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    HUD Shift (seems my site is down again, so you may need to try again later) lets you move some stuff around. Primarily intended to shift the HUD back to the screen edges for widescreen, but you can do other stuff, like swap the Contact & Weapons lists. Unfortunately, it is specific to the aspect/camera you're using - a future version should alleviate that, but I don't know when I'll get around to it.

    I will not be doing any more work on cloaking (I posted in the old TLR about that). The last thing I did was on TSP, making the cloak equivalent to countermeasures, allowing them to be mounted/unmounted/bought/sold. One day (in the far future) I might try and get the key working, but that would be it.

    Depends just what the mods do (combining total conversions could be a problem :)), but you should be able to combine them if you're prepared to put in the effort (I for one am not going to try to make FLMM do it automatically). Resource DLLs would be the main problem, since the ids_name/ids_info (and other) numbers would need to change. You're going to have search through one mod's ids and add 65536 to all those >= 458752. Specifically:

    1. [Resources]
    2. DLL = InfoCards.dll ; 65536 - 131071
    3. DLL = MiscText.dll ; 131072 - 196607
    4. DLL = NameResources.dll ; 196608 - 262143
    5. DLL = EquipResources.dll ; 262144 - 327679
    6. DLL = OfferBribeResources.dll ; 327680 - 393215
    7. DLL = MiscTextInfo2.dll ; 393216 - 458751
    8. DLL = first_mod.dll ; 458752 - 524287
    9. DLL = second_mod.dll ; 458752 - 524287 ==> 589824 - 655359
    10. DLL = third_mod.dll ; 458752 - 524287 ==> 655360 - 720895

    Well, if you want to risk it, you have an unprotected freelancer.exe (search gamecopyworld) and can use a hex editor, here's the patch to bypass that detection test. Go to hex offset 1B17B8 and change 0F 85 to 90 E9. So either this will work and for some reason the detection test is failing, or it'll just crash, which is probable.

    Worked fine for me, so I'll hazard a guess and say you're using Vista/7 (I'm still on XP). I believe when you install FL to Program Files, the system owns the files, so you must run FLMM as administrator in order to modify them.

    Sorry, I'm out. I guess PerfOptions isn't created until after the game runs, in which case it's probably of no help. Still, here's mine:

    Copy all that to PerfOptions.ini and I'm sorry in advance in the likely event that nothing's changed.

    No, I don't think that's the newest version, so I've attached it (can't be bothered finding the link :)). As for resolution, that's why I suggested windowed mode. You can set the resolution directly by editing My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\PerfOptions.ini - right down the bottom is the size. You might also like to try JFLP (on my site), which supports widescreen (adds your current desktop resolution to the end of the list).

    I really don't know - the new database should be working. To make sure we are talking about the same file (EXE\flconfigdatabase.txt), you should see this at lines 373-6:

    1. //
    3. //
    4. unknown = "Compatible Radeon/FireGL or Onboard Mobility/IGP"

    It's the unknown part that should make it work with virtually everything, removing the need to add in specific cards. However, the problem is not in recognising, but in detecting, which suggests the database isn't going to help, anyway, and something else is going on. I'm afraid I have no ideas about that. All I can suggest is something's going wrong with fullscreen, so try windowed mode - run Freelancer with the -w command line option.

    The very latest database (dated 18 Oct 2010) should work with virtually all new cards (that's why you didn't see yours on the list). There's a chance that when you added it yourself, you actually removed its compatibility (by adding it in the wrong spot). Try just using the original flconfigdatabase.txt.

    It works with MP. In One Battery, I was able to prevent using a partial battery in SP, but the method I used would not work in MP (the test was done by the server). With Unit Repair, I do the necessary tests on the client, so now a partial bat/bot will not be used in MP, too. Hope that clears it up, unless you meant something else?

    In the testing and fine-tuning phase, then update the docs.

    FLMM won't add strings to an existing DLL, it will only create one (look at the How-to and existing mods). I haven't used any other DLL tools (being a programmer I simply created a raw resource script, before writing FRC) so I can't really comment on how to do it with FLEd-ids. With FRC, you could use res2frc to convert your existing DLL, then just add in the new infocards. Freelancer uses XML to create infocards, but FRC takes care of all that for you (look at the vanilla ones I've already converted).

    One method is Freelancer Resource Compiler, a command line utility to take a specially formatted text file and turn it into a resource DLL. I've converted all the vanilla (JFLP) files, so you could use those as a basis. To get your new stuff in-game, you need to add your DLL(s) to the [Resources] section in freelancer.ini. The order of these DLLs determines the number you need to use in the ini files. There are already six DLLs, making yours the seventh, so the numbers will start at 458752 (0x70000 in hex). Adding another DLL (if you have one for infocards and one for names) would start at 524288 (0x80000).

    Alternatively, use FLMM and let it generate the DLL and numbers automatically.

    Do you mean one-at-a-time and/or not using a partial (and/or 50%)? I did consider it, but it didn't seem relevant for hull, since it doesn't regenerate itself. I guess if you have a plugin for a regenerative hull (or healing zone, repair guns) it could be useful.

    A problem with that (and with other earlier ones) is that they use the original 1.0 content.dll, not the 1.1 version. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, here's the patch:

    1. content.dll 04EE3A A22A->A26A = OpenSP tweak for 1.1 DLLs to always start from m13; alternatively, simply direct your newplayer.fl file to start on a blank Mission_13 instead of using this hack ~Xerx, Cannon

    You could probably find an already-patched content.dll from any newer mod that supports OpenSP.