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9. Chat

9. Chat

This chat has got several rooms for different topics. You can enter them by the room-changer below the userlist. The room-changer will be disabled after changing, until the changes are in effect. If you get an invitation you should click on the icon () right next to the room-changer. Afterwards you can find the new room in the dropdown menu. This chat also supports commands, all of them begin with an Slash (/). You can choose some commands directly, when you click on an username und choose it in the appearing menu. The following commands are available:


With the "whisper"-command you can write messages, which are hidden for everyone, except you and the chosen user. The command can be accessed in the user-menu.

/whisper "Username" Whispered Message


You can set your status to away with the "away"-command. The username will be shown differently and your user-menu is disabled, too.



/away message

The message is shown, when you hold your mouse above the name. The maximum length is 25 chars, the message will be shortened automatically.


With the "me"-command you can create a message without a colon. Thus, it is a uninterupted sentence.

/me Message


You can change the color of your name with the "color"-command. The colors must be hex-codes. You can look them up in a Table of Color.

/color FF0000

This will change the color to red.

/color FF0000 00FF00

This will change the color gradually from red to green.


If you want to know who is in which room, you can use the "where"-command. The command shows the userlist for each room you can enter.


Temporary rooms

If you want to chat private with some users, then you can create a temporary room. This room can only be accessed by you and users you invited.


After submitting the command you should click on the icon () right next to the room-changer. Afterwards you can find the new room in the dropdown menu at the bottom. After joining you can invite users with the following command:

/invite User Time

This command will create an invitation for the user. The User have to use it within the next 15 minutes.

Temporary rooms that are empty will be deleted every 30 minutes. If you wait too long the room may be deleted


If a user should no longer be part of the private chat you can move him with the following command into the main room:

/kick Username


If you want to use the slash at the beginning of a message, then write it twice. Then the chat knows it is no command.

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