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Freelancer News: Mod of the Year Award 2013 - Starting now!

written by SWAT_OP-R8R at Sunday, December 1st 2013, 8:26pm

Mod of the Year AwardsMOTY - 2013 - Vote now

Hello fellow players,

as the title says the this year MOTY has been started and its time to vote for your favorite mod. The votes as usual are seperated into 3 phases.

Phase 1 - Nominations Begin
For the next 10 days, every mod profile on the site has a voting booth. Just click the big green button to show your love and help get your favorite mods into the TOP 100.

Phase 2 - The TOP 100
After nominations from you are tallied, on the 11th of December the TOP 100 is unveiled and a final round of voting begins for another 10 days to determine the 2013 victor.

Phase 3 - Mod of the Year 2013 Revealed
Cue the drumroll, because just around Christmas we are going to surprise you by announcing the 2013 the winners.
  • Players Choice Unreleased Release 23rd December
  • Editors Choice Award Release 24th December
  • Players Choice Mod of the Year Released 25th of December

Right now we are in phase one, the votes tallied will push the mods into the Top100, afterwards the top mods are chosen from these Top100 list.
[subheadline] [/subheadline]
As you might know, right now you can just vote for Crossfire 1.9. But we are trying hard to get to the final release state - Crossfire 2.0. We are not yet in this state - but without promising too much - we are really somewhere in the last chapter to finish. Nevertheless we appreciate if you can lend us your vote.
Crossfire 1.9 mod for Freelancer - Mod DB

In general we would also encourage you to give your vote also for other mods, as that would bring Freelancer into the top positions, the more votes the often it will be recognized also by others. So vote, vote and vote.

TimeLancer is on the road: A little test mod

written by polarbear at Saturday, June 22nd 2013, 6:09pm

So I've been recently working on a little project of my own I like to call "TimeLancer". This is a storyline mod which is a direct sequal to the original storyline and it goes like this:

The year is 804 AS. For 3 years The Order has been researching the Nomad structure found in the Dyson sphere. New findings were discovered and The Order was amazed to find out the secret behind this thing they called "hypergate" that sucked in the Nomads in the final battle.
Orillion, along with The Order, planned a plan to use this in order to make the organization the most powerful between the terror organizations in Sirius. This is not simple, and therefore they need the most advanced pilots known. One of them would be Trent, and along with him King and Juni come too. The Order assembles all of their best pilots, as they already did before, to send them to the unknown frontier.

For screenshots: TimeLancer mod for Freelancer - Mod DB

Now, what I release here is only a test version which contains the first mission-and-a-half (a and b). I want YOU, those who wanna test, to give me feedback about any bugs. Those of you who understand in mission scripts may also look for the error in it and tell me.
Also, I added a little poll for the feedback.

Freelancer Mod manager 1.3 or above.
1. Unrar the archive.
2. Copy the Timelancer folder to the "mods" folder in Freelancer Mod Manager's location.
3. Open the Freelancer Mod Manager and activate "TimeLancer: Tester's Edition".
4. Launch Freelancer.

Crossfire article in PC Games

written by SWAT_OP-R8R at Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 5:02pm

Yesterday I received a mail from the german PC Games magazine informing me that they have published an article which suggests alternatives to StarCitizen.
The development of the new Chris Roberts game will take quiet some time and the main question that this articles deals with is "what to play meanwhile?".

Top suggestion number one: Crossfire 1.9

Next to our Freelancer mod two other projects were presented; a Wing Commander fan project and a BGS mod based on the Freespace engine.
The article about Crossfire explains that this is not just a mod... "it is almost a new game". Showing the new features and even giving a step by step installation instruction this article covers what the Crossfire 1.9 mod has to offer very well and also mentions the upcoming Crossfire 2.0 mod.

Below you can find a link to the original article and the almost 7mins long video review which belongs to it.
Personally I think that it is great to know that people finally realize that the space sim genre is not dead and that there are good alternatives out there.

Warten auf Star Citizen: Drei kostenlose Weltraumhits zum sofort Losspielen!

More information about the Crossfire mod and its upcoming new version:
Crossfire 1.9 mod for Freelancer - Mod DB
Crossfire 2.0 Preview - Crossfire Mod Development - SWAT Portal
Information: Crossfire 2.0 Change log - Crossfire Mod Development - SWAT Portal
Information: Crossfire 2.0 - Crossfire Mod Development - SWAT Portal
Information: Crossfire 2.0 Status update - Crossfire Mod Development - SWAT Portal

Merry Christmat

written by SWAT_OP-R8R at Monday, December 24th 2012, 1:27pm

Lancer's Reactor wishes all pilots a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Did you know?
Did you know that you can fly in a formation with NPCs vessel?

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