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    you are entitled to make a safety copy of your Freelancer. Microsoft has always granted that right even for their OS. Another option is, make an ISO of your Freelancer disc. That way you don't need a physical disc at all = no worries about wear down. A reliable program is here Freeware MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM(MagicDisc) Overview

    Legally, you have the right to use the program. You do not own the program. But legally, your right to use the program is not limited by time or wear of media. Unless it is specifically limited by time, you have the right to ensure your right to be able to use the program.

    I bought a Windows 7 Professional from Microsoft, I have the right to download it 20 times. That's what they give me. Personally, I may take...

    Sorry if it get's boring. Life has so many aspects.



    I'm an even older fart than you, at least by physical age. Of all mods I've tried, Frontierspace is my favorite, Freelancer |

    Not the most revolutionary, perhaps, but a huge system - in case you like to fly in space. The ship system is rather nerdy, but you can quite easily adjust it... hope I don't step on any sensitive copyright toes here.

    Cheerio, and like the saying, we'll meet in space! 8)

    I've been very inactive here, and somewhat late in this topic, but since this is an eternal issue, I decided to give my share:

    You can find the ID = any hardware ID in Windows' Device Manager > open up the device > right click > properties > Details > Hardware Ids (in dropdown) where the ID is after "DEV_". In my case the whole line was


    where the ID is 1200.

    This you need to add to flconfigdatabase.txt UNDER THE RIGHT HEADING which would be GeForce in your case. Be careful to precisely define your hardware with the naming Windows gives.

    The addition was in my case, the orange being earlier work by Deus:

    // GeForce
    0x1200 = "GeForce GTX 560 Ti"

    0x0040 = "GeForce 6800 Ultra (NV40.0)" // added by Louva-Deus

    0x0041 = "GeForce 6800 (NV40.1)" // added by Louva-Deus
    0x0042 = "GeForce 6800 LE (NV40.2)" // added by Louva-Deus

    I've been quite active in Windows 7 Forums and I've come to appreciate their view and effort to try to solve Windows problems through Windows, rather than using third party software - no offense here. But the procedure to add a new video card to Freelancer is quite simple through Windows itself, and the experience is worthy.

    Anyway, eucratides0427, hope you have it running. :)

    The Starport - A Freelancer Game Fansite :: Downloads

    ... is one I've used. Works well - if you look for what I have need for.

    Generally, if you have problems with Windows Vista or 7, not sure about 8, you can try installing to another folder than Program Files. Later Windows versions seem to be totally paranoid about Program Files - install directly to C, or your Documents and Settings folder, or something.

    Another option is to try Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

    It's worked well in many cases. Best of luck, never give up!

    There's a lot of free space in the NavMap, probably 75% or something, if we start with the Vanilla. Sad to say, I've forgotten most of what I did once... I also lost most of my Freelancer material when building a new computer. But the NavMap is something like 20x20 = 400 possible systems in total. Dunno really, but Frontierspace has some 150 systems, and you can see it here,…akki/Frontierspacemap.jpg, where every and each point is available. So, you can put a lot of extra stuff in there. And the "physical" distance on the map doesn't matter at all, since you don't run it... You do it by gates - not Bill, but anyway.

    Hopefully I find the time to participate. ;)

    EDIT: Remebered I had this:…arahakki/Mappositions.jpg

    I might be interested in System building. I was highly active in the Uberlancer project, but haven't done anything much after that. You can see some of my work in Pictures by Hamarahakki - Photobucket

    Take a look at that, it's not organized blaah-blaah, but if you think there's something you like, then we can talk on. I'll be 53 in September, so my attitude may be different from most involved. I don't like chat, I just do what I do, I'm somewhat a lonely wolf. I'm a Photographer by profession, specialized in Architecture and Milieu. I have 3D in my head, like a CAD. But, I'm not very technical, really.

    My time is also a bit limited, need to do something for a living, and I'm a moderator in, as Andere. Anyway, Freelancer is still my Big Love, and I would be pleased and honored to participate in something that gets it further.

    Finally, would I have written this unless I meant something?

    Cheers. :)

    Starting a new game didn't help.

    But the problem was solved: it just started to work. I must have made some mistake somewhere... in any case, now everything is working, in I'm building new textures, compositions and so on.

    Unless something goes wrong again :o

    I still could use advice and hints, so if anyone has any, please fire off!

    Thanks for your answer. My level of expertise is... somewhere near the freezing point. :D

    I always start a... aah - I'm not starting a new game... I'm starting the game anew, but from the saved game file... that may have been a good point, my friend. Needless to say, I will try it.

    I'll let you know how it turned out. Thanks anyway for the effort and thought.

    I'd like to make more out of clouds and nebulae. Any hints would be useful!

    I have changed and manipulated the textures in .txm files, but it doesn't seem to have any effect - even if I remove them, there's no change. They always seem to come out the same way!

    If you still have the problem, you can try to delete the Autosave.fl -file, in C:\Documents and Settings\...your name...\My files\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\SinglePlayer.

    You can also delete the Restart.fl -file, same folder, it won't harm anyone. The game creates new ones.

    This sometimes helped me, when I had problems.

    Good luck! :)