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    Hey Indy - That's a damm good one. I'll be careful in which circles to mention it! Funny that my employer has basically outsourced IT (support) and yet we're centered around Computing technologies. All about that almighty $ no matter what. ;)

    Thanks. I would elaborate but the account below tends to prove my point ...

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    this is how bad he was, LW (and I'm not exaggerating) - the very first job that I gave him was to install a cd-rom in a desktop machine. 2hrs later he was still looking at it when I went back to check he was ok. Had never seen an IDE cable before. Didn't know what a Molex connector was.

    6 months later he still didn't know how to install Windows. You'd think that he was employed because he was cheap, but it turns out he was earning not far off what some of the other lads earnt. He's now working as a contractor to HP, he's one of those incompetent fools who come out to replace parts under warranty. No thinking required.

    Outsourcing and contractors, what a waste. Save money and get rubbish - but there's no quality or service anymore, is there? I always say, "quality remains long after the price is forgotten" I've done my own share of contracting in the past, didn't like it, didn't like the other contractors who were lazy, ill-disciplined wastrels in the main with few if any useful skills. And in that perverse justice that seems to permeate all workplaces these days, the laziest and most incompetent one was paid the most. Yours truly, the most hard-working and capable one, was paid the least. Which would explain why I only did it for 3 months and went and got a proper job.

    Then again ....

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    @the Lizard - only your el-cheapskate-IndyCorp-sourced-from-Boogaboogaland-incompetent-contract staff, in what passes for an IT dept.

    My theory always has been that in any IT department there is but one or a tiny handful of competents who then deliberately scrape the bottom of the barrel for anyone that can wear shoes and showers irregularly actually to not do the work. Thus guarantying their own job security as they make a big show of going around being the hero solving, in most cases, absurdly simple problems like ...plugging in the ethernet cable or reconnecting the power plug.


    You can take the avatar and the computer away from the Vulture King but you can't take away his convictions.

    A new Prisoner series? Interesting.

    *sings a little ditty about giving one a number and taking away one's name*

    Are we talking about legally being able to install OS X on any ol' x86 PC or are we talking about using the hack that makes it possible to install OS X on an x86 PC?

    Or are you just talking about installing the OS X in a number of different proprietary Apple x86 Computers?

    I rather think you folks are talking about the latter.

    Apple does not support the installation of its OS on anything other than an Apple computer ... although there now is another computer seller that provides OS X based computers ... cheaper than Apple, there already is a question whether Apple really will allow it to continue or will move to shut it down with lawsuits.

    Ye Gods.

    The Vulture King without wing-ed helm!

    What is the world coming to? Oh the shame! Oh the lamentation!

    Even worse! He's been undone by pomuphilia! Gaaaaaah! Someone call the EMTs STAT!

    I am using the top view of the Son'a ship "bekuz I fink its reel purrrty."

    Once a more suitable candidate for avatar is found, the Board has authorized me to replace the current simulacrum with another.

    Oh, and....

    Greetings Rankor. Thank you for your welcome hail.

    The Grand Mullah is a wonderful customer. Pays his bills on time, often gives us tips on what else to market profitably in his domains.

    As a small token of our appreciation, we have been known to send an occasional packet of chocolate and chocolate coated peanut butter cups by special delivery to the Grand Pala... er, Mosque.

    This should not be misconstrued to be anything more than solid business practice in the area of good customer relations.

    But IndyCorp must insist upon total neutrality in the field of arms and armaments trading. It is against profit to provide but one side with superior weapons ... makes for a very short war, don't you know. :mrgreen:

    Honestly, FD, you do disappoint. An I-Mac? I knew you were looking over to that side of the aisle but I thought for sure you would join the Penguin Brigade in the end.

    *shakes esqy's head*

    Ah well. I have yet to make the move but this is the year I shed the shackles of licensed bloatware and setup a completely open source and freeware based machine to cruise the interwebs as was intended by its founders.

    open transmission/

    *thumph thumph thumph*
    *Is this thing on?*
    *phTesphting fWon phTwo phThree phTesphting*

    Greetings to LancersReactors of Yore and Yon.

    *Is this thing on?*

    ....What? Oh. Hello everyone.

    Greetings from IndyCorp Galactic Enterprises.

    It is with felicitous warmth of heart that we see others have returned from the Great Void to lodge a token of their esteem to The Lancers Reactor.

    The Board of IndyCorp joins in this welcoming of good news.

    It also has come to our attention that false news and accounts of battles fought in bygone ages have resurrected themselves here and our mission is to set the record straight hereto:

    The true victor in those cosmic clashes between the forces of the Tea-Towelled One and the Harey-Horse was the Great God Mammon. The Deity to which all others must bow in great indebtedness and humbletude. And it did not hurt IndyCorp to have been positioned in such a way as to be able to provide the mechanisms of war so badly needed by the antagonists in their pursuits of ultimate gore and victory.

    The Corporation recently established a commercial liaison with that other Universe in which the T-T-O and the H-H now abide and we welcome the opportunity to engage in commerce with one and all in that space as well.

    /end transmission.

    I was 2nd Trombone in my school band and in a dance band once upon a former life. <img src=smilies/icon_smile_tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0 align=middle> Congratulations Wolfy! D