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    not really poly, it wud take to much of my time up and iv got uni to tackle so i was just thinking of making an addon to the original and maybe building on top of it when I can. do you know if it is possible to export the characters into ms then into 3dsmax or maya so i can smooth them off??

    thinking of keeping everything but updating it to look really nice e.g. smoothing graphics and changing textures to suit my ideas, maybe even adding a few new race's

    well I know i havent been around for a long time and it may have seemed like I fell off the earth but I had to get uni stuff done. iv been looking at some of the new developments on youtube and it got me wishing Id stuck around "but hay uni must come first". one thing I can bring back to the table this time though is knowledge since my programming and graphics experience has developed while iv been gone due to messing around abit more. So hello again all, looking forward to seing what else has improved whilst iv been away. 8)

    sorry i havent got bk sooner, pc broken again lol.

    Thanx for trying, yeah the other type 9 looks ok and I spoze well have to try that if the other 1 isnt workin. Is there any info yet on the 3ds cmp exporter? hoping this will remove all issues with pollys

    its finding the time atm.Im not as young and free as I used to be lol. Thats why iv given myself 2 years to get v1 done and then move onto updating it ready for v2.

    As for the music, yeah ill prob create a peace here and there when I fancy havin a play around

    Talking of music, which sound track is the main menu track? is it easy to access or is it compressed into a file?

    yeah i will prob do. theres so much to do its prob easier to do it in version 2. since this is a total conversion theres loads to do first lol

    yeah I like to perfect stuff though so it may take me awhile to produce each peace. Might leave them as they are for now maybe add this to version 2. As for copyright I dont think they will care about me atm. My mod isnt close to being finished and im not running a server with it for a while yet so they have no need to worrie about me lol. When I do run it, as it is free unless I start to take people from ST Online the most they can do to a poor person like me lol is demand I shut it down cus trust me it would cost them more to take me to court than I can afford to give them.

    Bloody hell, well thanx anyways glad you offered to look at it. Theres no rush in getting it done. I finish my exam 2morra and so will start work on the rest of the heads this week. I also still need to perfect trents head to make it less trent lol.

    What do you recon I should do about the music? should I use orig star trek stuff like bridge commander and all the film soundtracks or should i create them myself as I can play and have prity good software?

    oh and hows ur after effects ability?

    Nice, gota thank you AestheticDemon for your help. Dont think I would have been able to do all this without it.

    As for the system iv already started a basic layout of the solar system going of data I found online and in films. I dont intend to include tradelanes for obv reasons.

    Would also like to remove the docking rings and allow people to just doc by clicking on the planet.

    Thanx to all for the comments and imput

    all textures working fine now that iv converted the to dds dtx 5. much easier doing it this way as i only have to do 1 lol. Did ya get to do the test flight DEMON? hope you managed to get it into the game without having to change any polys or anythin. PS if you did get it in but it aint done yet can you send me a pic of it in the game so i can get an idea of what it will look like

    haha just changed trents head file to dds dtx 5 and it completely morphed it. think Im just gona stick with the TGA's even if it means create 8 peaces. and I hope your right about it fixing his uniform it alittle anoying

    HAHA found out why it looked morphed, I forgot to flip the texture! after changing trents body dds for tga iv notice its all upside down so that must have been what was wrong with the dds i created for his head.

    yeah iv notice when trent walks there are gaps in his texture so if I convert his dds to the 8 tga files do you recon this will fix this?

    Dont want my chars walking around with holes in them lol.

    Oh yeah tried your clone only prob is it was for a uniform and I am working on heads. some of the files are different and I tried changing the names and adding it to the ini but it went invisible lol.