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    just thought i would point out the obvious but maybe usefull as reminder

    few broken/missing images on main forum at bottom

    also im using style 4 dont know if im missing something obvious but im finding it hard to find the thanks button when looking at other posts i assume that there is thanks system in place since i have seen it as a stat on user profile.

    site is looking great and i have noticed people now have the support they need for advanced modding questions. nice!

    Voted one of the Top 100 Mods of 2009 by, Shattered Worlds:War-Torn is a Freelancer Modification that pushes the Freelancer engine to its limits. A talented DevTeam from over 6 different communities have gathered to work on this ambitious project to bring you one of the highest quality and most polished Freelancer modifications ever conceived. If you are a new player tired of normal Freelancer mods, Shattered Worlds:War-Torn has something for you. Come, try it for yourself. When you undock you will see the next evolution of Freelancer!

    [*] A Completely Rebalanced Ship and Equipment System unlike any other mod
    [*] Stunning Graphic Improvements
    [*] All-New Mining System exclusive to Shattered Worlds:War-Torn
    [*] Completely Overhauled Economy
    [*] High quality and Polish
    [*] Developed by a large DevTeam from many different FL communities
    [*] An Ever-Evolving World
    [*] And Much, MUCH More!

    For more information, click one of these buttons:


    The Galaxy server running with supporting software Freelancer Hook 1.6.4 , has automatic updates and the possibility VB.NET scripting language. Server has the option to edit and transfer char (from ID to ID) by his own system. The server is a functional system of mobile platforms, enabling players to rename as needed.

    major modifications to the game:

    -simply turn better graphics (Bloom effect, anisotropic smoothing, antialising;-in-phase enhancement settings) activation: SHIFT + F12

    Thanks Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer) for the opportunity to better graphics.

    -mineable asteroids only by mining ship

    -system of random wrecks

    -system to store ammunition storage area (cargo space-all things as commodities and munitions takes place in the cargo space)

    -converted physics (collision damage and makes commodities moving through space)

    -trade system with cargo pods (transport ship is transporting more than can kidnap)

    -All stations have shields (only some ships like Repair ship or lifter don't have shield)

    -simulation system destruction (each station or step hole can be dropped per minute of operation)

    -munitions have a true form in the universe (in the original game, the ammo box to appear as something)

    -speed indicator shows the true velocity

    -player option to purchase capital (big ship like Transport, Train, Armored transport, Gunboat, Cruiser, Destroyer and only clans may have a battleship)

    -player can upgrade his ship by shield upgrades or Armor upgrade...

    -redesigned turret and weapons, create new shields for both fighters as well as the capitals

    -option to dock to the shipyard

    -new pilots (better NPC- using rockets, torpedoes and Cruise disrupters in missions)

    -new universe of 10 systems (attempt a more realistic universe-bigger planets and suns)

    The new RRJDS 2.82 mod is now in open beta / Active mode for play after 2.5 years of development and testing.

    Run on a professional server with over 84 factions, 80 plus systems, over 250 plus flyable ships, just try to find them all, to include cruisers, battleships, Heavy and light fighters, cargo ships, a vast assortment of new and old refitted weapons, faster speeds, more and new trading options plus ship equipment load outs, pirates, buccaneers, playable Alien life forms.
    Become one of the elite Explorer or wingman classes for hire, and much more.

    Discover new wrecks, worlds, stations, and systems. Explore and find new powerful alien weaponry, Blackholes with hidden secrets, while battling alongside many old foes as your new allies against a new and more deadly enemy that even the Borg and Nomads Fear.
    Try to defeat the dreaded Trojan Cyborg mechaniods in the multi-tiered arena of death while being watched by the ancient Olympian races. Actively hunt for live bountied characters and wanted outlaws, or pirate and loot traders and cargo haulers who are too stingy to hire protective wingmen.
    Try to eliminate the dreadfuly gone wrong Liberty militaries Genetic experiment “Soft&Fluffy” as he tries to (Purge) all those of lawful affiliations from the universe.
    Hunt after “Nazzthareeekk” so vile he was outlawed by his own race and hive.

    Flee from the deranged “Dark Uncle” driven mad when abandoned in a radiation field by his own team and now seeking his own brand of justice just as warped and twisted as his radiation eaten features.

    SO, get in now while the server is new and low populated, so you can be top of the food chain later on.
    With even more and new improvements still coming, with activation of the enhanced FL Shell and factions selections in the near future.

    Where do you go to get all of this, simply read below.

    You will be able to find out Mod Download on the following site:
    Team Speak information at:

    Basic Server rules at
    Usable player RP Tags:
    How we want you to play, (our three virtues):
    Meet some of our players characters and read their histories at :

    Register on our multi-leveled website also, become one of the group.
    See all our website starting at:

    Quote from "C0n"

    hey everyone if you remember me its C0n from the old teamspeak2 server back when people were part of some stupid site known as reactorforge but recently i destroyed there site since the owner known as lee (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="!/profile.php?id=1076623353&ref=ts">!/profile.php? ... 353&ref=ts</a><!-- m -->) decided he was such a professional and good hoster he would hijack the sql database of our site known as steam-hacks because he hosted us and spam our emails with pointless crap about reactorforge giving away slow and free gameservers (and you would call that proffesional hosting ?) but we have switched hosts now and im just curious of how everyone else has been since i remember backedpotato, yelloweagle and a few others who had the same issue we did.

    but i love your new site glad to see things looking up for everyone :D

    I can get hold of lee aka turion. ;p

    ps i dont think thats the same lee .... if it is he looks alot different ....