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    I should be able to do the fourth one easy enough, but not a clue about the others. Probably be easiest to reverse all the bars, which would probably be better visually, too.

    Ah, I didn't realise there was a single player version (the one with the server only seemed to edit multiplayer characters). Still, I gave Eagle John bad advice before, so I'll correct that. Making the change I suggested would indeed give you the Valkyrie, but you'd still have the Starflier power plant, so firing wouldn't last long. Here's the Valkyrie loadout used by Chips Open SP. As before, decode your savegame, but now delete the ship_archetype line and all the cargo and equip lines, replacing them with:

    If you want to further edit it with the character editor, first load it into FL and save it again, since the editor doesn't like the names.

    Cloaking doesn't work in single player simply because the framework is not there to support it. It only works in multiplayer (working cloak mod) because FL Hook adds that framework. You can actually add the cloak to your ship (decode the savegame and add "equip = cloak_fighter, HpCloak01"), but this results in permanent invisibility (until you remove the line from the savegame). Hacking around, I was able to intercept the engine kill to turn off the cloak, but it wouldn't turn on again (although that was probably due to using the engine key). However, when I landed and launched again, I was once again invisible. The cloak also pretty much makes you invulnerable and doesn't show up in the equipment list, so I gave up on trying to get it working - just not worth it.

    Probably the easiest way to change your ship (in single player) is to save the current game, decode it, change the ship, and reload:

      look in My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\SinglePlayer for the most recent file;

      change the ship: "ship_archetype = rh_elite";

      copy the file back to its original name;

      load it and you should now have a Valkyrie.

    Are modders interested in having their own faction/house names being displayed when you enter a system (like "New York, Liberty Space")? I could add code that would show the mod's factions/houses for their new systems. Not sure how, yet (waiting to see if anyone wants it), but might be able to append a resource dll to hook in the code and read an ini file containing the details. (Of course, new/updated mods could use the dll for resources, too.) I was thinking of two options: the normal "Space" name ("New System, New House Space"); and an explicit string ("Welcome to New System, home of the New House!").

    I looked into it, too, but decided the cloaking code just isn't sufficiently developed to be worth it (doesn't show up in equipment, pretty much makes you invulnerable, trying to get the key to work). If all you're interested in is not getting fired at, just hack your save game reputation to make you friendly with everyone (grab flcodec and change all the house= lines to 0.9). Alternatively, if you want to do it semi-legitimately, you can use FL Hack's friendly bribe ability.

    After looking at this thread (and the similar thread in Star-port) and earlier noticing the textures myself (but not bothered enough to actually change them) I thought I'd finally have a look. Expecting it to be a bit difficult to find, it turned out to be quite trivial. I guess that's the difference between searching for bytes and looking at a disassembly. :)
    Anyway, FL Hack now has an option to change the colors of the gauges, as well as their order.

    I managed to get it working, but only if FL Hack starts the server. If server admins are interested, I may be able to create a version that won't require restarting the server. In addition to that, the new version of FL Hack has "Closer docking" initiate dock a bit further from stations.

    Contrary to my expectations, I actually managed to remove the jump-in waypoint. Also discovered the best path hack won't work with MP - hope to fix that later. The intros hack has also been improved, using a random list, along with the intros themselves (the liberty dreadnought one would occasionally crash).

    After playing with the cloak again, I've decided it's too much effort to get it working properly. When the cloak is activated, you're practically indestructible (it's quite fun bouncing off planets and suns, though); even when the cloak is off, you're still pretty tough. So if anyone wants the cloak, use the workingcloak mod.

    I should have also considered the possibility that making your good a cloaking device (or even just using the cloak hardpoint) might actually make your ship cloaked, so you might not be able to use that hardpoint, anyway.

    My "bot" simply follows waypoints. When the Contact List displays a waypoint, I simulate a press of 'T' the required number of times to target that waypoint, then press 'F2' to Goto it; once the distance closes to under 9K, 'F3' is pressed to Dock (which is simply ignored if the waypoint is not dockable). Not very sophisticated, but after a bit of playing (testing a new release of Hostile Universe), it seems quite effective, if not quite 100% reliable (I just couldn't find how to set the target directly). A completely automated trader bot would require a lot more effort, such as knowing what to buy, where to sell it and what to buy next... I think that would be a lot easier to add to FLHook than FL Hack. Still, I'll add it to my todo, you never know...

    When I attempted to add the cloak for a single player game, the cloak did work (i.e. when I launched, I was invisible); unfortunately, the key to activate it didn't work. Also, I couldn't get it to show up in the equipment list, only the commodity list, which suits your purpose just fine. Have you tried making your commodity a "CloakingDevice"?
    Be aware, though, there is a working cloaking mod for multiplayer, and I shall have another try for single player, as well as the story NPCs that have cloaks, so you might run into compatibility issues. Probably not all that important, though.

    No fear of a complete bot, following waypoints is as far as I'll go.

    FLHook is just for multiplayer, isn't it? I don't really play multiplayer, hence FL Hack for those of us who prefer single player. My efforts to get cloak working were unsuccessful, though, but you might know that already. ;) It's such a shame that the equipment worked, but not the key. I'll have another go, one day. ATM, I'm working on reducing the distance before automatic docking takes over; I've already found the distance where it activates cruise.

    As for a how-to...well, I don't know how I manage to do it, let alone explaining it to someone else. :D

    I've fixed the contact list distance display bug and added another option to allow Set Best Path to use jump holes. The destination jump hole shows up as a waypoint, but it doesn't get cleared when jumping in, so you end up going backwards to reach it, then it immediately targets the next waypoint, causing FL Hack to think a target is already set. Sigh, it's never easy... I was unable to track down where it actually creates the waypoints, but I'll have another go one day.

    Save games can be decoded by using flcodec, also on my site. Decode the game, edit it in your favourite text editor (money is easy to find), then encode it back. It even works whilst your playing, that's how I created the wrecks list - edit a save game to set the position, load it in, shoot the wreck to verify the loot, repeat...

    As for Kruger, well, they really don't like Hessians and GMG, and mildly dislike Bundschuh. They're mildly friendly with the Bounty Hunters, and really friendly with ALG, Republican and Rheinland Military/Police. Do jobs for those they're friendly with, against those they're hostile against, and it shouldn't be too long before you're neutral with them. Or take a bribe - Pirna, Briesen or Mainz might be your best bet to find one. If no one's offering, just walk out and come back in until they do. Or save and keep reloading, if you don't want to increase your time.

    I've done it anyway. It's a new option to FL Hack. It works by detecting when a waypoint is displayed in the contact list, then simulates pressing T to target it, F2 to go to it, and, when close enough, F3 to dock. It will pretty much only work with the "Important" filter, but it will work with "All" provided you manually scroll the waypoint into view. If a trade lane gets disrupted, it will still dutifully go to the waypoint at the end of it, so it's not totally automatic...

    I have a game where I'm neutral with everyone except the Xenos. Took a long time, though, and the next time I played I didn't bother - just "honestly cheated" by hacking the savegame, making everyone just friendly and deducting the appropriate amount of cash (cost about 2mil, IIRC).

    Do you mean once you undock, you automatically target the waypoints and Goto/Dock, with no user intervention? Hmm, I may be able to do that...then again, maybe not. I'll certainly look into it.


    Quote from "MrEd"

    Before I Start on the various mods their are a number of ways to play single player

    1 - set up your own internal Lan / server which i cant seem to do ( stupidity and age -- no wonder im out to pasture theses days )

    I have placed instructions to do this on my site: You will also find a program there called "FL Hack" which will do it all automatically. It even allows you to add a second player...