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Thursday, May 7th 2009, 11:55am

Author: Trucidation

Re: Which of these mods is the best in your opinion??

Can't pick from the mods on the list since I haven't played them. Also, I haven't been playing the game for years, so I absolutely want to play the SP campaign all over again. The Rebalance mod is pretty nice. It's got powerplants and engines, and strafing has a real effect. On the flipside, the Star Wars replacement music was annoying. I'm playing a freelancer dammit, I'm not Mace Windu. The Discovery mod was a nice tough challenge - except that they apparently abandoned the SP campaign and con...

Wednesday, May 6th 2009, 11:45am

Author: Trucidation

Re: Looking for a viable SP mod

Naw, I don't mind Total Conversions in fact they'd be a refreshing challenge. I didn't want recommendations on what are simply ship packs, if what I remember used to fill up most of the announcements in this place a few years back. Thanks for the recommendation; I stumbled upon something called the Rebalance mod, so I'm gonna take a look at that as well.

Tuesday, May 5th 2009, 4:16pm

Author: Trucidation

Looking for a viable SP mod

I see two topics on mods, but they're asking for MP mods or at least Open SP ones. I just started playing the game again after a couple of years, nostalgia demands I play the SP campaign all over again. All well and good, except that vanilla SP is too easy (plus why play it the exact same way). So I tried Discovery (v4.84) since it sounded like a challenge. However, apparently they balanced it for MP, or at least Open SP, and by their own admission in their forums the SP campaign is undoable in ...

Saturday, May 2nd 2009, 9:06pm

Author: Trucidation

Re: Getting started all over again

Thanks, that really helped! Google turned up a bunch of stuff on FLMM, apparently 1.4 and 1.5 are out but not as stable as the version you recommended, guess I'm gonna get 1.3 then. Also found a mention of the 1.0c quickfix patch @ <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ... nice to know I don't have to worry about other patches. Alright, gonna use that after I install the game. Decided to have a go at the Discove...

Saturday, May 2nd 2009, 4:08pm

Author: Trucidation

Getting started all over again

Just dug out my Freelancer cds after a >3+ year hiatus... You know, there used to be some sort of sticky thread or FAQ on how to get mods running, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. I looked all over and the only FAQ here is the about the forums not mod. What do I do to get started? I'm only gonna play LAN games with my friends. No online stuff. 1. I need a mod manager. FLMM? Is it still around, or is there something else? Where do I get it, is there a homepage where I could probably find...

Saturday, May 15th 2004, 6:49am

Author: Trucidation

Single player level limit.

Why not tackle the problem from the other way around... mod that ship´s entry in markets_ship.ini so that the level requirement is 38 (or whatever value you want it to be). That´s much easier to do. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Wednesday, May 12th 2004, 7:20am

Author: Trucidation

i there such a thing as wingmen?

That reminds me... one of the very few good things Privateer 2 did was the escort missions :/ It was buggy though, sometimes you´d autopilot to the next nav point and your client forgot to follow you and disappeared &gt;_&lt; &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Monday, May 10th 2004, 7:09am

Author: Trucidation


I hear them fine. I just like having subtitles also. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Sunday, May 9th 2004, 5:32pm

Author: Trucidation

*** SPOILER *** How to beat Hovis

If you´re only gonna post &quot;it´s so easy!!!11!!11oneone&quot; without offering any tip on how you did it then YES it´s pointless and insulting to the people who had problems with it. Unmodded FL = okay it´s not too hard, fly calmly and point ahead anticipate the next ring´s position. If you´re mostly a trader and not a turn-on-the-dime kinda flier then consider flying a LF for this mission. The last 1/3 of the race is a bit twisty if you´re not careful because the next rings sometimes...

Sunday, May 9th 2004, 5:20pm

Author: Trucidation


Yep, I always prefer cutscenes and movies to have subtitles. Freelancer doesn´t have any though. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Sunday, May 9th 2004, 1:09am

Author: Trucidation

FL Rebalance 3.40 Comments, Bug reports and suggestions

Huh? I´ve flown the Hydra, it´s one of my favourite ships. No problems with it so far. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Thursday, May 6th 2004, 9:05am

Author: Trucidation

Can´t Install FLRebalance

I replied to your other post. Corrupt download = redownload. There´s no getting around that. There´s nothing wrong with the link here -- I just redownloaded 3.40 yesterday for a friend. Edit: typo &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot; Edited by - Trucidation on 5/6/2004 8:07:15 AM

Thursday, May 6th 2004, 8:52am

Author: Trucidation

Details on FLrebalance MOD

That´s kinda tough, your needs vary from ship to ship as well as gun loadout, plus whatever shield upgrades you have. Basically, any time you can find a much better powerplant, buy it -- usually this is when you leave Liberty space. The mid-to-higher-end powerplants don´t really offer differing regen rates, i.e. the better ones also generally offer better regen rates as well, so there´s not much debate whether to upgrade or not: if it produces more power, it also tends to regen faster. The mi...

Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 9:48pm

Author: Trucidation

Can´t Install FLRebalance

If it says &quot;corrupt&quot; there´s no getting around it. Redownload. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 9:21pm

Author: Trucidation

More Monry in Mission 1

<i>*pats SFDF-LtCmdr-Freelancer* </i> :p Nice tip, every little bit early on helps. Plus you can snag some loot off those Rogues, that´s always good. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 9:14pm

Author: Trucidation

Looted equipment

Hmm... it should be obvious from the gun´s class and looking at your ship´s gun slots whether you can mount them or not -- i.e., a gun marked &quot;class 6&quot; surely will not fit into a slot marked &quot;class 4&quot;. If there are no free gun slots you can´t mount them either. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;

Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 6:59am

Author: Trucidation


Probably not a native speaker. Anyway... I gather he´s looking for something that adds missions (not doable afaik), systems (there are some good ones here, recommendations?), and changes the NPCs´ ships (I´m guessing). Basically, throw him some system/ship mods. I think he messed up the installs though, perhaps he doesn´t know about FLMM. I´m not feeling friendly right now (his bored comment doesn´t help either), best I can do is suggest he read the mod list in the mod announcement forum. ...

Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 6:53am

Author: Trucidation

I loves the Rogueses

Oh, killing Xenos should be okay. You can do it in the lull after the first mission when King dumps you back at Pittsburgh and before Juni calls you back to Manhattan. Just mosey over to the Ammunitions Depot (durr sorry forgot the name, it´s the one on the left of Manhattan), Xenos tend to spawn around there, plus they drop pretty nice weapons that early in the campaign. You can also and launch/relaunch from the base there, plus it also gives missions against Xenos. After a while you should be...

Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 1:41am

Author: Trucidation

Greetings, thoughts and questions from someone new

I read a review on Hardwar and was intrigued. Unfortunately it´s not being retailed anymore, your best bet is either ebay or in a bargain bin... unless you don´t mind missing the movies and music, then you can get it from The Underdogs. Read the review <A href=´´ Target=_Blank>here</a>. <font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade>Personally I think Hardwar is a great game. But I wouldn´t recommend it for everyone. Due to its m...

Tuesday, May 4th 2004, 8:27pm

Author: Trucidation

A way overrated mod.

Let´s not keep bumping this old thread... what mods people like are their own opinions, you can argue over this all day long and not reach any agreement. Pointless. &quot; In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! &quot;