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Saturday, January 24th 2009, 5:12am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: .INI files

If you ever take a peak at mBases.ini with your nice unBINIed file, you'll see why.

Friday, January 23rd 2009, 1:00am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: .INI files

Never use any BINI program for decrypting the files. While the programs work generally correctly, there are many places where the decryption will not work properly and will cause problems. The SDK has all those errors fixed and even more, so it's a much more sound option than using BINI or FLE. It's also a lot less of a hassle to use as you can just apply it to your FL install and then all your files are decrypted right away.

Thursday, January 22nd 2009, 5:15am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Three questions to system size

There's also a hard cap at 750k from the center of the system (so radius) where your ship will spontaneously explode when running on FLServer 1.1 (MP only).

Thursday, January 22nd 2009, 5:14am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: .INI files

Use the SDK instead.

Thursday, January 22nd 2009, 5:11am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Getting FL Source Code: Have we really tried everything?

I'd add to that with something simple: it's not about permissions, it's about simply HAVING the source at all. There is no way anyone can actually "find" or "hack" the source code. You not only need Microsoft's permission, you need Microsoft's full cooperation on willingly giving the source code to someone.

Saturday, January 10th 2009, 3:25am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Loose Target Brackets

Doing that causes asteroid fields to go crazy. I seriously suggest against it.

Monday, December 8th 2008, 4:31am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: FreeLancer's Future

FL is actually about 2 months older than EVE. And, you know, EVE didn't come up with the concepts of "dynamic economy" or such. The fact you bring that up as being copying is a bit of a fallacy. I, for one, hadn't heard of EVE for a long while and already dreamed of having warp drives or build-able stations.

Sunday, August 10th 2008, 10:24pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Crashes when changing systems

Try disabling 3D sounds in your Options/Audio menu.

Sunday, August 10th 2008, 10:23pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Where I Found The Source Code To FL

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Sunday, August 10th 2008, 5:25am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Freelancer Rotation Calculator

Oh. I believe THNs use rotation matrix. You may want to just google that, should give you some results.

Saturday, August 9th 2008, 10:45pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Freelancer crashes when I start a MP game.

FLMM 1.3 has additional script tags which were not available in 1.2. That could cause problems if the selected mod(s) use such tags.

Saturday, August 9th 2008, 10:42pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Player-Player Docking

Actually, dockable player ships have already been done on some servers with FLHook. The code for this hasn't been released, though.

Friday, August 8th 2008, 11:48pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Changing the Navmap Background

I'm guessing it must be somewhere in the downloads archive or on EOA ( I can't give you other links here.

Friday, August 8th 2008, 4:19pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Complete ini files for one ship?

Bien, je crois que le mieux serait en effet de tout poster ce que vous avez déjà commencé, question de ne pas se répéter pour rien. Quant à votre seconde question, si vous utiliser Freelancer Mod Manager (FLMM pour les intimes ), vous ne devriez pas avoir à changer quoi que ce soit dans votre dossier de jeu principal. Il vous suffira de copier les bons fichiers (avec leur arborescence appropriée) dans votre dossier de mod (que vous aurez préalablement créé dans le dossier MODS de FLMM) et d'acti...

Friday, August 8th 2008, 2:08am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Complete ini files for one ship?

@Rankor: Eeek at the translation :lol: @maverick: Qu'essayez-vous de faire exactement? Où rencontrez-vous un problème? Rankor a déjà assez bien expliqué le processus, mais n'hésitez pas à demander de plus amples informations si nécessaire, ce sera un plaisir de répondre.

Thursday, August 7th 2008, 5:31pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Game Development

Alcander could enable a few things in an engine after quite a bit of work, most likely recycling leftover code in some places. You're asking to make a whole new game. Try to read up a tut on Assembly before guessing it's easy...

Thursday, August 7th 2008, 2:52am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: How to check my mod

@kamsys: Good error checking softwares are: Bluecat's INI Analyzer (oldest, probably least used) Accushot's FLScan (pretty good, all around software) Lancer Solurus' FL Error Checker (very thorough, will find more errors than FL logs!) @TubeJuice: what you need is to get CRCTool, build a CRC list with it and then scan that list for your decimal CRC, in this case 2897825280. ArchDB::Get() Failed means FL couldn't find that archetype.

Thursday, August 7th 2008, 2:46am

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Do we want to move on?

It was a profesionnal hoster; usually, they have those handy

Wednesday, August 6th 2008, 7:17pm

Author: FriendlyFire

Re: Biggest System

Actually, it's a simple hex fix. Most hex addresses compilations have it, just look for it (sorry I don't have one handy at the moment).