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    oh also on my mind and alittle of last topic but is it possible to change the clocking effect to sumit more treky? the current sparks passing the ship thingy doesnt really go well with a unclocking war bird lol? or if anyone has already done this Id love a copy

    yeah although I want freelancer to run ok. by now it shouldnt have an issue running new upto date models with todays hardware. This cube looks amazing and cuting bits here and there would be unfair to its creator. This person really has put in a lot of time making the model and I really want this in my mod.

    is there a exporter for max? I do have a copy of that but tend to find the interface easier in c4d. but I can use max to export my models if needed?

    yeah freelancer runs easy on all of my systems. i bought the game about 10 years ago and my hardware was way above the requirements then, so now its way more advanced in the notebook. my laptop and desktop have way more upto date hardware but my main objective is to maintain stability for everyone and I know that some people use really old pc's unless they are hardcore gamers inwhich case their hardware will be better than mine and will run any mod I have made on my systems.

    Ill check ST info out cheers for the heads up.

    What I may do once the whole mod is finished is update the graphics and see what I can push it too.

    yeah as much as Id love to go all out on graphics, not only am I not artistic enough but I want my mod to be able to be played on any computer you can buy these days, even notbooks. So my main objective for now is to get my first version up and running then maybe look into giving the graphics a new look. As im doing this mod for fun im also using free graphics so i cant expect the models and textures im using to look cgi realistic.

    My biggest issue atm is polys. a few of my models have got alot of polys such as my borg cube. it has 190k polys so im not sure how freelancer will react to it.

    Thanx for the help guys ill make a note of using dds files

    yeah i had a feeling you might say that. the doc does look amazing though. spoze thats what the testing phase is for. might see how it handels and if its killing my laptop put a different one in thats alittle smaller when it comes to polys. cheers for the city/bar info. ill look into creating a 3d city and new bar to re-place it with. im guesing freelancer use's tga texture for that too?

    cheers. yeah im not a massive fan. I have watched a few of them such as voyager but to be honest everything I need is on the internet. I cant believe how mad people are about it. Some of the websites are in sooo much detail. first thing I will do is post a video of what ships i intend to use in the mod. I also intend to keep the graphics as close to the video as possible. Going into one of the other post, does anyone know what happends if you import a model that has to many poly's? I have a space doc that has 140k poly's and I red on another post that 75k was the limit? is there a reason for this and can it be broken with a little coding? I want the detail to be as good as it can be without screwing up the current system requirements and I love the ships Iv downloaded. Iv converted their texture to tga and they still look awsome. Star trek online is the visuals Im looking for with the fredom of freelancer.

    To keep system spec at best Im modding on a laptop. This giving me a better view of how it will run on low spec desktop pc's and todays student spec laptops. with freelancer being such an old game now i havent really come across a system that cant handel it and Im hoping to keep it this way once Iv finished modding.

    This brings us back to the conv about modding for fun or public. This mod is for fun but Im hoping that I do such a gud job of it that others will like my work and take interest in helping me out later with small things that I havent learnt how to change such as. re-designing the 3d bar or city to look like a star trek city bar with my own ships in the back ground of the city e.g. transport shuttles and stuff. it would also be cool if when you land on the planet it always showed a shuttle landing as it would be a little un realistic to see the enterprise land on the planet just to pic up commodities lol. anyways im a long way from that point and iv yet to finish researching the first four races. so if anyone knows anything about trek and has any ideas just pop them down here. Ill always comment bk, thanx for the support guys!

    Ok guys bringing it back to the orig post lol. Iv decided to give it ago at a star trek total conversion mod. now i know others have done this like WTS but im talking pure trek. spending a few months doing background research and I have a few treky freinds who can tell me what ship levels should be what. But when I say total conversion I dont say it lightly. I recon in the next few months im gona be on here alot. I want to change every aspect of the game if at all possible to star trek e.g. all characters to wear trek uniforms and change face detials to add diff races. I know I have my work cut out for me but I already have all the information I need on the web and the 3d ships are easy to come by. So here goes nothing lol...................... Thanx all for the comments and the help with modding and ip stuff ill update in the next few months with a few vids of what ships will be in v1.0 hehe

    later on I will agree with this. my work is not really for public as Im using it as a learning cerve. its simpley for self use, I was however uploading what I have done so that if others like it, they can take the bits they are interested in once it was completed. I dont think im ready to join a development team just yet. So many have their own ways of modding. I like to edit the freelancer files, iv known others script the whole mod. I def agree there are alot of mods out there that dont get played. mine is for personal use and a form of course for learning. I enjoy the chellenge and feel that I have achieved somethin when I see my work on the screen.

    P.S. does anyone know how i fix my win7 server issue??

    Yeah I had masters of orion but I wasnt trying to make a conversion mod of it. Orion is ment to be a planet that is rich in resource and extremely valuble to humans which is where my storyline was going, not the anteriens battle for orion from orion 2 lol but orion could make a good TC i must admit.

    due to a tech issue and 2days of re-installing my whole system I have lost my mod and so will no longer be working on it, however I do intend to start a new mod. but have not decided its background yet. thanks to all for your help, ill use what iv been taught in my next mod

    Oh 1 more thing. I have upgraded to win7 and now I cant get my pc to connect to a server I am runing on the same pc. Freelancer gives me a mac address insted of an ip address. does anyone know how to get freelancer connected to a server on the same pc in win7?

    most of the effects on cinema are on the tool bar you just drag them and drop them where you want them depending on the effect. for some you have to edit the object e.g. for the sun you canged the lens of the light. the one in the video is 8-hi but you can use any of them really

    I got a tutorial for ship making and im currently working on my first 1. I used youtube to learn how to animate. was prity simple using cinema 4d. just move objects to where you want and then select how many frames it will take to get to each point. the software does the rest

    im learning. using youtube to learn how to use cinema 4d. just gota learn how to build a ship as the one in the vid wasnt mine lol. recon after a few weeks I could be building them like that though. then I gota learn how to put them into the game

    theres usualy an add effect button e.g. cakewalks add effect button is on the track toolbar. select the VST. next time you play your recording it should have added the effect.

    i get most of my tutorials from youtube when doing 3d modeling im just not brill at it. Using 3ds max and cinema 4D then importing them into milkshape to finish off the freelancer part. still learning atm though. As its my own storyline I wanted the ships to be orig to the game. each with its own info relating to the race e.g. the droids are a cyborg race so there ships are going to be more technical and the dark orbs more advanced in every area due to their scientific advances. humans are in the middle with a current look to their basic ships. I dont mind it taking years. I bought freelancer 10 years ago and its still around so a few more years wont hurt lol. I have no plans to release the mod in the near future as it will have to under go major testing but for now my main objectives are to make the graphics as modern as possible with a good storyline background in which anyone who plays can do what they want. the prob iv found with some mods is you only get to join factions if you register and even then sometimes you have to be accepted. that is not what I want for this mod. all races should be freely accesable to all. each path being the choice of the player.

    The best thing about creating this mod is I have so many ideas and the engine is mine to do as i please with.

    its completely made up. taking my time with it and having a go at making my own storyline. thats why i need ships as all of the freelancer ones have got to go. iv taken the easy route to by changing the info and ids in the orig dll files to prevent crashes and me having to search for the issue lol. just taking it one step at a time.

    The basic storyline is that humans have gone looking for a new planet like earth as most of our usable resources are gone. 20 light years away from earth we stumble upon a planet younger than earth rich in resources e.g. orion. not long after colonising orion we encounter new races. Dark orbs: an intelligent race with advanced technological brains, Droids: form of cyborg that consumes all planets and resources, has a hate for all other races's and will stop at nothing until they are to only race alive. and up to now thats as far as iv got. im just leaning alittle 3d graphics making a basic company intro to replace the ms one