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    well there is possiblity to turn fl into massive game,
    it is possible to virtualy cluster servers and separate load,
    both network and processor load, it can be made quite seemless to
    players as well...

    i dont know if there is anyone wishing for such major try but its quite possible

    concept is basicaly this,
    every node in cluster would need to have all equip, ships, commodities in thair inis.
    but systems can b uniq
    using web interface player would b able to move from one cluster node to
    differed cluster node (ie superjumpgate into new universe)
    systems holded by one cluster node would b organised in logical group
    ie one box holds one house or so.
    since players r around moving around sirious in different ways
    someone is trading, someone is ambushing, someone is doing missions, someone is just camping...
    they are not in same system anyway

    concept is basicaly this
    shadowed directory structure on exported filesystem from main account holder server, web interface can easy run over scripts with positive match and excert ban on all except cluster nod where player wishes to go... (failsafe to structure of not having all in base, to prevent crushing box in malicious attempt)

    like this

    lets say 5 servers in cluster ...
    5 shadow accounts dir with exactly same accounts all exported and mounted on servers which r nodeds in cluster
    once player docks in 'exact station (superjumpgate)' he uses web interface to select which is new universe sector he wishes to trevel, script bans all except that node he selects, and changes docking point as exit station into new universe sector

    what would b benefits
    well since load massivly depends on number of systems and npcs, as well as on number of players per box, and hard coded limit of 128 by box running it, this would make possible to universe to grow into infinite number of systems coz files which would need to be on each node would actually need only whats shared between universes, thats: ships, weapons, commodities.
    any server can create universe in way they like it will put amasing ammount of creativity, coz u can conncentrate on making new stuff.

    what would b limits,
    still we cant brake through 128 players barrier so it would b that limit (per cluster node), per node, so max number of players which can interact in same time would b 128, but is also more then enough for single point in universe.
    also all nodes would need to agree on what would b weapons, ships, commodities coz they have to b uniq in all nodes.

    give some feed back on this, if theres anyone interested ...

    u can beat Hovis in any ship and without any cheats.
    jump into cruise its shift-W shortcut on keyboard, cut on closest path
    like race car does...
    good luck

    Freelancer IS based on eary 80ies game, game name is Elite.
    also its MS 'version' of Gallileo Project started by Elite fans about 10y ago.

    i wont tell more do some investigations on web... :D

    Freelancer is also one of very strange game concepts, half builded, fully opened, but just not obvious, like it was 'designed to be moddable by someone who finds out how'.

    non moddable exe engine is also excellent, MS did excellent work there, practicaly no limits, it pulls all from txt files, considering its network resources also genious work (udp client server, low load on serverbox, load on client for almost all, minimal traffic, still its fully live, ie it makes stream of data and dont 'assume where objects will b' rly amasing work, unlike for instance EVE-online engine or similar games ...WoW etc.. .

    hint.. ' its unusual for MS to make that kind of 'open' game, perheps Billy himself was involved probably liking original game... eh well he must of played it when he was young ;]'

    for changing all starting stuff, as well as basic server jumpgates behaviour, ie locked holes .. money ... starting reputation ....

    use \EXE\mpnewcharacter.fl
    file, edit there
    dont forget to remove existing accounts first coz u can make mess with holes etc,
    thats if u only wanna change starting points for server etc...

    file is easy to understand no need to explain much

    ioncross is excellnet tool, but if u r making custom mod, it can b very tricky since u dont have hashcodes for stuff u included, id suggest that u first clear up mod, then generate hashcodes and use ioncross after, basicaly ioncross has its own 'database' how it interprates things in txt form, weapon names etc... use it ONLY when changing stuff with vanila, if u havent created custom hashcodes of IFSO itself

    good luck

    id suggest to reduce drain in weapon instead of changing powerplant, perheps u should consider that option too, power plant will affect all existing user files on server not good choice for running server.
    btw, is that u drifter? i mean do we know each other perheps heh?

    u need to login with community password and username,

    **pay attention on tlrdownload(s) and password is download(withou S)
    i hope this helps

    base faction is:
    reputation = fc_n_grp <-here u put faction which u want to belong

    nomad reputation is fc_n_grp that will make base ownership to nomad
    good luck

    try ammo which is npcs using
    check whos there of npcs, and thair loadouts, then check if thers some problem in parts of gun or ammo, sound too ..
    good luck,
    pls post if u find it...

    Quote from "Thunderbird Anthares"

    i give the downloads section a 3/10 rating
    no categories,no descriptions,nothing but file names list just with size/name/date sorting
    i appreciate your work and concern,but if you want to hear my opinion,the old page was atleast 5x better

    have u checked front page?
    they are all separted in categories, and filenames are quite understandable, that is totaly pointless to add descriptions.
    files are still uploading and beeing sorted, as mental said, keep in mind that theres over 16GB of data, i rly dont see point
    in writting descriptions when names are quite descriptive themself. perheps u have missed lnk on front.

    open freelancer.ini, and quote out that file, its only animation on start,
    1. disale all mods
    2. open data folder where mods r stored in ur flmm folder
    3. open freelancer.ini
    4. quote out file in case (;;;) like that
    5. enable mod again

    its simple, flmm just detected that ur missing that included file, since file is only intro movie u dont have much of use of it for game, its possible that maintainer of mod excluded movie to reduce mod size, if u find contact info its good that u send mail to maintainer, so he can fix, and update mod relase

    gd luck

    Milkshape on vista, ... actually ANY software on vista, HOW-TO
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    i hope this helps