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Thursday, October 20th 2005, 7:33am

Author: Pinger

How much data is transfered while

I used on average 12-14kbytes/hour total up and down

Friday, October 7th 2005, 2:36am

Author: Pinger

Tip Thread...

Online tip for creating a new character on a Vanillia Server to get a 100% neutral Reputaion and Good ship in a few hours work <b>Method one if the New York Police Depots are there: </b> 1. Your starting ship, sell enough Bots to buy a Patriot and counter measures. a. Hit the first Police Depots for its cargo b. Quickly enter cruise and fly around the back of Manhattan and dock at Trenton, this resets your temporary bad reputation, there is another way but considered unsporting by some. Then rep...

Thursday, July 14th 2005, 3:08am

Author: Pinger

Need Help Making a Forum for your Server Post here

<font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade><A href=´;forum_id=16&amp;Topic_Title=I+was+Told+that%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E&amp;forum_title=Freelancer+Spoiler+Forum&amp;cat_title=Freelancer&amp;M=False´ Target=_Blank>I was told that omicron major, beta b , miner, and so on are in unmodded server this came from police on pitchblack 24/7 (before i was banned for modding i got away with it for a ...

Wednesday, July 13th 2005, 1:05am

Author: Pinger

Basic Inquery

There´s no such thing as a good weapon loadout for any ship. If going for guns then go for weapons that you can control so you dont run out of weapons energy mid fight. Some aren´t in favor of nomad weapons with there zero energy use, so use lvl 9 or lvl8 weapons in stead on VHF´s, so if Not using Nomads I would use 4 lvl8 Skyblasters and 2 lvl8 Debilitators But get on any Good PvP server and you will soon find the missle/mine user, then its a mix of guns &amp; missles or Del Zids &amp; Mines...

Tuesday, July 12th 2005, 12:15pm

Author: Pinger

Dual Processors

I ran a server for a ISP for nearly 2 years on a aging server box - win 2000 Server(<i>which does support dual CPU´s if the software does </i> note FL doesn´t) / Dual p3 1gig´s / Gig of ram, using FLadmin / IFSO and lastly FLAC Now origionally it was a standard FL with No mods and fine for about 24 players with no lag but more and then the hardware load would increase. It origionally ran with 32 slots but once I had Admin of, I soon dropped that to 28 - 26 - 24. Then starting using a server s...

Sunday, July 10th 2005, 6:01pm

Author: Pinger

This is a Rant

my 2pence worth Covering ground already from previous posts but... 1. Servers usually have guidelines if not rules on Which Systems are <b>Safe </b> and which are not. Those will be via the welcome message of the server that you see when in the character selection screen, possibly on a welcome console message and more likely timed console messages. Rule of thumb is New York or which ever starting system is a no PvP system, but leave it and you in the real game, Hunt or be hunted. 2. an unwritten...

Sunday, May 15th 2005, 8:11am

Author: Pinger

Setting up an admin ship... and other questions

<font size=1 face="trebuchet ms"><BLOCKQUOTE><hr size=1 noshade>Also within IFSO I noticed a lot of victormod and TNG mod items... can I use those items as is, or do I need the specific mods installed in order to use them? <hr size=1 noshade></BLOCKQUOTE></font><font face=´trebuchet ms, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica´ size=2> Yes the mod has to be in use to Edit an item onto a ship that is not in the default FL game or from the mod you have already in use. But to edit ship loadouts with the mods yo...

Friday, May 13th 2005, 10:47am

Author: Pinger

Securing a Server from a hacker

only way is to block him/her/it´s IP if its a static IP or if dynamic then a range of IP´s. Just got to be very careful with dynamic IP blocking as you can get others in a firewall block. Also suggested report him/she/it to its ISP, most take a dim view on this which is infact against the T&amp;C´s for most if not all ISP´s

Thursday, May 5th 2005, 2:05am

Author: Pinger

$10,000,000 Server Online!!!

For once would server admins get the idea that easy startups aren´t what players want, 10mil just for logging on thats the game beat. Not all players PvP some want to Play the game as ment to be to make cash/explore, but 10 mil up front means they don´t have that worry of dying as they will have the best equipment from the start so no fun and a dead server

Tuesday, May 3rd 2005, 5:16pm

Author: Pinger

Freelancer Server Data Transfer Rates

Most online games average about 5-7kB per player some nearer 10kB. So 1gig a month isn´t feasible

Thursday, April 21st 2005, 4:04am

Author: Pinger

Shut Down

If you get enough total worth to be lvl 3 and the demo game ends, theres some old edited saves on this site that stop that from happening so you stay lvl 2 at maximum.

Thursday, April 14th 2005, 4:59pm

Author: Pinger

Call me a noob but

you press Z once

Wednesday, April 13th 2005, 2:25am

Author: Pinger

Admin ships?

With IFSO you edit the lights and change them to the Fast flashing type, in suitable colours.

Monday, April 11th 2005, 3:15pm

Author: Pinger

Help - Creating Server

then its your network, check all its settings if nothing is obviously wrong then start checking your cabling

Monday, April 11th 2005, 11:12am

Author: Pinger

FLserver.exe command line options

1. flserver.exe /p port number eg flserver.exe /p 2302 That forces it to use 2302 helpful if it you have players that direct link to it which require a set port

Monday, April 11th 2005, 10:32am

Author: Pinger

Admin ships?

Just get <A href=´´ Target=_Blank>IFSO</a> and edit the loadout´s but: 1. make a character and kick move it to a base with the ship and buy it, plus fill the weapon/equipment slots with low grade items. 2. leave the server in that character and then edit it via IFSO upgrading the weapons etc. This way because building a ship from scratch from a flyer as the base can induce visual annomilies and problems later.

Monday, April 11th 2005, 10:23am

Author: Pinger

Nomad weaponry

single player lvl 32+ Online lvl 34+ One thing you have to kill a number before they start to drop <b>without </b> docking , then it will start but random luck comes in. Online some nights its impossible to get them, then other nights you get 1 or 2 each wave, so persistance is the key.

Monday, April 11th 2005, 10:19am

Author: Pinger

Help - Creating Server

<b>You </b> join from lan not the public listing unless you are trying to play from work/school etc. If not on the lan that is hosting the pc then you will have to open further ports 2300 - 2305 should be enough.

Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 6:46pm

Author: Pinger

Ripper mine launcher

To clear up the previous post, they are only looted yes but Only in Omicron Alpha near the Unknown jump hole, if you need directions then I made this <A href=´´ Target=_Blank>AVI</a> capture of main wrecks in alpha to be looted a while ago