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    You'll need to make a mod ;) Even if its just ships.. there's no real way around it, more than one file needs to be altered and both client and server need be compatible.. A shipmod isn't hard, but you will have to learn what your doing with the .ini's

    For instance.. If you took a ship & code from XLR (mymod) your game will crash untill you recode the shiparch data.. as i use things not native to Freelancer and have a ton of extra code in there.. that's just one mod.. others are even more reworked and have custom fuses, explosions.. all will crash if not properly cared for during transfer from one mod to another. FLMM won't fix any of that for you!!... you must do this by hand.

    And of course.. if you should ever want to go pubic.. permissions and credits are also a bonus 8-)

    Does your HPmount have a number attached? ie: HPMount01

    If so.. remove it and redo without a number.. that'll fix it
    You can set the mount to any angle.. even backwards or upside down and it should work (look funny though)
    Its always best that your ship is leveled flat before export (zero'd in i say) try to get the center in your model proggy
    as close to 0,0,0 as possible .. that'll help latter when you HP it

    Dam sorry i was away.. could have whipped this up (ini stuff) in less than a hour for you, IDS are simple
    but a nightmare to make your 1st with no understanding of the process.. especially with ships

    Nice ship BTW im a fan of the Centurion model

    Simply put.. $$

    It costs $ to support programs.. webstaff, patches (yeah i know..) and the like all have to be financed somehow.. and we all know just how much MS likes to spend $ when the return is minimal.

    One does not have to look far these days for similar actions from developers right across the board.. they say its due to things like the economy & shit.. but the reality is they really don't care.. they have your $, once a game is out its a rare thing to receive support along the lines of Steam (HL2) or Bioware.

    yes m8 ;) but that just becomes your "base" price..

    lets say i put $10000 in the goods entry.. oki thats done but the ship costs $50000 at the dealer..
    "what the?" i hear you say... and rightly so...

    looking at the goods.ini data i see an engine, powerplant, scanner & tractor (minimum for all ships)

    now in Vanilla FL the engine shouldn't count.. it has no $ value till u mod them..

    Powerplant though has a $20000 value, scanner and trac both are at $10000 each..

    $10000 + $20000 + $10000 + $10000 = $50000 (price seen that made no sence a second ago..)

    Its not a perfect science.. but you'll get alot closer to your desired price knowing how she works :D

    Best of luck m8

    I do them 1st.. then use FLE.. then all i have to do is cut/paste the IDS from a .txt file with all my stuff in order..

    Took me about a year to come up with that kinda pre planning though... many mistakes before that ;)
    I too really hate doing IDS.. but its better than all planets showing Cambridge info.. lolz

    I find the real "trick" to modding FL is have nice error free templates ie: weps/shields ect...
    then make what you will from your "copys".. then when happy they all "should" work.. code them
    into FL by simply cut/paste from your "worktxt" into the .ini's

    and make lists.. they always come in handy.. Lancers Error checker does a fine job of listing "everything" valid,
    better to have a .. lets say.. "lights" list at hand than trawling through all the data to find the one your after..
    Takes some time to set up... but it saves hours of searching in the long run :D

    But im an engineer by blood... Its just natural for me to pull everything apart and splay it all out in front of me
    I can see clear then what im going to build with all my pieces in play.... works for me.. but we all different ;)

    oki... Price of ships is your Goods $ value + anything loaded = final value

    to change rep settings & level.. here's the trick

    marketgood = bf_package, 1(level), -1(rep), 1, 1, 0, 1, 1

    leave the others alone as they turn stuff on off.. buyable ect..

    set your (rep) to 0.91 maximum, params are -1 to 1 with 0.0 dead center.. but go over 0.91 you'll CTD

    Same goes for all goods m8..

    Grab ye latest drivers From Realtek
    Reinstall FL..

    Beware.. some games like X2 will cripple FL sound (codec's agian)
    Kill that Fraunhoffer codec.. it causes more issues than its worth m8..

    I normaly install my Music/Video Apps first on a clean install.. but not everyone has Cubase and vegas lol..
    i find i don't need any codec packs after those two progys have worked there magic.. some free software is also
    just as good... Audacity comes to mind.. So does Any Vid Converter.. both exelent progys.. free, and come with
    the latest codecs packaged.

    Vista Home Premium Here.. no FL related sound problems.. it can be done ;) lolz

    Heya! ;)

    Im in sydney.. USA servers seem oki.. still crap ping.. but oki enough to have fun..

    Yeah.. tell me about it.. no AUS/NZ FL servers no more, there may be 1 comming soon
    if i can find a decent host in AUS.. got a pretty mega mod to go on it too.. but yes.. we thinning out
    down here.. being taken over by WOW addicts more and more each day lolz.. 8-)

    That takes alota work to be "dockable".. but not much to be flyable..

    In MP dockable player ships are handled by the new Hooks.. either the plugin version or M0tah's Flak one
    will do it.. i haven't done it as yet.. but its very "do-able"

    as for flyable.. make a new entry below the original with the sufix pl_ (not needed but helps!)
    ie: nickname = pl_rh_battleship

    and alter that one to your liking.. add the weps/shields ect like you would a standard fighter
    use Trader shields for the shield link!... and beware of its cloak! as that can cause problems too
    (the RH BS can cloak in SP storyline) unless your "hooked" for that as well ;)

    make a goods entry with HCMP open.. in fact do it all with HCMP open.. and make shure not to miss anything ;)

    Ive made all ships flyable in my mod.. this one was the tricky one if i can recall :D

    Sounds great ;)

    Having built mine over 2 years myself... a team behind you will always help.
    Im still heavy modding my own mod at moment.. but always here if anything needed 8-)

    Can help with music!.. im a musician so it would be my music.. and no need to ask anyone for use but me..
    and im saying yay to anyone in FL that likes it to use!.. also i can give you the details of a excellent musician
    with the same ideal.. he has 100's of tracks and most fit FL very well.. or any other FPS game really :D

    Oh,, and months... 8-) :lol: 8-) hehe.. try years.. or a year at min... don't rush yourselves (seriously)..
    FL aint going nowhere anytime soon.. and there's always a new "toy" every month that'll add at least a few days coding every time you add a Hook plugin.. or change your Hook version (if ye use hook) ect..

    and then there's permissions... and they themselves can take about 1-6 months to obtain.. some longer if the person can't be found easy..

    Its a fun and wonderfull world FL modding.. but possibly the most rewarding of any game i mess with..
    Best of luck .. im "around" if ye need anything :D

    whoh nelly... hold up there Moppy.. :o

    Think he may have been talking about a previous version.. and offline.. or in his own mod..
    I am correct here yes?..

    If you are meaning the latest 4.17 and taking it into WTS MP.. then i totally agree with Mopman (my pet name for darth. only I may use It!.. lolz) and all dirty cheaters will be caught.. especially when they post intentions to cheat.. but i dont feel thats what your asking here....

    F!R is the grandmaster of depict when it comes to infocards.. and WTS has a rather extended WeaponModDB.ini
    all encrypted mind u... probably better you code your own.. or if your really keen.. PM me.. and i'll teach ye the dark side of weapons coding myself.. then you wont need any mods weps.. they'll jump in your head.. and be coded in mins. all too easy!.

    Good to see you back Moppy.. and in full swing i see too.. lolz..

    oh yes i forgot to add... lolz..

    Yeah i agree with ye's .... she pushed and poked the angry bear... when the exit was given to her she still wanted to
    poke it... she deserves the fine for wasting time and $$ over and over..

    I just find it insane they calculate "loss" over a product that takes $0 to "print"... funny that...

    and that rant of mine was to the "whole" world folks.. no offence intended.. but the way this planet buys into the new things without
    thinking... then complains after.. just makes me ill... its just way to easy for the "bigwigs" to make any silly thing these days ... and we lap it up joyfully till the next fad comes along. :mrgreen:

    MP3's or any other compression kills the quality of any "sound" let alone music or otherwise...
    So in reality.. when you dll a song.. its grossly inferior to the recorded cd/dvd and a mere shadow of the former recording

    Mp3's are for better term of a phrase.. a scam! they charge you same $$ as what would be a decent price for a "single" (showing me age there lol).. and its 15% of the quality.. just listen to the high hats in any Mp3 track.. here that "sizzle".. thats degredation folks!!

    But alas you all bought into it.. with your I pods and paid "easy" downloads.. letting the record company's drain your kiddies pocket money week by week.. and no real cost to the RC.. bar some small handout to the digital supplier.

    The reality is this folks.. They didn't act quick enough on the whole digital media rush.. and lost a helava lota $$
    because of it.. they now blame the user.. You didn't buy CD's, You dll Mps "illegaly".. and were broke for it.. blah blah!

    Plain and simple.. the're scum! Im a musician.. and i give Mp3's away.. "for free!!".. because that's exactly what there worth!

    We modders are the constant thorn in MS's side ... hehe ;)
    yes i too feel they thought it would just pass by... then us crazy ppl came along, and fell in love 8-)

    as long as there's a few of us around making new things and extending the gamebase, anythings possible these days
    even if its been tried b4, a fresh team with new ideas can go another way and maybe succeed were 2 years ago.. it was impossible

    I do feel this topic is a big "possible" these days.. we CAN make FL into what it "should" have been.. and i feel this is
    why the rug was pulled from us.. were getting too close.. and making MS look quite silly for not supporting FL, on a daily basis.. lmao ;)

    Iceman .. are u the NQ iceman? we should talk m8 ;) ( i is an old A51 member hehe)