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Sunday, May 18th 2008, 11:45am

Ioncross data file tutorial cos techies are lazy

First of all, Ioncross has released a tool just for creating the datafiles.


Used for creating the GAMEDATA files that allow the Character Editor and Server Operator software to work properly with modified versions of Freelancer, the IONCROSS GAMEDATA Creator enables you to quickly add new or edit existing entries to your GAMEDATA files.

But if you want this tutorial and don't want to download the file, here you go :)

Ioncross data file tutorial
By Dark Dragon (Darky)
First up you need to locate “flhash.exe”. This is usualy in Ioncross freelancer character editor
or server operator. Once located, use Command Prompt (MS DOS). If you are using Win95/
Win98 you may need to restart into Ms Dos. Ok now do what Ive done below, if you’ve
installed to a different location, you must change accordingly.
Btw Command Prompt is under Accessories in the start menu for XP users.

Once done you need to use “flhash.exe” to make the hash code for your weapon, ship,
equipment etc. Here is an example from the Epsilon mod (Nova Design).
Notice that after “flash” is the items freelancer nickname, in this case its “f_hemes_engine”.
After this is typed into the command prompt press enter. The following appears :

After the entry you just entered (f_hermes_engine) there is a number. 2584446984 in this
This is your hash number. You then use it like this…
Make a copy of the Ioncross data files (c:\program files\freelancer ioncross character editor
for character editor). Obviously don’t copy what you’ve not edited. As in no engines, no
need for GAMEDATA_engines.

Then open up the data file you need to edit, simply looking at the data files you'll soon get
what needs what. Guns go in guns etc.
In this example we need “GAMEDATA_engines”. The way it works is like this -
Hash Number = Name, Name that appears in Ioncross
Here is an example, again with our engine.

Source code

2584446984 = f_hermes_engine, Hermes Engine (Epsilon)

A tip is to put the name of the mod after the name. This helps you or the server operator tell
what's modded and what's unmodded.
This applies to all the files but GAMEDATA_systems and GAMEDATA_bases. These are
done differently. But are still pretty easy. Luckily we don’t need our Command Prompt
For both files well need Universe.ini (in the universe folder).
You then should be able to make sense of this rather quickly. Simply add the base’s
freelancer nickname and then what appears in Ioncross. Like below :

Source code

Br09_06_Base = McKinnon Outpost (Epsilon)
Br09_07_Base = Battleship Belfast (Epsilon)
Iw07_01_Base = Misery Base (Epsilon)
Iw07_02_Base = Woe Prison (Epsilon)
Iw07_03_Base = Planet Siren (Epsilon)

Easy. Any questions email – <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

You tech guys are so lazy -- you should be the ones posting this. Shame on you.




Sunday, May 18th 2008, 3:32pm

Re: Ioncross Data File Tutorial


You tech guys are so lazy -- you should be the ones posting this.

Agree with you here, magnet.


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Sunday, May 18th 2008, 3:41pm

Re: Ioncross Data File Tutorial

tech* will not interfere with community at all, its only tech stuff, you are most welcome to posting tutorial @magnet
if others wish its exactly what this community needs to work, however tech* wont interfere with it, for all coordination,
if coordination is needed, contact MentalChaos.
imo its the best policy to put as much as u can when u have time guys/girls,basicaly years have passed some
tutorials are obsolete now, its best to put most recent information on stuff anyway.




Saturday, May 24th 2008, 1:12am

Re: Ioncross Data File Tutorial


Sorry to break into the party...

If you're only doing a couple of additions then this is fine.

But if your mod is big, or if you want to generate Ioncross GAMEData files for a mod that doesnt have them (or correct one that has wrong ones) then you need this utility by Lancer Solurus...

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

It may not be there for long, so would someone please get it into the downloads section?

After you use it you need to go and separate the turrets from the guns, that's not too hard. 8-)

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