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    Heya everyone

    Just wondering about how, and if you guys use Sub Targets, Ive always wanted to but I find that during a battle its much to hard to select one via mouse, is their a way to quick select them, ive looked though the options for controlls a few times and came up with nill to help out


    Heya everyone!

    Well, I just re-found my Passion for Freelancer, grew up playing the game and found it in my draw this week when our internet cut out a bit and really got into the game again

    Ive had a account on this site for years! Dont think I ever really did anything, but I found it again and decided to come back!

    Also, anyone know where I can find a Old Nav Map I remember, Had locations of everything and whatnot, ive found a few on the web but nothing that gives me what I want (Locations of Wrecks in each Sector)