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    Title screens are stored in DATA\INTERFACE\INTRO\IMAGES. If you still have Shattered Worlds there, you've probably got other files, as well. Probably best just to delete your Freelancer folder entirely and reinstall.

    Generally speaking, weaker means 80% damage, stronger means 120%; looks like Discovery keeps to that, except for Pulse (EMP) weapons. The exact numbers can be found in EQUIPMENT\weaponmoddb.ini. I have an Excel spreadsheet that takes this info into account (vanilla weapons only). FLStat can work with mods, but it only shows the modifier value.

    Screenshots are taken with Print Screen; they are saved in My Documents\My Pictures\FreelancerShots. Alt+Print Screen also works, saving to the clipboard.

    Don't know about the speed, but the card can be fixed. JFLP has an updated list; I'm not aware of a newer one. It doesn't have your card, though (at least, I don't think so), but you should be able to add it easy enough. [XP] Go to Device Manager and select your display card. Bring up the Properties and select the Details tab. You should be on Device Instance Id and see something like PCI\VEN_VVVV&DEV_DDDD... VVVV represents the vendor code (probably 10DE for NVidia) and DDDD is the device code (0322 for my GeForce FX5200). Open EXE\flconfigdatabase.txt and do a search for GeForce. Insert your device code into the list: 0xDDDD = "GeForce G210".

    What do you mean you "loaded a level patch"? There's no loading in MP, you create a new character and that's it. I'm over level 50 on my own "solo" multiplayer server. Is it just the vanilla game? Official patch? I know there's a problem in SP mixing different DLL versions, but I don't think it affects MP. If it is vanilla, perhaps you could email me your account file and I could try it on my own system.

    The patch works because others use it. It just worked for me (after removing the read-only attribute, since it was active). If the patch was successful, you wouldn't have needed to remove your test gates, since that's its purpose after all. You didn't accidently leave out the last line?

    It's a problem with your system path files. Freelancer only allows 10 connections - New York has 12, so it crashes. FLScan also reports that it supposedly doesn't like systems having the same position on the Nav Map, so you might want to address that, too (St02, St03b, St02c, FP7_system). Here's a BPatch file to prevent the crash. (BPatch is a command line utility. Copy the following code to EXE\crack, move bpatchw.exe.bin to EXE\bpatch.exe and run it. Nothing should apparently happen. Restart Freelancer and the crash should go away.)

    That output doesn't look related to the crash. Can you send the last few lines of the spew itself? All I can think of is you're still mixing dll versions. Hm, if it happens when the bartender is about to speak, maybe it's the MP3 codec causing the problem (but the cutscene works, so maybe not). You were going to upload the mod?

    Multiplayer should max out at level 90 (once you reach 999_999_999 credits) without any problems. To go beyond that limit, hex edit content.dll (v1.1) at 0A9DE8 & 0A9F75 to set the maximum credits. To define more than 40 levels in ptough.ini, change 0F at 0A9D94 to 17.


    ERROR:General:StreamingSound: missing MP3 codec?

    A solution to that is available somewhere, sorry don't know offhand. Try a search for "Fraunhoffer Win7".


    WARNING: [Simple] nickname = 0xba6a17c7 value is not unique. Aborted second version.

    You are using duplicated objects here (probably in shiparch.ini, but possibly also in solararch.ini). If you don't mind the command line, CreateID will identify duplicate names when it creates its database.


    WARNING: get_base(OR03_02_Base) failed.
    WARNING: base name OR03_02_Base is unknown in market data file ..\data\equipment\market_misc.ini

    Should be fairly obvious.


    WARNING: alloc_equip: Archetype[0x8000bec6] not supported/equippable!
    WARNING: CExternalEquip: Object (0x9f0ac48d) missing hardpoint (HpFX1) for item (0xb9f54a87)

    Use WhatIs after generating the database with CreateID to decode these hashes. The latter should be fixable by changing a loadout; the former the same, but could be a little trickier to track down which.


    WARNING: Unknown camera type? (ChaseCamera)

    Wow! Are you modding straight vanilla? Change that to ThirdPersonCamera. I would say use JFLP, but you'd probably have to start again...

    Visit my site for tools to help you translate nicknames (FLStat & CreateID/WhatIs).

    Powerplants are stored in DATA\EQUIPMENT\misc_equip.ini, using the capacity value. You should be able to make a fair guess as to which powerplant goes with which ship, but to be sure look in DATA\EQUIPMENT\goods.ini and trace ship/hull/package. For example, if you want to change the Starflier's powerplant, the above tools will tell you it is ge_fighter. Search for that in goods.ini and you'll find gf1_hull; search for that and you'll find ge_fighter_power01. Search for that in misc_equip.ini and change the values as desired.

    Are you using the official patch? In theory I support the original files, but I only ever tested with 1.1. It's possible a mod might be detecting it and shutting down, but not if it happens with any mod, unless a previous mod got left behind. Have a look at [Libraries] in EXE\dacom.ini - these are the vanilla ones, anything else is added by a mod.