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Starlancer Story

The future was indeed bright for the Western Alliance. They terraformed Mars and established colonies on its moons and, at last, the human race was poised to reach beyond the solar system. But all good things never seem to last. A recently formed coalition of the eastern regions mount a surprise attack against the Western Alliance on Mars in order to usurp power. In the process, the orbiting French and Italian fleets are destroyed. Many planets and many moons are lost to the coalition and although their surprise attack and overwhelming forces seem destined for victory, all is not lost.

What's left of the French and Italian fleets rendezvous with American, British, German, Spanish and Japanese allies in orbit around Neptune's moon Triton. At the edge of the solar system, the rest of the Western Alliance regroups and forms a new command structure. A stand will be made, power returned and peace restored.

You are a member of a squadron of volunteer pilots called the 45th. Any and all citizens with piloting skills have been asked to come forward and help in the fight against the evil coalition. You'll have access to high tech weaponry and ships, not known to most people. The Western Alliance is grossly outnumbered and you must help in any way you can!