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    make a few more of these threads worshiping our legend. maybe we'll all pop back ;)

    doesn't hurt to sing songs of our legendary ventures either.

    goddammit. i had to make a new account just to post this. those songs had better be coming.

    i didn´t feel like posting after the above but since wilde is having the hots for me, ill tell him that im here and alive <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle>

    i personally dont like getting close in and seeing his face contorted in agony as my power totally destroys the poor guy. i generall head for ranged characters. but not those magic types. too fiddly. if available, archers, or snipers if there are any. not much brainwork either. just think about where to go to shoot the intended target without being seen/attacked. it also lightens up pressure on my hp. whilst melee fighters will have to rush back if their hp is low, ranged guys just have to be a bit more careful when attacking with low hp, cause the prey really isn´t gonna get the chance to hit back if its got 50 arrows stuck in its torso.

    DSQrn seem to make great friends with LXP <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> i´ve given up trying to bring myself up to speed on this. but sw, i think you might want a change of crowd or something. selfishness is the goal in the long run for most. repeat, <b>most </b>. but those that can afford it, and those that are <i>brought up right </i> will help those in dire need. imho there´s just too many spoilt pricks these days. that, i think, is how you got your idea of most being selfish.

    lmao, <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> here´s a salute to comrade Viator, who changed his nick for reasons i have yet to comprehend. *salute!* p.s. my salutes are work 2 weeks more than comrade loc´s <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Edited by - kimk on 2/7/2005 6:04:45 AM

    im taking a huge step forward despite my lack of participation in all the other angst threads. i think what everyone generally wants is liniency (sp?) in moderating. when everyone could voice their opinions. not to extremes of course. but only those extremes. just those should be kept away. leaving the rest open to discussion. personally, i´d like a revision of the rules of the forum, just these two: no gravedigging, no repetition of topics. imho, gravedigging should be a no no, and repetition of topics should be allowed.

    you find yourself very much in my shoes really. i was a friend to my gf now for quite a while. i waited for a long time actually. you wait too, if you can. hopefully things will work out in your favor. best of luck to you. but i kind of hope her long distance relationship would work out, as i also am in one.

    lets the relationship wane. if it ever does. and it´d be nice if you could give me some details as to how he´s treating her like dirt. i happen to be in a long distance relationship as well. just want to know if i´m doign anything out of line. and yeah, remain as her friend all through. dont try to start anything. at least thats what i´d do.