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    yes u can have all unconditionaly this was intention from start,
    that someone who is rly commited to subject should have it all.

    id only wish to participate as regular user,
    which is not obligatory to new ownership.

    i have said this billion times by now,
    do NOT use tunneling software to make servers, specialy hamachi is more then .... (i dont want to insult coder)....
    all u need to do is setup your router
    hamachi, or other things similar to that... specialy third party tunneling provideres
    tunneling brings ZERO benefits and it has all possible disadvantages
    lag, latency, packetloss, overhead, 3rd party network connection ....

    2302 udp
    and 2300-2400 tcp if u want ur server to register in global workaround

    to make it clear, only forward external to internal on port 2302/udp and thats ALL, nothing else
    to make ur server show in ur serverlist tell ur friends to add server switch in icon properties................

    generaly in size of country nuke has same impact as gun has on human life, so its long story should all b armed, or only should someone b armed, or should all be disarmed...

    best possible scenario is that there is police which is armed and that means that police should support law
    but current situation is resembling possition where militia is armed and all others are disaremd (in global scale)
    allowing militia members to persuit personal benefits over general good..

    for humanity to be in state that there is addpoted police there should b general law, not militia internal law.

    in general its simple ...
    thretten with nuke, you will get nuke back... that would bring both parties to political solution instead of killings.
    it is equal to two ppl having guns pointed to each other, there more chance that both will stand down and nagotiate
    then if u have 1 bully pointing gun on unarmed... wich usualy results in robbery and/or death.
    imho ofcourse

    i am sry but i do NOT agree.
    nukes were dropped in history, and all they brought is fear and domination of single minded,
    imo each country/nation/region should have nukes
    that way they would respect each other more...
    progess comes from diversity and mutal respect not from brute forcing everyone into single mind concept.

    i havent looked into it, didnt had time
    but i know where u should look
    there s exclusion zone in nebula clouds around Yanagi depot in sigma 13 system, look there for solution
    it also contains dynamic asteroids eaven asteroids and nebula is excluded, i think theres complete soultion for what u have asked..

    congratualations on secessfull testings on both ballistic missiles and underground nuke testing.
    hopefully nuclear potential which is growing all around world will bring more prosperity and ballance
    to this small war shattered plant.
    once again congratulations on scientific achivements, as well on firm stand alone policy of development.

    yes answer is simple,
    exclusion zone is part which is negated out from zone
    like this for example
    you make asteroid zone which is like 20k in diametar, then you dont want asteroids around your small depot
    so ships can have clear access to docks
    then just make exclusion zone and it like drilling small sphere inside asteroids

    its logical negation like "!" in codding

    in general it can be applied in any zone and thats coz its necessery to reduce coding time
    like this for exampe
    u have radiation zone with size of system, ie u want whole system to have radiation (large radius of zone)
    then u want small section to b cutted out of that radiation, so u exclude it like
    !radiation zone

    highest proffit on discovery considering money/time is malta <> ny
    trade cardamine from malta to nb, and refugees (or something simmilar if forgot commodity) to malta
    go through alaska, omicron 90(or similar), unknowns, malta
    thats shortest path
    train is so strong that npcs cant damage it, but you might encounter problem with player battleships camping docks

    im sry that i was sounding confusing, i was thinking of torrents or emule, or similar software, but since you have already checked that, then only place to look into reducing lag would b some bad cable or bad wireless..
    in general lag icon yellow shows high latency
    red one shows packet loss, which accures when there is loss in data inside network, or if server obsoletes package (its about 2 seconds time till server loop will discard incoming package and mark obsolete, that is 2000ms ping, which is rly rare for network matrix to b so high, no metter where server is located, so try on wireless if u use it.
    packet loss or 2000+ ping accures on sattelite networking too,
    teamspeak can b also jamming connection, reduce codec quality, and dont talk while fighting, that reduces upload, basicaly only download shouldnt matter on usual adsl links...
    i hope this helps ....
    also i have forgot something, that might b also due to bad server connection, not generaly you, same whats considering your upload is considering servers upload...

    you have detailed how-to in how-tos, and basicaly you can do it if you dont need to change infocards in 1 file only, use
    do NOT edit this file for online games where it is considered as cheat.

    check if you have some particular torrent, p2p software running or similar
    upload is 99% cause of lag, or server which is in network too far away, but in 99% its problem with something in background uploading, since in general home network wan is very asymetric that causes most of problem, so turn off upload and then check on same server, if its still there then there are other things u need to do...
    also avoid fighting other players with lag, since it creates huge annoyement to others and also unfair situation... like cheat