your typos too:

    1. Act_SerVibe = Juni, Orillion, REP_FRIEND_THRESHOLD
    2. Act_SerVibe = Orillion, Juni, REP_FRIEND_THRESHOLD
    3. Act_SerVibe = King, Orillion, REP_FRIEND_THRESHOLD
    4. Act_SerVibe = Orillion, King, REP_FRIEND_THRESHOLD

    Actually, a better and easier idea would be to put

    1. Act_SetVibeLbl = us, us, REP_FRIEND_MAXIMUM

    in a trigger and call it whenever one of the player's escorts is spawned.
    With FRIEND_MAXIMUM, Juni won't start gunning down King if she accidentally gets hit with his missile (that's what she said)

    I dunno lol, I rearranged a bunch of stuff and it works now. shrug.jpeg

    you can use fl model resizer to resize the missile's model so it is more likely to be hit from gunfire
    and then to make the missiles take more hits take a look at weapon_equip.ini
    and adjust the hit_pts line in the munition section
    i did this in my mod to add large torpedo launchers onto capital ships, they can be easily shot down just
    like the ones in starlancer.

    Apologies to those not familiar with Minecraft, but I thought this was just too cool
    not to share.
    Its something I built in my spare time in Creative mode,
    over the past few weeks, using the model as a reference:

    A Picture

    MCEdit was used extensively to create the circular shapes of the
    engine pieces and turret mounts, so it's not entirely vanilla-made.

    After I finished the exterior I decided the best course of action
    would be to break out the old Planes mod.

    Another Picture

    The exterior looks good, but the interior is not nearly finished.
    Only the bar, the hangar, and the bridge are done and I plan to add
    more things as I go along (engine room, barracks, etc)

    One thing I also was not sure about, is the scale. I used the windows to
    sort of figure this out, using one block high windows and one block above
    and below before the ceiling and floor respectively.

    I forgot to include in the original thread,,, that there are multiple pages to the command list.
    example: typing 'commands 1' yields a list of experimental commands and 'commands 2' is a list of commands i used to mess with a neat struct in CoreCommon called CShip.

    Some syntax for CreateShip, which creates a vegetable ship that does nothing but sit:
    createship <ship> <loadout> <x> <y> <z> <head> <body> <comm> <voice> <rank>
    All params require hashcodes.

    Restart.fl regenerates whenever FL starts from your newplayer.fl. So, you only need to delete it once every time you change your newplayer.fl. Plus if you distribute your mod, nobody will ever have to mess with their saved games since FLMM will automatically move their previous Restart.fl to a separate folder.

    Here it is for you all to test out.

    Extract the whole contents to Freelancer/EXE and then add kplol.dll to [Libraries] in dacom.ini
    If you have any questions or find any bugs, PM me or send me an email at,
    and let me know what you guys think.

    Hehe, thanks, but I think I will just stick with the current name. It took me long enough to come up with it when I started, who knows how long it will take me if I concentrate on finding a new name again. I would much rather spend time working on the actual code.

    Anyway, I would like to see more people interested before I consider releasing anything. It's still a bit buggy, and I might as well iron out the kinks in the meantime.