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    ok, can finally participate on this whole thing now that i´ve seen it. ****ING HELL! <img src=´…enity-publicity/Cast3.jpg ´> yeah, i went there. this movie rocks my already rocking world something chronic. WOW. can we talk to someone about a firefly/serenity mod for freelancer? Do i have enough clout now that i can demand this stuff? FIRST DECREE: &quot;If you want the site fixed, make me shiny things&quot; i wax idotic about the movie on my journal, but the footnotes here are thus: WOW. Haha, no, seriously though, i laughed, i cried, i jumped, i held my breath. There´s a little bit of everything for the sci-fi fan here. Humour, tension, big bangs, cunning plans, dashing heroes and lovely, lovely mechanics in teddy bear trousers who has cute hair and a little muck on her and oh im rambling. Yes. Good. Whedon´s dialogue, as always, is spot on and finally presents us with something that isnt technobabble or the cringeworthy ramblings of george lucas´ prequels. While not being able to hold a candle to lucas´ bottomless money-pit in terms of special effects, Serenity´s space scenes never drop the ball. The real action is happening on sound stages not bluescreen and relies more on Whedon´s story and the character´s interaction than wowing us with &quot;next years!&quot;. Like Episode IV, CGI is used to set the scene more than anything else. The dominance of the Reavers in the film is a bit of a masterstroke. No longer relegated to hear-say and travelers tales, we finally get to see them close-up and see them set upon people like orcs and uruk-hai, listening to the screams of their victims. These arent scenes for youngsters. Working with what he has though, Whedon never lingers on them, showing only brief shots of them before cutting away. We never get the &quot;man in suit&quot; shot where the illusion is dropped, he keeps pushing it with fast cuts and sudden flashes of sound and picture to keep your attention. It works, the Reavers are far more sinister than any sci-fi nasty in the last 5 years and echo Cameron´s Aliens in their fast, hostile and persistant threat to our protagonists. And the threat is very real. Watching tv shows, you know your heroes are going to make it though because there´s more episodes to come. With Serenity, its possible this is the last outing of our crew we´ll ever see so Whedon pulls no punches in messing up the status quo. If destroying the ship will throw the story off-kilter, catch the audience unawares and dash that pre-concieved ending everyone had, he´ll bloody well do it. I dont think i´ll be spoiling the conclusion by saying that not all the crew make it to the final credits. Excellent. I´m not a hater though, i´ll miss any one of them. But if there´s one thing that Battlestar Galactica, Lost and 24 has tought me is that i should never get comfortable. We´ve seen all the deus ex machina´s hollywood can throw our way, tv stars have run out of lives, its time to start the culling and bring those realistic plotlines back. This freedom leaves Whedon the opportunity to re-capture the audience and dispell any notion that this was another Sci-Fi in a bag churn out. Its the old days, the bad days, the all or nothing days, theyre back. And that´s just the reavers. Add to that the cuckoo River and her developing ´talents´ and the calm and collected souless assasin known only as &quot;The Operative&quot; and you´ve got more than enough for a fantastic sci-fi film. While it wont be winning any awards for groundbreaking storytelling, it certainly shows that there´s room enough in the ´verse for something other than an explosions and SFX bonanza like Star Wars or the diplomatic utopia of Star Trek. and in a year of pretty dire sci-fi, its a breath of fresh air. -arc Edited by - Arcon on 10/12/2005 7:57:46 PM Edited by - Arcon on 10/12/2005 7:58:14 PM

    Anna Begins - Counting Crows Brand New Colony - The Postal Service Cannonball - Damien Rice DOA - Foo Fighters Eye for an Eye - UNKLE Fireworks - Embrace Grace - Jeff Buckly Hurt - Johnny Cash I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab for Cutie Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - The Killers Kid A - Radiohead Lion´s Mane - Iron &amp; Wine Mysterons - Portishead New Born - Muse Organ Donor - DJ Shadow Please Forgive Me - David Gray Quiet Crown - Idlewild Rebellion (Lies) - The Arcade Fire Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack Velvet Pants - Propellerheads Wonderwall - Ryan Adams X &amp; Y - Coldplay Your Love - Kid Carpet Zak And Sara - Ben Folds -arc

    im guessing you´ve seen the video? It´s ok, graphically its good, but that little otacon robot is going to ruin the whole thing for me. plus he´s not blind, which i was worried about because an aging soldier needs every advantage he can get, not having depth perception would really ruin it for me -arc

    yes yes yes, parades for the man with the spam. I knew him before he was famous though, i liked his early stuff better, before he sold out. -arc

    *wakes up thinking about strawberrys* hello hello? Right, so things are ch, ch, ch, changing! i can code mysql, asp and html....fancy lads that! *pokes taw until he checks his email* -arc

    *runs in panting* something.....about....making....changes? *gasp* taw....moderator....need.....air.... *collapses* -arc

    yeah but whereas one is actually the sound barrier, ther other is just a freak weather condition and has NOTHING to do with the sound barrier. In short those ARENT pictures of the sound barrier because its SOUND and cannot be seen. its like showing a picture of a lightsaber and saying that it´s the sound barrier. -arc

    @ff: stop being a prick to everyone. you just CANNOT pull off sarcasm ok? you sound like an arrogant toff that just gets everyone´s back up. Strangelove is a supurb film and so what if someone wants to inform others that its on. how many people are this o