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    just a quike Q: trents texture is dds format but only has 1 texture insted of 8. most of the others are TGA and have 8 peaces each. Does this mean if I turn the TGA textures into dds I will only need 1 file for each section for all the others or is trent different in some way?

    Yeah im still working on figurin out how to add new models but that isnt planed to be done until version 2 or 3 anyways, so ill be doing this with version 1. I spent about 3hrs last night playing around with head textures changing just the face to blue and adding tattoo's and stuff. For the time being im only including Klingon, Romulan, Federation and borg ships so I may work on adding other races into the game but at this time they would only be in the bars. Version 2 will have the new ships and systems added to it.

    Im guessing It will work ok if I edit say trents face save it as Pi_pirate6_head.dfm then add it to the ini files and have a new head yeah?

    Anyways im studying for the rest of the week got a uni exam on monday and need to get my head down

    kk think im getting it. no i dont actually use poser it just what the models are created in which im using but ill look into what ya said.

    (polarbear) I know it would be easier to just re-texture the models in the game but i want my mod to look as perfect as possible and just drawing the star fleet badge on makes it look alittle bland where as new models have a 3d badge which make them stand out alot more.

    If we can all figure sumit out that works for everyone then even the people who love freelancer have the ability to update their game to todays graphics. being stuck 8years bk may be an easy option but more fun and furfilling if you create or realise how to change it to today.

    kk so basicly the reason they did so many small parts is for the ani e.g. the movement, so if I try to change it to 1 object like the ships it will break the ani or just not work at all. im gona have to figure it out now that know one has been able to do it and I also want to change them when im finishing my mod off as the models I have look mint, no blocky square bits or anything

    I understud and didnt mean simple leave it as CMP. i ment create a new CMP and put it in a completely new DFM file with your textures. edit the ini files to include the new DFM body part and then replace Pi_Pirate5_head with the new DFM to replace trents head with the new one?

    This may seem as a silly question, iv looked at the head file and once again there is loads of small parts just to make the head. if I created a completely new head and textured it. added it as a CMP file the same way as you would a ship and then added it to the ini files and changed trents head to the new one do you think this would work?

    is there a reason that microsoft made each body part with a million peaces e.g. lips, eyes, mouth? wouldnt it have been easier to create the whole head and then added 1 texture to it?

    As for the animation I can see why it doesnt include what you add, i may be wrong but they look like the were created within the 3d software and compressed into files. if so does this mean that everything in the ani wont change e.g. backgrounds as if this is the case maybe it would be easier to create new animations over time based on your game layout.

    I may be plucking at strews or just talking a load of BS but Im sure you will get what im trying to get at and hopefully explain it all to me lol

    ok ok, so let me get this stright cus im not a programer im just learning to mod in freelancer with tools youv all made.

    If im reading this right you are saying that I can create a CMP head and put that into the heads file e.g. replace trents head with my vulcan head and it will show up in the game, however the animation part wont work?

    Q1: what are the orig files extensions for body parts?
    Q2: do you have to some how de-activate animations or will it just show the old head?
    Q3: what scale does the head need to be to fit on right?

    Which file is trents head lol?(no worries found it)

    yeah will have a look at it. the site I get a few of my models from does body parts, e.g. volcun heads and star fleet bodys and they all come with textures. the problem I have is they are in poser format so iv gota convert them to 3DS first, textures souldnt be a problem so ill have a good look at it and see what I can do.

    To be safe ill just try to replace trent and keep the file names the same throughout that way I shouldnt have as much trouble with ini files later on.

    yes i did mean entirely new models. why is it not possible at the mo? doent the character models work the same way the ships do or is it the animation parts that would have problems?

    If you could give me as much information as possible Id like to look into it, youv got me intrigued now that it has not been done?

    well i already have access to a 3d cargo bay which im going to use unsted of the freelancer ship dealer 1 not sure what to use for upgrades though.

    Will post a new thread about 3d character meshes to see if anyone else knows. if your not up to much ur welcome to help me with this project, its not easy on ya own lol??

    yeah I have, I also have a few other sites. one of my favs: Planetside - Star Trek - Ships of the Fleet has the In Service and Out of Service Dates too which helps alot when deciding which ships to use. dont want the main game having any clashes with my intro storyline lol. It only takes one trekkie to bring my game down with one comment and although im not doing this for others later on in the future I may want to start up and host my own server so if I get it right now it means less work later.

    in theory would it be possible to recreate the characters with my own. When I get to a point where im just updating the game I might want to bring my own 3d characters in to make it look nicer and if so will it create problems with animation parts, e.g. where trent works into the bar?

    didnt have the madshipyard so thanx for that, did have the others though and yep my models are off the net and come with textures. Iv got to add a few easy textures that the modeler did with their 3D software such as cockpit which is just a black mat but other than that its should work pritty well. the shuttle is my first because its only 55k polys and not many textures to work with. some of my ships have around 20 - 30 textures so im looking at a day each lol. also the shuttle will work well as a starter ship for me to test a few weapons. Iv even had an idea for an admin race, its called the caretaker, although there have not been any ships posted for this race i recon I can make sum up. The possibliltys seem to be endless with star trek so im glad i decided to work on this. just hope freelancer can handle how much iv gota change lol

    Hay guys im working on my first ship import which will be a Federation Shuttle and I wanted some advice on what size I should export it out of milkshape?

    The tutorial I have says increase the size of thier ship to 50 but as mine is only a shuttle and it should be small enough to land on the Federation Star Ships I thought it would be a gud Idea to ask for some advice before guessing at what size to make it?

    Oh and I dont want lasers to look massive on the shuttle so is it possible to remove the visual of the Laser or will I have to make the shuttle alot bigger than the laser to hide the weapons?

    yeah iv just joined a forum where there are trekkies who are writing 3d episodes of their own so not only can I get info from them but there are downloads there to