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    Just ideas I thought id run by you guys just incase you already knew how to do what Ill need to do when it comes to it. Since im doing a total conversion Mod it makes sense for me to change everything to resemble Star Trek

    I have a plugin for repair weapons so I guess I could edit this to use as the "hull" regen. cheers guys.

    I have a few more ideas on the trek lines?

    would it be easy to edit the tractor beam to make it look more like a transportor beam e.g. the little blue beam over an object insted of the object moving towards the ship?

    Can you make missions such as transporting medical supplys (commods) to a planet in a different system, or set a mission to go and scan an object?

    Oh yeah and also is it possible to lock a system to a player that has just been killed by PVP for a time period?? this would be easier than stating that a person should not enter the system for a few hours?

    Just a few ideas? sorry if Im going into the impossible its just that the more research I do on Star Trek the more ideas Im getting that would make my mod more appealing.

    Ok im wondering in theory, if it is possible to create a script to allow a ships armor to regenerate? I may be completely wrong but would it be possible to copy the shield regen script and alter it to allow the armor the regen its self.

    The reason for this is I need to create a more realistic borg race, as borg ships fix themselves, creating a script to allow their ships to slowly heal themselves would make them more borg like.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to imploment this your post is welcome.

    New desktop pictures uploaded to facebook. Only one 2day but Im hoping to have a few more up by next week. pictures are Jpeg 2560 x 1600 so they will fit nearly all desktop res. Sorry if your res mad, the pics should still look good I hope. If anyone has any problems let me know ASAP so I can get it sorted without having to re-do to many pictures lol. Hope you like - Enjoy. Any ideas of good pics welcome.

    Check them out here:…-Game-MOD/108206095941207

    I must admit the idea is creative but I do believe it should be part of a mod. Im not 1 for games based on 1 thing (even though I kinda doing it myself lol). What I mean is I like to implement lots of ideas into 1 mod to allow everyone to enjoy the 1 mod from different areas.

    If I can find away of adding this to my story I will def put this into my mod. Ill be having to do a little reseach b4 this goes ahead though. Adding another Career into the world of freelancer is always a good idea.

    lol opppss didnt mean to send them but anyways I must thank you from the bottom of my heart. THEY WORKED. still have no idea what I was doin wrong though lol

    Nice that website is just what I needed, thanx for the link Drake.

    Cheers OP im still gettin used to the dif texture formates. I think its a good job iv alocated a year for the mods completion as i can only endure one uniform change a day lol

    why did microsoft use so many textures for 1 model. I modded EA Fifa manager 09 and they used 1 tga file for their texture kits and it was so much easier??

    Just got bk online after getting in from my little girls school parents evening and OMG! guys please stop fighting this was not what I wanted when I asked for help. I respect both of your views and information. for the record you are both way more clued up on this than me and I welcome both opinions on my problem. TBH its ok if something you said doesnt work that way I learn, its not like im in a rush to get it finished. I look at all comments and suggestions and try them out. At this point in time nothing has worked. There are a number of reasons this could be and this is why I welcome all points of view.

    @ AestheticDemon and Gibbon: you have both helped me out of which I am greatful of. iv tried 32bit 24bit and 16bit and still not worked. There is a chance of it being software or even hardware so im going to try it on different system.

    please dont leave gibbon because of my question, this is already a dieing community of which doesnt need to lose any more people. Plus I need all the help I can get ;)

    I will download the files first thing in the morning and try them out to see if they work on my system. if they do, we'll all know its something im doing wrong at my end.

    I hope this will put and end to the fighting as know one is right nor wrong, its simply a matter of firing suggestions at me of which ill try and give feed bk on after.

    ok made sum totally fresh one's both startupscreen and startupscreen_1280 and saved them 24bit no RLE compression both at 1280 res. loaded the game still got a blank screen and now the game is running extremely slow in 800x600??? removed the image files and its fine again lol I must be doin sumit really wrong just dont know what as iv followed your advice to the letter and double checked before saving the file.

    may try using a different program just on the off chance its a setting I have on PS thats doing it.

    I use PhotoShop CS2. As far as I know as im not currently looking atm they are uncomp. I have got it to work in the past but that was years ago.

    Ok this is prob a basic question but I dont seem to be able to change the freelancer load start screen. the one after the video intro just before the first menu comes on. Iv tried opening the orig TGA and BMP up and pasting my image over the top then saving them at 32bit and 16bit. I have noticed that the alpha chan is ticked? for some reason when I run my mod it shows the orig picture. Iv checked freelancer direc and my images are in there while my mod is running, however when loading the game they dont show up? I have changed both startupscreen and startupscreen_1280 for both but still no joy.

    Any one have an idea of what im doing wrong?

    Ok iv done my first Uniform. So far its the best I could do as there are loads of texture files when changing the uniforms. I hope you like it as its up on my facebook page. If anyone understands the textures better and wants to help me out Id be happy to accept. theres no major time limit.

    So check it out and let me know what ya think.

    P.S. if you like my work please click like on my FB page it helps attract attention from ST Fans

    Ok now when I export trents MIPS.tga file using UTF it wont open. keeps coming up file error unknown string? I exported the file as MIPS.tga and have also tried MIPS.jpg still no luck, any ideas?

    I did say it would be easy on paper....