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Starlancer Coalition Ships


Azan is a Coalition light fighter that is quite maneuverable, but die easy. Use afterburner to get away, then turn back and let them have it head-on. Repeat as necesary.


Basilisk is a decent medium fighter with good front-arc firepower. It is flown by the Black Guard and comes with a cloaking device. It has a thin frontal profile so is a bit hard to hit.

You can't remain locked on to them when they cloak, so you can't be sure to kill the same one. To fight them, damage one while it's in front so you can make sure it's 'smoking'. Even if it cloaks it will still trail smoke. Then use full guns to manually lead the smoke and kill it. Yes, it CAN be hit while it's cloaked.


Haidar is a really fat-looking medium fighter with bad maneuverability, above average protection. It'll take quite a few shots to kill them.


Smoother contours, heavier shields, but lower armor. Appears only rarely.


Heavy fighter, lots of armor, average shields, decent firepower.


Medium fighter, LOTS of frontal firepower, decent shields. Appears quite often.


Not agile, not fast, better than average shields, easily killed. Just fly on its tail and kill it. Appears very often.


Light fighter, decent maneuverability but otherwise easily killed.


Medium fighter, average or below average everything except acceleration, not that hard to kill. Appears often in late-game.


They are the primary threat to your ships because they carry four torpedoes. It doesn't matter if you kill them or not, since as soon as they drop the torpedoes, they jump out. You don't have to kill them, just kill their torpedoes. If you can catch one, it can be easily killed with any weapon you have. If you catch one before it launches, kill it ASAP. Killing one bomber is much easier than killing 4 torpedoes.


Kurgen is not a fighter/bomber, but more of a corvette/gunboat that escorts capships or bases. They are not fully shielded like the capships, so killing them just involve a lot of firepower. Screamer pods and full gun salvoes work fine.