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    Ah so thats where devs are ( Good design, though Edge of Chaos has black prophecy style (green table headers).

    Hey guys, I just want to let you know that I have been without internet access for the last 2 months (unpaid bills) and I hope to receive my net back this month (I'm writing this post at my friends house). Sorry for not informing you sooner. To Continuum team: I have not been able to do much work (mainly because of school and lack of communication with you guys).

    See you soon hopefully.

    First of all welcome back. The LancersReactor community has gone trough some troubles over the past few years, including changing owners and domains. This IS the official LancersReactor with .org domain. The reason is, we lost .com domain to another community called The Starport (and lets say things haven't been that good between admins of lancers reactor and the starport). Both communities now host the old lancers reactor archive. The old .com domain was set up just to let any old player who visits old site know, that we're still here (though I don't know why there isn't a link to this site on .com domain). If you want to be a part of LancersReactor again, than this is the site you're looking for.

    In threads like these I sometimes regret the fact, that I'm not here sooner to close them on time, before they are lost.

    Seriously what is it with you AD? You always attack either Dave or Folgore with offtopic shit. For example:

    All I'm saying here is that the post above could have been written totaly differently and we would have 'saved' a thread for a change. I've always said, keep your personal issues trough private messages and stay on topic. There are just more and more of these topics here on TLR, and we're turning into a flame community.

    Whatever issues you have are between you and Dave/Folgore. The rest of the community doesn't want to hear about it.

    What you are asking is currently not possible. You should be able to select the player, use the key to switch to target view and then click on player's cap ship engines without having to scroll trough all the available sub targets (which should work if the model was designed properly). That could give you some extra time.