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Saturday, May 29th 2010, 7:27am

Author: ZetaPirate

Re: Fighter Jets mod?

This seems closest to what I'm looking for. I was browsing the web looking for any mods with the F-117 Night Hawk added in, and I came across a forum that had a download link to one. Problem was, that it referred to a the older page that no longer exists. I switched out com for org, still no good. What I'm looking for is the F-117 with the detailed skin. I've seen it before is some mod advertisement. I found one model, but the skin was a flag that was overlayed on it. I'm no g...

Saturday, May 29th 2010, 7:16am

Author: ZetaPirate

Re: 3D !!! System Editor (almost done)

I know this was last posted in march, but what is the current status of this? I'm a newbie modder, and I would like to learn on "current" tools.