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Sunday, September 25th 2005, 3:30pm

Author: reagan64

Problem w/ video hardware

Ok, I´ve done it and I still get CTD on liftoff, so either my prob is unrelated (Mod, etc) or it didn´t work with the INI. Thanks anyway though.

Sunday, September 25th 2005, 1:00pm

Author: reagan64

Problem w/ video hardware

I have an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, I believ 0322 is the 4-number they were talking about.

Friday, September 2nd 2005, 9:14am

Author: reagan64

Starlancer newbye questions

I believe it says that in the squadron profiles screen on the ITAC.

Wednesday, August 31st 2005, 2:58pm

Author: reagan64

invulnurable setting?

Just take SLedit and up shield strenght to sixty or so, or just use the Hex-edited fighters, those make you for all intensive purposes invincible.

Wednesday, August 31st 2005, 2:33pm

Author: reagan64

Starlancer newbye questions

The Kossac is great for switching. It´s firepower is obscenely good.

Wednesday, August 31st 2005, 2:22pm

Author: reagan64

Need Help! Can´t find my Freelancer CD.

Not much you can do. Buy a new one or get a hack. I had the same thing happen to my Halo PC disc once, though six months later I discovered it had been on my desk the whole time.

Thursday, August 25th 2005, 3:49pm

Author: reagan64

I guess china doesnt want what happend to the korean guy to happen there


Thursday, June 30th 2005, 1:10pm

Author: reagan64

Shroud vs. Reaper

Cloaking isn´t very useful on most missions but it´s extremely helpful on the last due to the Ion cannon. That´s really the only time you need it. That said. I can´t beat Ion missions without the Shroud except for 13. I just can´t get out of range fast enough.

Monday, June 27th 2005, 8:38pm

Author: reagan64

The Ultimate Starlancer Question

IMHO the main problem is that it is extremely dark. (Not dark plot but literally) It´s very hard to see where you are so 9/10 times I die its from Collisions, and the mission where you fly <i> inside </i> a space station is easy to get in lost in but it´s still a great game. CapShip vs. CapShip battles are awesome and although (at least for me) it crashes a little too often, but I also like the feeling that you are making a difference. Sucess or failure makes future missions easier...

Monday, June 27th 2005, 2:00pm

Author: reagan64

Freeworlds 1.66 Development

Will 1.66 have an official OpenSp patch? I thought I heard somewhere there was going to be one but I wasn´t sure. I´d absolutely love one since USA is rather intimidating and my old server switched mods.

Monday, June 27th 2005, 1:55pm

Author: reagan64

digital anvil?

Weren´t they bought before they made Freelancer? Starlancer even?

Sunday, June 26th 2005, 3:53pm

Author: reagan64

Where can I find the opensp for freeworlds 1.65?

So 1.66 will have a real OpenSp? The patch mentioned here is I believe unofficial and it is rather buggy plus it wrecked FL for me, making the game CTD when I damage an enemy to 30% hull or less. I reinstalled, did nothing, same prob but it eventually went away after a few days.

Friday, June 10th 2005, 5:40pm

Author: reagan64

Todo List for v1.4 (feedback requested) - Updated 10/22

I restored backups after failing to remove the XML toolkit mod 1.2, and it deleted my freelancer EXE folder, it just got wiped so i had to reinstall.

Wednesday, June 1st 2005, 8:39am

Author: reagan64

FL Explorer bug in new version

I´m having a bug where I get a crash when I create a new docking ring, I started the universe over from scratch but kept NY.

Monday, May 30th 2005, 11:17am

Author: reagan64

Informal Episode III poll

Good point. "There is no this...There is not that"...those ARE absolutes. The Jedi basically don´t tolerate any dissent from their POV, they see the world in Black and White.

Monday, May 30th 2005, 11:12am

Author: reagan64

Who´s seen Episode III? **Contains mild spoilers**

The shuttle used to carry Anakin/Darth Vader to get his armor looked an awful lot like a Defender...anyone else agree?

Wednesday, May 11th 2005, 12:48pm

Author: reagan64

Can´t pass Mantis Mission

I only see white lights and a blue haze.

Thursday, March 31st 2005, 4:07pm

Author: reagan64

Ship Editing Help please!

It´s modifiedeagle/data/shiparch.ini Do I need a script to get FlMM to work?