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    That's the same as i want to have it, just wondering if setting the hit points to 0 on the launcher and the damage_per_fire section on the munition to for instance, 10, wondering if that would automatically destroy the launcher but leave the munition/torpedo to fly off into the distance? That way you wouldn't be left with the launcher/torp model on the ship. Going to have to test this theory.

    Thx. Been thinking of ways to do what you describe and apart from your solution which seems the obvious one as i've done the same on some other ships i have, seems the best way to do it. Was thinking adding them as cargo pods, means you can shoot them off or maybe as you suggest but with a low hit point, like a 1 shot scenario where you fire the torp and it destroys the launcher so no spare torps would sit there.

    This time they will be. Only reason i didn't add them before was because of the torpedo model issue. The Hades looks much better with the torps mounted as well.

    Right, here's the first two that have bugged me from day one. These models were never complete, needing the right torpedo loadouts to go with the ship models.

    Also added the Galahad. The thing with the Galahad torpedoes is that in SL, when you view the ship database in ITAC, the torps are different for the Galahad. I've looked through all the models and i can't find the one that's shown in the database, can't even find the texture for it. There are other models listed in ITAC that have different textures to those in game and i suspect that the ITAC interface was written first and then the ship textures and munitions textures were modified prior to release. The Galahad is the predecessor to the Hades bomber anyway, so no biggie from my point of view that they have the same torp mounted.

    Least all three look far better with their torps attached.




    Been going through these, forgot how many there were. Think i'm going to do a combined ship pack of all the Starlancer fighters, Alliance, Coalition and the 45th Tigers. That way all the models will be in one place if people want to use them. Going to add the proper torpedo loadouts to the Hades and Kamov bombers as well so these will look as they should do. All ships will have surs and icons. Might even do some scripts so people can just drop in the ships they want to use.

    Part of the reason you're seeing transport ships wandering around with excessive cargo holds is that for some reason they were set like that in original FL, no idea why. These are easily fixed by going through the shiparch file and finding all the transport ships and checking this line hold_size = . Modify that to something a bit smaller.

    I'll give you an example, if you open up shiparch in notepad and type the word transport into the search function, the first one you run across is the armored transport which bizarrely is set to 1000000. Now i have these flyable in my mod so changed the value and i suggest you do the same. Modify the other entries for the transport ships and trains and all of a sudden it looks far more realistic with more normal capacities :)





    There are many others but it's an easy comparison. Originals on the LEFT, 45th SQN on the RIGHT. As i mentioned earlier, these are in game textures, nothing i've made. I've already converted the ships to FL

    In milkshape where the group names or name is, give it an individual name. I name my own icons for the commody so for instance, MyBananaIcon01 as the group name. Give the texture a custom name as well and then export it with the 3db exporter, should sort any conflict.

    Ok, OP knows i'm a bit of a Starlancer fan and after a huge discussion with me a few years back, between us we ended up with all the SL models fully extracted with textures.

    A little while later i released the Alliance fighter ship pack which to be fair had already been done by others but i released it anyway. Soon after, the Coalition fighter ship pack made an appearance. Now surs are not that difficult to do anymore with two excellent sur making utilities around, i had a little dig through the SL textures and models again and came across the Alliance 45th SQN textures which are different from those already released by others. Was thinking if these would be of interest to anyone.

    Allegedly it's still available, FLAC that is. Not been a lot of movement on Eagles forum although i left a message and asked as there was a rumour some time ago he would make it available for free, although i stress this is only a rumour.

    I know everyone is talking here about FLHook that can only do dockable capships but that's not totally correct. FLAC can also do this for those that have it and works well there too.

    The original version was wireframe only before later versions used filled textures like the PC version and Archimedes.

    Nobody is restoring ELITE and nobody asked me to make a ship pack of those ships, that was my decision. I'd been looking for a while to find some good ELITE models when i ran across Griff, who made them for a fan made remake of ELITE called Oolite. I asked permission, got the models and converted them to FL format. Forgot to mention there's also a Coriolis space station model in there as well.

    The thing with the icons, they were never meant to be as i'm making a total conversion mod atm where i've done the icons as i want and it's as far removed from FL as you can get. I'm just using the game engine that's all.

    Thx PB but the original textures were utter rubbish. Remember how long ago Elite was made? No version came close to the textures offered here. These are custom made and once FL has shader support with the DX9 plugin that's due hopefully this year, then i'll add all the extra details as well. These models and textures were actually made for a game called Oolite which is a modern remake if you like of Elite.

    If i was to encourage any type of roleplay at all it would be Encouraged Roleplay. Anything else sounds forced and oppressive in every way, at least to me. Now personally, i hate roleplay with a passion, why you will never see me on the Discovery servers, why i think it ruins the whole Freelancer ethos of go anywhere, do as you like concept. Not to mention the personal issues i've had with Discovery players coming onto my server and causing major disruptions to my player base and being abusive to others who just want to do their own thing.

    As already mentioned as a mod, it's very average but, it's the community that makes it and with that i have no issue. It's surprising some of the other games around that are kept alive by a community that still believes. We're no different with FL tbh and that goes for all the mod makers i know, we wouldn't bother unless we liked doing what we do.

    So back to the players. It's clear that over time the way people play games has changed and therefore roleplay has become very important to some, anally so for others, you just have to look at EVE as to how seriously players take their in-game roles. As i've already mentioned, FL was to me at least always about do what you want, go anywhere so anyone who tells me differently in game gets a hard time from me and why i'm useless on RP servers as i refuse to obey the rules lol. Now rules are important and every server, mine included has some basic ones. If someone was to say to me i can't talk in private chat about anything else than in game persona stuff i'd leave immediately or give the admins reason to ban me as i've never heard anything so ludicrous in my life.

    I've always thought FL to be a chat room with guns where sure a little banter is always welcome but also a place where players can chat and meet and shoot each other, then go have dinner. Oddly it's also where i met my gf but kind of proves my point that it's not all about RP.

    So, to sum up, do i care about RP? Not really but in the modern gaming culture a lot of players love it and maybe i'm showing my age by being a rebel and not being a slave to fashion. I think it's sad that players goto Disco just because it's full of players and people telling you that you have to do this and only say that, not for me but seems players want this. Not happening on my server that's for sure but then i don't have many players either which is also sad, even after 20k downloads and counting. There are so many mods better than Discovery, just shows that RP can rule over quality.