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    Well i just put my old Bananaworld server back up running the latest 1.3 version of my Genesis mod. Have to say FLAC is working very well so far on W7 64bit server. I have a few optional extras bolted on to FLAC, but so far everything is working exactly as advertised :)

    I'm fully aware of the TGA format thankyou. This imaginary world you live in is clearly a place only you can get to. Show me where i've called you a liar as i haven't done so. You're just making this up and i don't take kindly to it tbh. You want to act like some kid then that's up to you. It's people like you that ruin this community and i'm sick to death of attitudes like yours. I hope this game dies a death very soon and take arrogant people like you along with it. I'm done with this community one and for all. All i'm doing is trying to help the guy out, instead you're just confusing the crap out him. Nice knowing you all!

    @ Spuder

    Right. Make two images an 800x600 and a 1280x960. Open up the original two TGA startup screen images, copy and paste yours into these and save them.You don't need to delete the alpha channel as you're saving it as a 24bit uncompressed TGA file and is one of only 3 options available to you in PSP (Paint Shop Pro at least). I've never had to delete the alpha channel in all the ones i've created and they always work. That should do it. As i said, if you're having issue i'll do them for you as it's a 2 minute job.

    I have checked, they are 24 bit. The alpha channels aren't even used. There is only one tga file i know of where the alpha channel is applied and that's front_freelancerlogo.tga. The two startup screens don't use alpha channels therefore they are 24 bit. Please don't lecture me on this as i've been doing this a hell of a lot longer than you have. I can create startup screens with my eyes shut and they will all be 24BIT TGA WITH NO COMPRESSION. Only way they will work. Get off my back AD!!

    If you still have issues, drop me a mail with the images and i'll convert them for you

    The vanilla tga's are 32bit.

    @ AestheticDemon

    Er no they are not. Where does this information come from? The two startup screen tga's are both 24 bit uncompressed tga files. I normally make a new one and copy and paste it into the original, works everytime, never screwed it up yet. I use paintshop pro 7 which is free if you look around the net a bit

    Agree with OP, 1.31 is the most stable. I use a lot of scripts and it royally messes things up using anything later. Also the restore backups feature is useless as it leaves practically everything sitting in your main FL folder which is a nightmare in itself.

    Another version of the same theme. Same truck model, different containers this time for variety. 3 model kitbash lol

    Double capacity version

    Well i did the kitbash. The truck model is by 3DRT and the Colonial Mover is done by Coxxon. I've cut bits off of it and resized it all to go with the truck model

    Looking for a decent space truck model to complement the Pachyderms i've done, came across this. The model is kitbashed with a BSG colonial mover that's had bits cut off it and sized to the truck model

    My biggest issue atm is polys. a few of my models have got alot of polys such as my borg cube. it has 190k polys so im not sure how freelancer will react to it.

    Thanx for the help guys ill make a note of using dds files

    Can't help commenting on this. How can a borg cube be 190k polys? Answer is obvious but so is the solution. A basic cube model should be under 1000 polys. Next step is to do an outstanding texture for all six sides, problem solved. Not everything has to be modelled to achieve an excellent result.

    Similar in style but no. Like i mentioned in the first line i wrote, made by the guys from APS. They also did ships called the Hornet, Starviper, Cougar and a few others.

    A little something very similar to yours. This model was originally created by the APS group and is one of three they did like this. I had to rip them all to pieces and rebuild them due to hidden extra parts being included in the model which i deleted, they served no useful purpose. Has the usual features, transparent cockpit + internal details like screens + dials. The only issue with ships shaped like this is everyone is going to say it looks like something out of Star Wars, curse George Lucas lol

    These are the ones that come in the ship pack. As i mentioned before, these ships were originally made for a game called Oolite, an ELITE remake. The textures are so detailed when you look at them, look stunning imo. They are all lightmapped as well, all i did was just convert them

    A few screenies from the ELITE ship pack i put together showing some of the ships flying around





    A guy called Eagle made FLAC, there is no team as such and he is the only one who can tell you what the story is with it, on the Eagle Utopia forum. I admit he's been quiet for a while now but, there's plenty of us who have full versions of FLAC and still run servers with it

    FLAC does cloaks well. Players CAN'T see other players, no firing when cloaked, can set a timer on it so it decloaks automatically and no firing during the cloak/decloak part either. Admins can see all players with cloaks on.

    So let me get this straight, what exactly is wrong with this tutorial? Answer, nothing. This tool creates surs based on the model in milkshape or come to think of it, any other 3D program as long as it's in OBJ format. It's so easy to understand my cats could even create one. Obviously making the sur from the original model as how else will you get a truly figure hugging and exact sur file?

    This is just one method in creating a sur file, there are others as i know OP makes his own his way, and that's fair enough. Lancer Solarus has a sur creation tool that is also excellent if a shrink wrapped sur is required, very model shape dependant but nonetheless reliable. Sur splicing is another method. All of these work and are tried and tested.

    @PB yes there is another way of resizing models and surs that is far more reliable than FLModelTool. A quick visit to Adoxa's site will point you in the right direction.