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    the old rank system was fine, apart from the inclusion of rabbits. and lizards. and birdmen. and used car-dealers. and plasticine dogs. and musk rats. and gay chicken-eating vampires.

    Oy! :P 'thas been yonks since I buggered a man, these times I'm too involved with the lasses to even bother with the lads :P

    as for the chicken, leave him out of it :P he has but to grow before I feast upon his flesh :P

    Oh Cripes... *hears dixie play in the background*

    Anyway, I'm Locutov, as most of you may know me, others may know me as D, or my full name (can't disclose it even if I would like to, as it won't get through the swearfilter :P ) Locutov, on one part comes from my ancient nickname (when I first joined this place, way back in Feb. 2003) of Locutus, on another part it's short of one my many aliases, Sergei Locutovich Alucard

    (for the smart alecks amongst you, don't even bother, yes I know Alucard is from some Anime, no I don't care, and yes there's a reason I use the name)

    I was born 24/05/1893 so am 25 years old at present, at the present moment readily unemployed, and loving every second of it

    *emerges from shadows after the rickety rabbit*

    Finally! Some fresh air! being cooped up in a shadow-space barely the size of a rabbit's burrow isn't all fun and games.

    Aye, I'm still alive, for as much as my state of being can be described as "alive" and thought I'd check in

    interesting question, as for the rebellious youth, and the music to go with it, my folks love Rammstein, me too, so theres little rebellious in that but I do listen to Rebel Music (The Wolfe Tones, Eire Óg, The Dubliners, Athenrye) but they are more in the Irish variant of Rebel Music. where I got it from, is another story, which I won´t tell here

    one has to be lucrative with swears to be original, and to be good. to repeat "Fornication Under Consent of the King" or Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo for short, endlessly is hardly to be called original, nor is it any good, instead of go foxtrot uniform charlie kilo yourself, you could use the old "Get stuffed!!" same message, more original, and imo more powerfull, although you could use the former, in its literal transcription ofcourse, to raise an eyebrow, and just plainly call him an arse. there are plenty of chances to swear, just using normal words, or to be lucrative, and call em everything under the sun (believe me, I have a very rich expertise in swearing from my daily job, and it doesn´t confine itself in one language)

    Killa, I think it rather makes you look more like an adult if you can find a way to stipulate your protagonist´s character, without resorting to common swearwords. I use swears at a day to day basis, but only to highlight certain points I have.

    The Kapitalist Vampyre wants too much (sorry for the Pun there) ofcourse NIMF distances themself from the guy, because the way he is carrying on, it can very easily bite him up his arse, and it will in the near future if he goes on like this. If it does bite him, NIUMF will too suffer a big image blow, simple rules of nature, and the basic instinct of survival

    <font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade>absolutely my friend....unfortunately though, it doesn´t explain why the word c*nt still gets through the filter think it would be a good idea to add it, don´t you? <hr size=1 noshade></BLOCKQUOTE></font><font face=´trebuchet ms, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica´ size=2>For one simple reason I think, either Bargib forgot to add it, or it wasn´t on the list he got from ICRA, concerning the swearwords that needed to be blocked, in either case, i´d hae to agree with Grom here, and say that it should be added, as it is a very rude and offensive term, no matter in what context you use it. On Today´s other news: Blimey Tix, you sure know how to make an entrance, everything´s well i hope?? with You AND Marija ofcourse, school still busy??

    I have seen this thread jotter up and down, but up till now, I haven´t seen the actual &quot;legal&quot; reason the swearfilter is in place.. the swearfilter, is for the seal of approval for the site from the ICRA counsil, next to the moral reasons for having it on a mainstream forum, it just looks bad seeing tons of little blighters scream and swear away, however limited the vocabulary may be, it is very hinderfull, and cetainly doesn´t make a site´s community look any better, a swearfilter isn´t needed if youve got a private forum of your own, where everyone knows everyone. Killa, if you want your story unhindered by a swearfilter, write it up, and offer it to people on demand, that way they can have the unfiltered version of the story, and you won´t have to work your way around a swearfilter. I hope this clears the matter up??

    could someone please edit that post?? it shifts the page.. Thanks in advance. could sound weird, but my weirdest thing, or the weirdest thing that ever happened to me, happened to me at age 4, my grandfather had just died, and me not fully realizing it, it all went rather past me, all me mum and dad told me, that he was dead. They didn´t take me to his funerial, they left me at home at me gran´s, I vividly recall a dream from that very same night, it was as clear as anything, and at that point I really didn´t realize it, not until many years later. But the dream went like this, I was alone at my gran´s house, sitting in the living, when all of a sudden, my grandfather comes through the door, he sits beside me, and has a little chat with me, telling me he was alright, nothing bad had happened to him, and that he was happy again. that isn´t the weirdest part, 8 years later, on the 27th of december, at 21:00 his wife, my grandmother, died of cancer, I prayed it wouldn´t happen before I went to sleep, as I was sleeping, something woke me up in a half dream state, I don´t really know if its a dream or not, but when I look down the corridor out of the bedroom, which my bed was facing, I see them both, my grandmother, and Grandfather, hand in hand, with a smile at me, all they said was: It´s allright. and whatever it was, it disappeared again. The next morning, I heard the grave news, that my grandmother died that night, and it instantly flashed my mind back to what I saw. I sincerely started crying, both of sadness, and of joy EDIT: Spasieba Tovarich Mullah, much better indeed Edited by - Locutov on 10/12/2005 1:07:00 PM

    Ive got a DVD of Eddy Izzard´s show &quot;Dress to Kill&quot; and a full hor soundbite of his show &quot;Glorious&quot; both are a might too big to connect here

    Mike, Horror is just a term to describe some insane imagery, or just incredible tension feelable in the story, as you said, its my first, well, as youve gotten these critics, you can further your story on em, as well as your Horror-writing-experience. I haven´t read the story, just read a flash of the critics. your TLR stories were perfect for the matter, if you can combine the horror effect, or just the thrill with the style of writing you used for the TLR stories, I think youre a very good way on the track <img src=smilies/icon_smile_wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>