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Saturday, June 7th 2008, 1:42am

FreeLancer: The Future

Freelancer: The Future

The noise of the cockpit is helping me stay awake. Its been a long flight this time to Kyoto. Juni is there waiting for me. I’m pleased she picked there to settle down on. It’s remoteness gives us peace from troubles, while we can still jump to places to run missions for Orillion. This one just ran too long. It’s been a week since I last saw her smile.

“Bleep” “1A1, we have you on our radar, welcome back Mr. Trent” can the com traffic from the base. Its was so secluded from the trade routes, that little would be heard over the com channels.

The big three part panel slid open and the auto pilot moved the ship inside. After the outer doors slid closed, the inner one opened to the world that was Kyoto. Impressive in all the Blood Dragons had built. A small city in side a large rock. Amazing was the view as my craft circled to the landing pad.

After landing and shutting down all systems, I climbed down to the deck and removed my helmet. “Umft” A blow on most knocked me down. Juni, in her enthusiasm to see me literally leapt at me. Her welcome back kiss was like water to a thirst man. I hung the helmet on the hook at the ship, then, arms around each other, we headed to the control room so I could report in.

Major Ito was the commander now of the base. I would miss Ozu. He was a fine leader. Now, though, I had to report my findings to the Major. Juni headed to her quarters as I knocked and entered the office.

Juni was talking to a soldier when I arrived. She was as nervous as I was about tomorrow. After all, it’s not everyday you get married.

Orillion was just climbing out of his Anubis when King walked up. King had been expecting this visit after all, he was the one who called Orillion with the data he had learned. A dire time now was here. Pittsburgh was a good place to meet, even the Liberty Rouges had moved on and this area was pretty much empty. “Let me see the data” Orillion said , dispensing with pleasantries.

After an hour of pouring over the forms and charts, Orillion finally looked up from across the table with King. Damn, I really was hoping we were through with this business.” Orillion muttered just loud enough for King to hear.

“Casper, I know it looks grim, but this time we have the edge.” King said, hope rising in his voice.

“The edge” Orillion shot back, “We might, if we act now”. Orillion wrote a list of names he wanted contacted for a mission and slid it over to King.

After reading it, he said” You know she’s going to be mad as hell at me for this, don’t you?” A lark in the voice. He needed to stretch his legs and Sinclar would want to come along. After all, they had only been married two months. She had gotten a break in her studies of the DomKavash artifacts so that they had some time together and he asked her to marry him. The shout of “YES” was so loud, King thought they heard it at space dock. Another on the list, well lets say they won’t be as happy with the news now.

Lord Hakkera, former president Jocobi and of course, Tobias were at the wedding. After all, Tobias was Trent’s best man. Jocobi was Juni’s maid of honor. Lord Hakkera was the official of the wedding and would do the honors of marrying Trent and Juni. All was in readiness for the hour. It would be festive indeed.

Two days later, Trent got a message from King asking him to meet on Pittsburgh. He grumbled at the message as did Juni when she saw it. But, King would not have sent it if it wasn’t important. At least he and Juni would be husband and wife now. And that was a comforting thought. Stability in his life . He had watched people that he worked with and others killed before, so now he was extra protective.

Planet Pittsburgh, landing area. On the deck was King and Orillion. An unknown ship is coming in for a landing.

As the figure climbs out of the craft, he still has his helmet on and walks up to the other two figures. Orillion turns to face the figure. “I was beginning to wonder if you got Kings message”. The figure removed his helmet. Trent!

“Yea I got it” Trent replied, shaking hands with both of them.” But Juni didn’t appreciate me having to take off just after the honeymoon” he replied.

I’m sorry, but it couldn’t be helped” Orillion continued, “I needed the best for this problem”.

“And just exactly what is the solution” King asked. A look of perplex on his face. He had to leave Sinclair as well.

“ Data was received recently about the unknown systems, A node has reactivated itself in the Omega 11 system, and the signal was traced back to the unknown system, so you know what that means, don’t you” Orillion answered.

“It means they are back?” Trent ventured. Orillion nodded. “Damn” Trent swore.

“So what is your plan, and how can I help” Trent asked, a wisp of a smile on his face. He looked forward to the combat.

Three days later, Trent and Juni were flying back to Leeds to meet with Tobias. At the same time, Orillion and King were headed to the Battleship Hood to recruit Hovis and few of his friends. Trent knew Tobias was itching to get into action after having been kicked out of the Bretonian Military. This mission would be right up his ally.

Leeds Planetary Gate cleared Trent and Juni for landing and they preceded to the space port for the meeting. The sky was blue today rather than the usual gray over cast.

After setting down and climbing out of their crafts, Tobias walked up. “Trent, its so good to see you again, and you brought the Mrs. This time I see” Tobias said, grinning ear to ear. “I know you hated to have to lead so soon after the wedding and all”

After two hours of explaining the situation and then laying out the data on the table, they had a game plan. Tobias would head for Omega 5 to await the arrival of the others. He was flying a Crusader fully armed and ready for battle. But even he had to admit, he did not know all of the plan, but was going to enjoy the trip. To be back in the saddle again was a good feeling for an old man.

Half way to the jump hole to Cambridge, Trent got a com call. “Trent, there is a problem and I need you to divert to Cambridge and meet me,” Quintain sent. Damn, Trent thought, and signaled Juni, that they needed to divert.

The Hood gave permission to King and Orillion to land. They found Hovis in the bar as usual, betting on the races. “Dang Outcast, always chicken out on the last curve” Hovis said out loud. He picked up the com Mic. “Boys, teach that cowered a lesson”. In the distance a small mushroom cloud grew. Hovis chuckled as he turned to face the strangers. “What can I do for you two fellas” he asked.

They sat at a table with drinks, watching two or three other races while talking. “Now let me get this straight” Hovis started, “You want me to leave all this to what?, Go hunt some more Nomad types?” Hovis had a perplexed look on his face.

“That’s exactly what we’re asking Mr. Hovis” Orillion answered. “You are an excellent pilot and you were recommended by Trent, And that he thought you would welcome the challenge.”

“That tenderfoot said that?” Hovis asked, disbelieving he had heard right. “I don’t know, you tell me why I should get involved.” a look of expectancy now formed.

“Look Hovis, they’ll get further this time if we don’t stop them, here and now.” King jumped in. His impatience showing. “Beside, there’s money involved if we succeed”.

“How much we talking about here” Hovis replied, a grin beginning to form. Money always got his attention.

“I believe, the offer is one million credits from Liberty and one tax free year” Orillion continued.

“All right”, Hovis said, getting out of his chair, “Count me in, where do we meet.” **

Juni was thinking of Trent in flight and started to drift off course when Trent Beeped her. “Juni, wake up over there” He said, smiling at the reason she might be day dreaming.

“I’m here Trent, how far are we from Cambridge” she asked, getting her bearings again.

“We should be there inside of thirty minuets” he replied and took the lead. He wondered what Quintain wanted that he could not putout over com traffic. He was still studying the relic that was used to send the Nomads away. It had stayed powered up and proved a good study. There was literally years of research that could still be done on that artifact alone. He loved this kind of work. He saw his own purpose in life now.

“1-Alpha-1 and Miss Zane, you are cleared for landing on Cambridge” The gate control spoke.

That’s Commander and Mrs. Trent, gate control” Juni relied. She loved being married and now that she had resigned from the LSF, she had no other rank, but Mrs. She relished it. After having to be a hard-nosed officer, she could now relax a bit and enjoy life more, if it had not been for the present circumstances.

They went to the bar first, but Quintain had left a message to meet him in a lab not far from the space port. He needed seclusion to work and now, privacy to talk. Trent grabbed a sidewinder fang before they left. He had not had one in ages.

The corridor was a long one, but they managed to find the lab. Juni pressed the door button, but had to wait till a voice came back, “I’m busy now, leave a com message and I will try to get back to you”.

“Dr. Quintain, It’s Trent and Juni” Trent called out. A few seconds later, the door slid open. The lab was a mess. Just a disorganized one this time. The last time, some one had tore it apart looking for the artifact.

“Trent, juni, it’s good to see you both, and congratulations are in order I hear.” Quintain said, leading them to a desk on the side of the room. He indicated the two chairs in front as he say behind the desk.

“I suppose you have heard the news now?” Quintain queried, “I am still dubious about the findings though.” A frown forming on his face. *

“Only part of it from Orillion” Trent responded. He was still hoping for a mistake in the data.

”Well, the truth of the matter is, the data may be wrong” Quintain started, “there may be another reason for the energy output and the signal” He looked down at his desk, searching for the page in his notes.

“What do you mean, Dr.” Juni asked, sitting up , her interest peaked.

“Ah, here it is” Quintain,. Said, moving the paper where all could see, “ Look at this picture taken from a long range probe of the unknown system.”

On the picture, was a small object, not unlike the one Trent had attached to his ship when the faced all the nomad in the Dyson sphere. It was pulsating in the still picture. A sinister blue light.

“What is it Dr.” Trent asked while studying the image.

Quintain scratched his head and thought before answering. “I think it is a beacon for one of their stargates.” He said. “One that may beginning to form in Sirius”.

“But the Nomads did not have that ability to create this kind of thing, did they” Juni asked in wonder.

“No they did not, but....someone else did” Quintain replied. All three knew what he was eluding to. The DomKavash were returning, but from where?

Juni and Trent thanked the good Dr. And asked that he send a coded copy of his findings to Orillion. They climbed back into their ships and prepared for lift off. A worried look on Trent’s face. He knew the nomads were formidable, but the creators of the nomads would be an even more formidable enemy, if left unchecked.

Hovis decided he wanted an Anubis this time to fly. He had heard in the news of the dealings with the Nomads and wanted the best ship to go up against an enemy this dangerous. Orillion had given him a newly outfitted one. Just dropped off from the Osiris. He was as happy as a kid in a candy store. He almost wanted to take a lap on the race course with it, that is if King hadn’t talked him out of it.

Hovis had also given Orillion the names of a couple of pilots that had won on his course to see if they would be willing to fight as well, after all, they had survived Hovis. King seemed to think it was a good idea. They needed all the pilots they could get.

Orillion was back aboard the Osiris in his war room when the message and encoded data from Quintain came in. King heard a boom and came in to see Orillion leaning over his desk, fist on th top where he had just rammed it. A grimaced look on his face. This would not be good news, not at all.

“What is it, Casper, what’s got you so wound up” King asked, himself worried now.

Orillion slid the paper across the desk to King. He gave a low whistle as he scanned it. This was bad. He thought. To think that we only had to fight the Nomads was one thing, but this? “Casper, what are we going to do now” King asked, his voice quavering a bit.

“First, find out who is in the area of the signal and have them deploy a monitoring satellite near the probe” Orillion said, “I want pictures as well as data fed to me at all times.” Orillion knew this task difficult, but he had to get a handle on it as soon as possible. There was a chance to avoid a war and he wanted it.

After King left, Orillion sat at the com panel and put a call into a friend on Manhattan, one that he could count on in negotiations. When the picture came up on the monitor, he spoke. “Miss Jacobi, I am in need of your help”.

Hovis arrived in the Omega 5 system and headed toward Tobias’s location. When he got to the Cadiz Base, there were several other ships there as well. He recognized some from the race circuit. Damn good pilot, he thought. Good that they came. “Mr Hovis, you are cleared to land and welcome to Cadiz” the controller announced. After shutting down, Hovis headed for the bar. He knew the others had seen him arrive and would be waiting there for any news of what was going on.

Tobias was in a heated discussion on the merits of this little venture. A able pilot by the name of Red Dog was saying that all this fuss was for nothing. After all, the Nomads had been defeated and order was restored. He didn’t see the reason for getting people stirred up over nothing. “I tell you, you are the most stubborn pilot I have ever met” Tobias stated, beginning to get red in the face himself, “ The data brought to us proves the matter is not over, and further more, it may even be the DomKavash themselves this time”.

Hovis took this time to interrupt. “ You tenderfoots better not be backing out after I pushed for you to get involved, I might have to get the boys here to deal with some cowards, if you know what I mean”.The look on his face spoke volumes. The others began to settle down. They had seen the handy work of his boys and had no desire to see it first hand.

Trent worked up another idea to get some more help. He pulled up and stopped short of the Omega 5 jump hole “What’s up Trent?” Juni asked as she circled the hole.

“Lets head to the Stuttgart system, I know of a couple of guys I think might be able to help us out a little”

“Which station do you mean?” Juni queried.

“Freiburg Station, there are a couple of fellas that owe me a favor there.” Trent replied as he fired up the thrusters towards the other jump hole. Juni was right behind him. She got on the com and let Tobias know they would be delayed in getting to Cadiz. She admitted to herself, that Trent truly did know what he was doing. Perhaps that was what saved them on the missions chasing after the nomads. He was a natural leader. The affect of the jump hole was so strange, yet she still liked the rush of adrenalin when they jumped from system to system. *

After convincing a few Hessians to let them pass, Trent and Juni made it to Freiburg Station. They found Jonner and Mr. Blix in the bar. Trent guessed they knew he was coming, just like before. It was a little unnerving to say the least. Jonner pointed to a booth and they headed over so they could talk in private. After the pleasantries were over and all had a drink, Jonner got down to business. “Mr. and Mrs. Trent, what can we do for you” saying this for the sake of politeness, as he already knew why they were there.

“You already know that, but, to go into detail, we have data now that suggests a return of the DomKavash themselves” Trent let that settle in before continuing. “There is a node that is active and according to Quintain, it may be leading to the installation of a hypergate.”

“Well, I’m not going to just sit here waiting for them to arrive, how about a friendly little bet on a race, say five laps, winner take all” Hovis said.

The pilots that had raced with him before jumped at the chance. They all needed a little diversion. Tobias, however, reminded the, “Lets not get carried away like some of your other races do, Sir”. A little rebuke in the voice. Hovis nodded, understanding the point. He headed to his room to get his gear and check the new ship out. He wanted to push it to see what it had, to test it before combat.

The race took a little longer to get organized that Hovis thought. They had to agree on the course and as they had no rings here, that was difficult. It also took Hovis longer to adapt to the responsiveness of the new ship. This thing could turn on a dime. Dang, he loved it.

Chapter 6

Orillion finished his call to Jacobi and put one into Sinclar King. He needed her abilities and a job that was just up her ally. “Sinclar here” she replied when the com panel chimed. “Oh, Orillion, King isn’t here now, I thought he was with you” she said, a little worried now.

“Actually, its you I called to talk to, and yes, King is just fine.” Orillion spoke, “I need your services as a translator.”

A little explaining and she got the picture of what he needed. She said she would head to Quintain’s lab and pick up the equipment and meet them on Cadiz base. He agreed and would put the call in to have everything ready for her when she arrived. The faster this was accomplished, the better. He also sent a short message to Jacobi letting her know of the plans. She would need all the help she could get.

King came into the room just as Orillion signed off with Jacobi. “Well, what’s next on the plate for us?”He was itching to get to see Sinclar before all the fireworks began.

Orillion, sensing Kings thoughts, “Sinclar will be meeting us on Cadiz” he said. King snapped his head around at this.
“She’s a part of this” King said, his voice beginning to climb. He wanted home, safe away from all this. He was not happy a bit that she was brought into this. The danger was enough for himself, but her? She was his love, his treasure and he did not want to put her at risk.

Before King could blow his stack any higher, Orillion said, “Jacobi asked for her to be brought in to work on a communications translation device and I agreed..”

“At least, you could have said something to me before she was brought in” King said, eyes pleading.

“She agreed with it and said she hoped to have something to do so she could stay near you” Orillion spoke softly. The words seemed to have the desired effect. King visible calmed down and sat. King just shook his head. He realized too much was at stake. If Sinclar could help out things, and maybe, just maybe stop a war, then it would be worth it.

King got up and headed toward the door when Orillion spoke. “Where yo headed?” He heard King mumble that he wanted to check out his ship to get ready. Orillion knew this would be hard for King, but not this hard. Something must be up.

Hovis won the race. Not too big a surprise to folks. His ship was the fastest around, now. He was in the bar buying everyone a round to celebrate. That little craft had surprised him. He loved the features that it had and wanted to try it in combat, soon. Tobias wandered over to him. “That, was a fine race ye ran there, laddie.” A chuckle in the voice.

“Fine nothing, that was my best race ever”, Hovis exclaimed, “Remind me to thank that tenderfoot, Trent, for requesting me for this job”. A smile beaming all across his face. Tobias just threw his head back and laughed. This was good medicine for the people here at the base.

“Razor-1, this is control, you are expected, welcome to Cadiz base” Another ship was docking. Another fighter for the war. The controller let Tobias know Razor-1 had arrived and that he would be directed to his office for a meeting.

Viper-7 and Bravo-9 were the ones that drew the duty to place the satellite near the node. Viper was flying an Anubis while Bravo-9 had the Mec ship. He would set the satellite in place while Viper circled a little was off, scanning for any type of trouble. They both hoped for none. They were out here alone. No one closer than three days flight to help them if they needed it.

Bravo had just used the boom to move the satellite when the boom jammed. “Damn, now I got to suit up and go out there to unhang it.” He was not looking forward to that. “Viper, I got to go out and unhang the dang boom, watch my back”. Viper rogered the signal. Viper then set the scanner to max range as he pulled closer to Bravo’s craft. Now he was getting edgy. He didn’t understand why they needed this set up for, why not just blast the node into a million pieces. With it gone, so would be the Nomads or what ever was behind it.

Bravo pushed and then pulled. He it the remote control on the arm, but still, it refused to move. He put his back against the satellite and kicked at the boom. Movement. He picked up the remote and activated it again. Slowly, as if bound up, it moved. Almost to where he needed it to be. Just a meter more to go.

The area seemed to brighten a little. He could see more details on the satellite skin. “Bravo, did you just turn your lights on” came a call from Viper.

“What are you talking about, I haven’t touched anything.” Bravo replied, frustration in his voice. The light grew more intense. Something was wrong. “Bravo, it’s coming from the node, Get out of there” Viper called out loudly, his voice now on edge. The light now grew rapidly. In a matter of seconds it enveloped Bravo and his ship. Viper tried to fire up his engine, but to no avail. The light move fast, faster than Viper knew. He and his craft were swallowed up in the light. I grew brighter and larger in area. Until it was as large as a jump gate. It solidified in the form of a golden triangle arch. Pulsing lights on the corners. An alien jump gate had formed now. But no one remained to see it. The only thing to escape the area , was a signal that Viper had managed to send, with a picture of the expanding light, home.

Razor-1 was in the Bar. He wanted something to wet his whistle. His edge was getting soft these days. He relished the edge he had developed fighting the Nomads. It helped him focus, it helped him survive. Now, he needed to sharpen it. After downing the drink, he headed over to the parts dealer. He purchased ten EMP mines and had the dealer set the mines to his ship harmonics. The dealer was horrified, “They will home in only on your ship, are you crazy”.

“I know what I’m doing”, Razor replied and climbed into his ship. After they were loaded, he contacted control to launch his ship. Even as his ship slipped out the docking doors, the dealer was contacting Tobias.

From the bar, all could see Razor as he moved in a tight circle near the station. The EMP’s he had, only had a twenty meter detonation range. Anything out side that would not be effected. On the third circle, Razor released all ten mines. The last one started to home in on him. He sped away from it at top speed. As he left the mines range, he did a tight one eighty and circled back straight at it, guns locked on target. Base cameras kept both in view on a screen, but most preferred to watch from the port screens.

As soon as he came in range of the mine, it began to move toward him. At the last minuet, he killed his engine and fired. A flash was all that was seen on the base, then his ship corkscrewing through the flash and headed toward the next. Hovis even had a wager going on weather Razor would get them all or not.

To Be Continued:
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Tuesday, March 10th 2009, 4:35am

Re: FreeLancer: The Future

I like scfi 8-)

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Sunday, May 3rd 2009, 11:20pm

Re: FreeLancer: The Future

Very nice story! :D Can't wait for the 2nd part! :lol:

Keep on going Finalday! :D


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Re: FreeLancer: The Future

OUTSTANDING, once again :D

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Re: FreeLancer: The Future

yes he gives only the very best :)

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