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Tuesday, September 23rd 2008, 7:38am

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

"Get Quintaine and Sinclair ready for launch!" I ordered the shuttlebay crew, "Do it as quickly as you can!"

It seemed that Quintaine or Sinclair or both had been monitoring our communication channels. They had already packed their equipment and, to my amusement, a crate full of replicated tea into their ship. Within 15 seconds they were out of the Akira.

"Seems we broke a Starfleet record. Fastest launch ever."

"We can brag about it later, situation report?"

"All right, sir, they got away, hopefully safe." said Strum, "Now it's one Starfleet ship against a Rhineland battleship. Your orders?"

"Mrs.Alisha, execute a Kumeh maneuver then point us right at the battleship's rear," I ordered, "Strum, I want all our firepower to concentrate on her engines, understood?"

"Aye, captain!" Alisha replied, and I felt a slight jerk as the ship did a high-G turn.

"You got it, sir!" Strum began working furiously at his console.

The Akira assumed position behind the green-fume emitting engine array of the bulky Bismarck, the battleship started to turn, perhaps trying to get the vulnerable engine section from our firing arc. No luck for them today.

Quantum torpedoes slammed themselves into the large, round engine exhaust port of the battleship.

The engine instantly exploded into millions of shrapnels.

"Good job everyone." I applauded the crew.

"She's still have some fight left in her!" Strum reminded us that the Bismarck's turrets are still operational.

I saw an unexpected movement on the sensors. "Wait, I am reading five fighters on an intercept vector. I don't know if they are coming for us or the battleship...."

"We are being hailed!" Kamel again informed.

"Onscreen." I hoped that they weren't Rhineland bombers.

A female voice came,"This is Blazer-one to Starship Akira! Proceed to the following coordinates! We will take out the battles- wait," the pilot seemed to go through several emotions at once and finally, after a brief pause, said with a mix of surprise, amusement, disappointment and slight awe: "you took out the engines of that thing?"

"Yes, the Bismarck is dead in the water. We are right at her blindspot." I said, somewhat proudly.

"Good, mind coming with us?"

"To the coordinates?"

"Yes. It's the jumphole to Tau-23 so you can meet up with the rest of the gang there."

"Okay, Mrs. Alisha, take us there."

It was an uneventful trip, fortunately. I talked to them to clear out some questions.

The first and the most pressing one is....

"Who are you, who sent you?"

"A friend and a friend. We got news of you in trouble and were dispatched to help."

"How did you know?"

"Quantane informed one of our people and we were scrambled here." Blazer-One said plainly.

I decided to see how they respond to my bombshell: "Do you know of the parasites, the Order and such?"

"You already figured that out?" she said, amused, "Yes, we have ties with the Order, and your friend, Walker, is safe with them."

"Good. Then when did the Order contact you?"

"About a month or two ago."

Something was being put together in my mind, but I still couldn't tell what it was.

"Did anything worthy of note occur sometime before that?"

"Hmmm.... Nope.... Actually, yes...."

"I'm listening."

"About three months ago, there was a massive influx of artifacts on the market."

"What sort of artifacts?"

"All sorts of 'em."

"Where were these artifacts found?"

"Well.... I DID hear a rumor about a Rhineland expedition finding artifacts on a planet in one of the Omicron systems.... Some paranoid nut told me that they were active, unlike the ones in the market, which are all dead as a doorknob." she chuckled, "Tell you I don't really believe that but that nutcase did give the creeps."

Parasites.Rhineland Expedition.Active Artifacts.Omicron Systems.The Order.A few months ago.

Suddenly it made all the sense it needed.

"A few months ago," I began mumbling to myself, "a Rhineland expedition found active active artifacts on one, or more planets in one of the Omicron systems. Some of the artifacts must contain the parasites, which infected the expedition. They must have also released some of their ships, which destroyed Freeport-7. Someone knew this and set up the Order. The expedition infected the chain of command of Rhineland after they returned. The Donau was sent to infect Liberty. It was stopped by the Order but the parasites must have found another way to infect Liberty. They began killing the survivors of the Freeport-7 attack in order to silence the rumors about the parasite's ships. We, Trent,Walker and Jun'ko were on the frying list, but we made it out alive. Now Rhineland ships controlled by the parasites began hunting us down, but why so openly?"

I kept reasoning,"The gunboat captain asked us to 'Give up the artifact'. The Rowlett's Revenge? No, not important enough, just a simple lasero-plasma weapon. Then it must be what Quantane was working on! He's in danger!"

I looked up and prepared to give orders for my crew to go at maximum speed to the jumphole, but they all stared at me as if I just went insane.

"You know, captain," Garon began,politely, "talking to yourself is a sign of imminent mental collapse. Maybe you need a rest? Good theory, by the way."

I was embrassed, I thought I was just mumbling to myself but I got so carried away that I said it out pretty clearly to everyone on the bridge and through the open comm to everyone of the Blazer squadron!

All I could do was to smirk a bit.

"Don't worry captain," Garon said, "the Order or one of their allies must be protecting them well now. Trent and Jun'ko are good pilots, too, they can look after themselves."

"Captain," said Alisha, "we're at the jumphole."

"Enter the jumphole, Garon, you have the bridge. You can find me in my ready room." I stood up and walked, wearily, into my ready room. What a day, I thought.

(Next chapter will feature the Akira and a few fighters vs a *$&^$%!@@#$$!!ing HUGE Rhineland Fleet(TM) !)

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Monday, September 29th 2008, 12:05pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57708.28

We went through a lot during the last few hours. Here's a summery of what happened and what we did:

Jun'ko informed us of her finding a possible lead to solve the crisis, but needed someone to break the Leeds blockade set by the Rhineland Military. I volunteered to do it since the Akira is the fastest and most well-defended ship available. We safely extracted Jun'ko, Trent, and two scientists that may just help us to get done with this madness. But Walker and his cruisers were nowhere to be found. He claimed to have lured the Tau-31 side of the blockade off us and are now safe with the Order.

All evidence now points to the possibility of a recent Rhineland expedition being infected by the parasites likely to be residing in some of the artifacts they had found. They proceeded to infest the Rhineland command hierarchy after the expedition returned. Then Rhineland began to infect all of the four major houses of Sirius. We are now moored with Shinkaku Station, the aforementioned two scientists, Professor Quintaine and Professor Sinclair, are now safe aboard the Akira. Hopefully with the advanced Starfleet science instruments they can work the whole thing out quickly.

The recent series of heavy combat had taken their toll on the crew and myself. Morale is stable but not too well, I myself am feeling constantly sleepy. I am beginning to worry about our possibility of escaping this universe. We had not been working on our Phase-Drive for a long time. In fact I now seldom mention about our Phase-Drive project. We also haven't added anything new into our databanks which means that we did no exploring lately. We simply had no time for that. It was battle after battle for us. Kusari is relatively neutral and her government have no indications of being infected by the parasites. Hopefully we can do a bit of exploring, build our Phase-Drive, anything that can relive us from all the blazing and blasting we've been doing against our wishes.

End of log.

"Sir, we are ready to go." said Alisha.

"All right." Jun'ko 's voice came through the comm. "Our destination is the Tau-23 jumphole. Let's get going."

"Mrs. Alisha, maximum impulse." I ordered.

"If Rhineland is going to invade Britonia," began Tobias, "I may be needed at home. So goodbye and good luck, to all of you."

And thus Tobias left us for home, we will later know that he was discharged dishonorably out of the BAF. Though he got a lovely (at least that was what he claimed) lady out of all that ordeal.

"Everyone," I announced, "we are entering the asteroid field, we should be relatively difficult to detect but stay sharp."

The Akira did elaborate maneuvers to avoid a few inconveniently placed asteroids. Still, several hit the ship, fortunately deflected by our shields. It wasn't long before we were at the edge of the field.

"Well," I said, "from now on, we are without cover. Let's cross this stretch of open space quickly and get to the opposite field."

Suddenly the sensors display went crazy. The words "Multiple Tachyon Signatures Detected" flashed across the status screen in bold, red, alarming letters.

To our horror a whole Rhineland fleet decloaked right in front of us.

"AMBUSH!" I screamed in panic and shock. "Strum, lock all weapons on the battleship! Fire! Fire! Fire!"

Quantum torpedoes flew like a rain of sapphires. Phasers scorched the thick hull of the Rhineland Battleships. The fleet moved in for the kill.

Everyone tried their best to evade, but we all began to take hits.

"Captain," Slaavok reported, "starboard shields is down to 65%. Suggest rerouting stored battery power to that shield segment."

"Do so and give me a tactical report!" I yelled. We are in serious trouble, I thought.

"Captain, shields restored to 100%." Slaavok replied calmly, "There is one Rhineland battleship, four cruisers, eight gunboats and at least 15 fighters. I am afraid that we are outnumbered."

"Do you think we can get out of this?"

"Escaping will bring unacceptable losses. If we fight I estimate that we will be able to destroy about 60% of their ships before being destroyed."

"Well then," said Alisha, "we are royally scre-"

I suddenly saw something else on the sensor readouts, which were filled with dull-green 3-D representations of each of the Rhineland ships. "Wait." I pointed at the five white blips that were speeding rapidly towards the fray, "Are those ships of the Blazer Squadron?"

I was wrong.

"This is Razor-One. We are here to help." Five fighters, which looked exactly the same as those in the Blazer Squadron, flew in, their engines blazing. They lined themselves up for a torpedoing run at the battleship.

The Battleship's crew were too focused at pummeling away at the Akira to notice five high-yield torpedoes streaking straight at their engine exhaust. All five flew through all the green mist and into the reactor.

Needless to say, the battleship was no more. Gone in a burst of green plasma.

"From Outcasts, with love!" Razor-One said, "All ships, fire at will."

I wondered if he meant ships in his squadron or all of us. But that didn't really matter.

"Strum, pick a cruiser and fire away." I said, relived.

As the Akira went for the Rhineland Cruisers, Trent expertly shot at least 6 fighters out of the stars, at least that was what I saw on the sensors. It only took him a few shots to down a fighter while others had to barrage for dozens of seconds just to take their respective targets' shields down.

Razor took care of the gunboats with their missiles and the Akira charged at one cruiser, let off a small stream of torpedoes, finishing the job with her phasers, and executing a high-energy turn to face another cruiser.

The Akira mauled her next victim badly. But failed to destroy it in one run. The badly-damaged cruiser happened to be in the way of a third cruiser, which was single-mindedly chasing the Akira. Their captains screamed as the cruisers crashed into each other, turning them into a large chunk of mangled metal.

Meanwhile, the hostile fighters had been long reduced into space-dust. The last gunboat's hull moaned like a dying animal as her hull crumbled.

Not that we'd actually heard that, of course, as sound does not travel through the vacuum of space. But our onboard sensors is capable of translating nearby energy discharges and various events into sound.

We soon wrapped up the fight with the destruction of the last cruiser, which exploded spectacularly.

"This is Razor-One, we are here to escort you through the last leg of the trip, uploading coordinates, over."

"Roger," Jun'ko replied, "proceeding."

"Helm, take us there." I said.

We entered the field, a dense clump of asteroids laced with small clouds of stellar gases.

"Sir," informed Slaavok, "this field is rich in methane and oxygen. There are numerous patchs of extremely high concentrations, a heat source, such as those from the engines of colonial vessels, can trigger an explosion, probably causing damage. Our impulse engines will not cause the patch to explode."

I repeated Slaavok's warning to everyone.

"Stop stating the obvious." A member of the Razor Squadron said in irritation. "Anyone sane knows what happens when oxygen and methane is heate-" She was cut short as her ship plowed into one such field, which exploded in a blight blaze. Her ship was fortunately unscratched, but that did teach her a lesson.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, occasionally a few fields got ignited, doing little damage. It did make everyone stay on their toes, though. We entered the jumphole smoothly.

We emerged at Tau-23, a system filled with slightly radioactive asteroids, which managed to interest our automated scientific sensors and did nothing else. The system itself wasn't too interesting, it was in a botched early stage of system-forming. The assorted asteroids and rocks were supposed to smash together to form larger bodies. But there was almost no movement of asteroids which meant something went very wrong when this system was formed. The system was extremely poor in terms of energy when compared young systems of the same age.... The more I thought about it, the more drowsy I felt.

I excused myself, leaving Garon to monitor the situation as we were escorted to Cali Base. The main base of operations of the Outcasts in the Tau systems. I went into my ready room, got to a tap, took some cold water in my hands, and splashed them at my face. It didn't work. So I simply put my face into the stream of water.

I got a ice-cold glass of water from the replicator and swallowed it, the cold water focused my mind and purged the drowsiness.

A quick cold shower later, I felt ready for anything. That was my 'famous' 'Getting Ready Under Fifteen Minutes Technique' I invented back at the academy. I liked the name 'Cold Water Slapping' more, though. A little bit harsh by Federation Standards, but I heard that the Kilngons had figured that out long before anyone else did. And turned it into an art. They even gave it a name-"THa' bIQ RjiH", or something like that.

The comm beeped, and Garon told me that the ship is now docking with Cali Base.

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Friday, October 17th 2008, 4:02pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

(Sorry about the lack of updates, I am being bombarded by our October-Test as the Germans are having their Oktoberfest...... Too bad I ain't a German. :( )

We met up on the main deck of Cali Base, waiting for Professor Quintaine's friend, a Colonel Kress.

"I am going to arrange for a few things." Began Quintaine, "this is where I will set down and work, don't worry, I will be very safe. You'd done a great job, young man."

"Thank the crew, not me." I said, with a bit of pride.

Trent led us to a man, he seems to be the one in charge here.

"We are looking for Colonel Kress." Trent began, straight to the point.

Trent wasn't very good at diplomatics, I could feel it. And demanding without any greeting can cause disasters. But perhaps, I thought, that's how people talk in this place.


"No one sees Colonel Kress." The man hissed, like a snake.

Quintaine stepped forward, "I am Professor Quintaine, Kress is a friend of mine, can you please let me-"

The man pushed him back. Trent drew his weapon, a pulse pistol.

"No one pushes him around." He stuck the business end of it at the guard's throat.

I turned around for an instant and to my horror, two armed persons, one man and a woman, approached us with drawn pistols.

I knew I must do something. "Clam down, clam down." I said, rather loudly. "We are not here to fight a shooting war. That will just kill all of us here!"

"We," the guard hissed, "are expendable."

I took out my phaser, "This is my weapon," I slowly lowered it to the ground, and took my fingers off it, "and I am now unarmed. You see, there is really no use to try and kill each other." I motioned Trent and Jun'ko to drop their weapons. Jun'ko seemed to know what is in my mind and quickly set her pistol down. Trent refused. "Are you nuts?!" he whispered. "We must show signs of goodwill or we are toast." I replied. Trent did some mental arithmetic and decided it was a good idea. After he disarmed himself, a man in a gray-red jacket entered the deck.

"Wow, what's the fuss?" He said, then he spotted Quintaine, "Hello old friend, hows things?"

The guards' attitude instantly softened. The Guard began smiling warmly at us. the two of Kress' people also did so.

We were escorted to the observation lounge of the base. I admired the view and Trent, Jun'ko and Quintaine talked about various things.

The system feel cool, comfortable, yet lonely. The blue sun's rays reflected off the scattered rocks, giving them a gentle blue tint. I thought of playing a saxophone with this as a backdrop, and reminded myself that I was completely unable to play any musical instrument properly.

But I could sing, but if I were to perform I may kill a few of my would-be audiences with my bad singing. Anyway, I began to sing quietly, in Cantonese:


(The wave streaks and flows, the river which spans millions of miles shall never rest)


(All the menial things on this world were washed away, into the tides of the sea)


(Happiness or sorrow, can not be discerned in the waves)


(Success or failure, may not be seen in the waves)


(To love or to hate, is something you won't know, emotions bursting like a raging river)


(In all bays and beaches, the struggle never ends)


(Even if happiness and sorrow, isn't something discernible in the waves)


(I am still willing to endure all the waves in my heart)

(It's the theme song of a really old yet famous Chinese sitcom called "The beaches of Shanghai". If you can't understand it, just pretend it's any Chinese song, the above is just a rough translation.)

After a length of time that I made no effort to judge, the conversation was over.

"So," I began, "how is it going?"

"We need an artifact, the 'Proteus Tome'." Kress said. "We believe that it is currently in Kusari and is in possession of someone called Takagi, who is a high level politican in the Kusari Shogunate."

"Going against the Government again?" I asked in despair.

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Great." I muttered. "More fighting."


"Oh, nothing, only joking."

"Hmmm... We still need to find out where Takagi and the tome actually is, so it will take some time. Captain, can you cooperate with me?"


"Please go with Trent into Kusari and stand by, if we got anything we will inform you."

"Well," I asked, "can we do some exploration there?"

"Up to you."

"Good." I said, and began to turn and walk away.

Kress stopped me, "One more thing." He said. "Where did you learn to sing that?"

"Sing what?" I tried to look as innocent as possible, but failed.

"That song, the Kusari knew it was meant to be sang with music. But we only got the lyrics."

"We have all that in our cultural database."

"Then can you let us browse it?" Kress asked.

"Maybe later. But I can give you the music for the song." I asked Kress for their transmission protocol, in minutes the process was done.

"Thanks a lot, Captain!" Kress said.

"All right, I have to go now." I tapped my commbadge. "Akira, please send me a shuttle to pick me up."

"Aye Captain." Garon replied.

As soon as I walked to the docking bay, a sleek Starfleet Type-9 shuttle was already waiting for me. The pilot waved at me as soon as he saw me entering.

The pilot was Lt. Harris, he was a top graduate in the academy and was once a member of the Red Squad.

"Good day, Mr. Harris," I said as I set down at a seat and made myself comfortable, "You or me?"

Harris chuckled. "Well, if you can promise not to crash into one of those rocks, I don't see why I can't let you fly a little."

"I take that as a yes, hold on tight! Computer, manual steering column!"

A set of various buttons and sticks rose into position in front of me. I grabbed the steering column and the throttle control.

The shuttle lifted itself up, flew in reverse and suddenly turned 180 degrees starboard and at full forward impulse speed. The docking bay doors barely opened in time for the shuttle to fly through.

Then it shot out of the station like a comet, startling the docking operator in the process. Then the shuttle flew dangerously close to a large asteroid and orbited it for a few times, then did a U-turn and entered the Akira's docking bay smoothly.

I disengaged the Steering system and braced myself. "No more flying for you," Harris scolded at me like a mad instructor, "don't you know you could have killed us? Splattered on one of those asteroids? Crashed into the docking bay doors?" His tone didn't match with his amusement in his eyes, though.

I could only smirk. Then it grew into a grin. Soon we found ourselves laughing so hard that our stomaches ached.

The shuttle's doors suddenly opened, Garon walked in to find two men laughing insanely. "Sir? Are you all right? Mr. Harris?"

"We are." I said. Recovering from the mindless laughing.

"We saw how you flew the shuttle, sir. Quite a stunt. I was beginning to worry if you are taking too much stress."

"Well, the stress is gone now."

Garon sighed. "Captain, that's not a responsible way to relive yourself. You are not only taking unnecessary risks-"

"I know, I know. Can't a person have some real fun sometimes?"

"You could have used the holodeck."

"Sometimes it's the possibility of death that make things in life exciting."

Garon shook his head. "Don't get yourself killed out there, sir."

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Saturday, October 18th 2008, 5:24pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, Stardate 57716.49

We are now in Kusari space. I have to say that the space around us is just... beautiful. Kusari is situated in the Crow Nebula, a vast blue interstellar cloud rich in hydrogen. The Kusari harvest these gases and sell them as fuel to the rest of the Sirius sector for a large profit. The extraction of Hydrogen fuel, or H-Fuel, is controlled by the Gas Miners Guild. They are perhaps the single most important organization in this area of space, without them, life will quickly grind to a halt.

Such a valuable resource had, of course, sparked many conflicts. The most dramatic one was the Eighty Year war between Rhineland and the GMG. The outcome was surprising: The GMG won as they were able to ambush and destroy the Rhineland Fleet in the Battle of the Yanagi Cloud.

This left Rhineland with a devastated economy. Liberty corporations began to take control and displace Native Rhineland Companies, millions lose their jobs and livelihoods. Thus they had to resort to crime to make ends meet, making Rhineland the most unsafe nation out of the four houses.

Kusari had won, but had taken on a cautious stance to Rhineland ever since. Very little contact was made between the two nations. This is probably a good thing, though. As now Rhineland is eager to spread the parasitic infestation all over the galaxy. Kusari is still safe from the parasite.

We are in orbit of the gas giant Aso in the Kyushu System. The purple planet, with the soft, blue Crow Nebula as backdrop, is certainly a beholding sight. Tests are being carried out to examine the composition of the planet, results are expected to come in within 5 hours.

End of log.

I walked into the ship's mess hall for lunch. "Computer, what's on for today's menu?" I asked.

"Spaghetti with meatballs." The computer replied plainly.

"Okay, and I will have 500 ml of water at 0 degree Celsius."

A tray with the items I mentioned materialized on the dispenser panel. I took it up and looked for a table. The mess hall was beginning to get crowded as crew from all over the ship proceed to have their respective lunches. I found a table near the windows with a great view and sat down.

I was beginning to wind spaghetti up my fork when I heard someone walking to me "Mind if I sit with you, sir?" It was Commander Miranda Soyuz, the Akira's chief medical officer.

"No," I said between mouthfuls, "nice planet, isn't it?"

"Sure, it's exquisite."

"I got the test results a few minutes ago," I fumbled for my PADD, "let's see.... Atmospheric composition: 74% hydrogen, 15% Oxygen and 11% Inert gases. Core composition: 100% Dense Carbon Lattice?! That's solid diamond."

"It that good or bad?"

"Neither, just plain rare. Of all the gas giants I came across, none have a core made of 100% diamond."

"Well that's interesting."

"Very interesting. By the way, do you think that the crew is getting a bit too overstressed?"

"It was for the first few months, but we've gotten used to it now, we're actually great adapters, given enough time we can get used to anything, that's what so incredible about willpower."

"Well, the Borg adapt much quicker."

Soyuz looked at me uneasily.

"Oh.... Forgive my lack of taste. I used to say inappropriate things at the inappropriate time back at the academy. "


"Once I-", I began, but got no further as a crewman, ranked Ensign, walked to us, looked Soyuz at the eyes and said "You are a very beautiful lady, madam." then he stared at me, "You, sir, is the most gorgeous gal I've ever met!", then he walked away drunkenly.

It was my turn to feel uneasy. "Ensign," I asked, "are you all right? You smell of alcohol...."

The ensign merely laughed. I knew this madness must end, I prouduced a hypospray form my belt, filled it with a fast acting alcohol-neutralizer, caught the ensign's arm and injected the neutralizer into his bloodstream.

Within seconds he got his sense back, he held his head. "Ouch.... My head hurts.... Oh, it's you, sir!" He promptly stood straight."Sir! Good Morning, sir!"

"It's lunchtime, ensign." Soyuz began scolding the ensign. "How can you drink alcohol and work?! You could have done your job wrongly and endanger the crew! I want you to check-"

"Please, let me so it." After all, I am the captain and should be the one dealing with this. "Ensign," I said calmly, "take a seat."

He did so, his face pale from fear.

"Fresh out of the academy?"

"Yes, sir. This is my first assignment."

"I bet you kept a stash at your academy days, to enjoy with your friends at holidays?"

"Actually, we drank from it whenever we wanted it."

"The good old times."

"Yes...." The ensign sighed, "It had been tough times. I want something to make me forget it, even just for a while."

"Look, I won't confiscate your stash, but please check your work today throughly, see if you did something wrong when you were drunk, correct them. We are all in tough times now. And if we just try to avoid it, we will soon find ourselves in even deeper waters."

"Yes.... Sir."

"Good, dismissed."

The ensign walked away. I resumed our conversation. "Well, I used to talk inappropriately, just like the ensign."

"You mean you were always drunk at the academy? Well, you don't seem to that sort of person."

"No, of course not! I wasn't drunk when I made all those inappropriate comments! I was, am and will never be intoxicated by anything!"

"Then you one weird, weird person."

"I know, I know."

A man walked to our table, I looked up and saw Sturm with his lunch. "Hello, captain, is it okay to sit with you?"

"Go ahead."

"Heh, well, I feel much safer working on a ship with two Chief Medical Officers onboard." Strum said as he sat down.

"I am just an ex-CMO. And I am beginning to forget medical procedures now."

"Anyhow you still have some of the know-how to save people."


"Then that's why everyone feel safer."


We then talked about various things, our hobbies, ideals, life, and finally, our chances of returning home.

"Well," I began, "we are making good progress with our phase-drive, within a few weeks we will be able to get out of here."

"What about the parasites?" Strum said, "Those people need our help, we can't just leave them to get infected."

"We are helping them already." Soyuz said.

"But what if the drive is done before the crisis is solved? Do we leave them or do we stay and help?"

"Of course we should help them wherever we can." I said, "But we can't play god here, it's against the prime directive and the basic principals of the Federation!"

"We are not playing god!" Strum said.

"I didn't say that we are." I said.

"Sorry, I misunderstood you."

Soon our food was finished and we threw the tray, along with the leftovers, into the recycling system. The molecules will be disintegrated and can be used to synthesize meals for later.

I returned to my quarters to put a model kit of the Akira together. Suddenly the intercom beeped and I was wanted at the bridge, we were hailed by Kress.

"Alright, people," I said as I emerged out of the turbolift, "What did Kress say?"

"Sir," Kamel said, "he's waiting for you on the comm."


"Captain, I've got a lead on the Proteus Tome. It is in Yukawa Shipyard, Honshu System. Uploading coordinates now.... Please go there and hide in the nearby cloud. We will inform you if we need you to help out. You will be working with the Blood Dragons, be careful that both they and the defenders of the Tome are flying Dragon-class fighters, hope your IFF is up to it."

"It will be." I said. "All hands to battlestations! Set course to Honshu System!"

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Sunday, October 19th 2008, 5:08pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

5 minutes of warping later, we had assumed position in the designated nebula.

Then the wait began. Everyone were shifting infuriatingly in their seats, as if they were covered with tiny little needles.

The wait didn't last long, though.

"This is Lt. Ozu to battlecruiser Akira, do you read me?"

When did the Akira turn to a battlecruiser without me knowing?!

"This is the Federation Starship USS Akira," I corrected Ozu, "we read you, over."

"It is a honor to meet you, Captain Sy, I am the commander of this operation. We will be attacking the shipyard. A team of our best operatives will sieze the ship carrying the Tome. There are several heavy weapons platforms defending the ship, though, and they must be cleaned out. Akira, think you are up to it?"

"We are."

"Excellent! Please follow us, as soon as we enter their radar range we must act quick. We have 5 minutes to complete the Operation and retreat. This is Ozu to all ships, attack your targets as soon as I give the green light!"

A few "Yes sir!"s was the reply.

"This is Akira, understood!" I said, "Phaser capacitors to maximum power. Load quantum torpedoes for all tubes!"

The nebula began to clear.

One starship and a dozen of fighters emerged out of the blue mist.

"Operation Raidan is go!" Ozu said.

"Strum, lock on that platform, fire all weapons!"

Phasers heated the platform up as quantum torpedoes smashed the platform, it began breaking up.

"One of the platforms is down!" Ozu said "The strike team is proceeding, they are meeting minimal resistance!"

"Phasers locked on the second platform, firing!" Strum reported.

The turrets on the platform glowed red-hot as phaser beams heated them to incredible temperatures. They began melting.

Like a chromosome being pulled apart during cell division, the X-shaped platform began to fall apart.

"The second platform is down! Three minutes left! All ships, Distract the escorts!"

The Blood Dragons began cutting the fighters down at a startling rate that even the Akira's phasers couldn't match.

I suddenly noticed two familiar shapes in the formation. "Trent? Jun'ko? Is that you?" I asked.

"It's good to see you around, my friend." Trent said.

"No time for chatter, take down the fighters!" Jun'ko may be the enemy of her state, but she is still the military commander when we first met her.

The pilot of the last Kusari Naval fighter screamed as her ship dissolved into oblivion.

"Good work!" Ozu applauded at our clean cut handiwork, "The Team had reported. They had lost a few men, but it was worth it! The ship was full of artifacts and gold! The Tome must be among them! All ships, enter escort formation with the transport."

"Transport, proceed to the jumphole. Engage cruse engines."

A garbled voice replied, "Ozu, we are working on the cruise engines now.... They were sabotaged by the Naval personnel before they died! This will take some time...."

"Hurry! We do not have time!"

"Here.... Got it!"

The cruise engines of the transport roared to life. We matched velocities and followed them.

We said nothing on the way, as to prevent the Kusari Navy from detecting our communications.

We soon returned back to the cloud. The jumphole was in sight. Along with two full squadrons of Kusari Naval Fighters!

"Ambush!" Ozu yelled. The Dragons knew what to do long before the word came.

The fighters broke up and began tangling with the Kusari ships. The Akira did the job better this time though, perhaps the Dragons weren't expecting this. The Naval Force Fighters failed their mission badly and were completely destroyed.

"Excellent!" Ozu said, "Mr. Trent, please go first."

Trent's Falcon Class fighter entered the jumphole.

We entered the jumphole one by one. The next was Jun'ko, then the Akira.

We found ourselves in a deep-violet nebula densely packed with asteroids. It seems that almost all stellar fields here are rich in solid matter.

The Dragons came through and we were hailed.

"This is Kyoto Base to unidentified vessels," a bland, cold voice said, "state your business there or be destroyed."

"This is Lt. Ozu, we have the transport carrying the Tome."

The voice instantly turned warm "Attention everyone, Ozu and his team has successfully completed his task! Long live the Dragons!"

Every Member of the Blood Dragons repeated the last sentence with jubilation.

"Trent!" Jun'ko said, in pleasant surprise, "This is the legendary Base of Kyoto, the home of the Blood Dragons! You honor us, Ozu."

"The honor is ours. Today we will cerebrate the death of Takagi and the recovery of the Tome at our base. Akira, please lead the way." Ozu replied, and reminded me of the Klingons.

"Okay," I said, "Ms. Alisha, please get us there."

"With pleasure, sir!"

As we were on the way there, one of the Dragons hailed us on a secure channel.

"Why?" I asked, "You can't let your friends know what what you are saying?"

"Not really, but I don't to be known as the one who spoiled things for you."

"Spoiled what?"

"Do you know we had been waiting this day for hundreds of years?"

"The day of you retrieving the Tome?"

"No. The day of light."

"What light?"

"Legends told, that the tyrannical Shogunate will fall to the Righteous the day the Light comes to the home of the Dragons of Blood and empowers them."

"The Light? Hold on...." I sudden knew what he was talking about. "You were descendants of the Japanese on Earth, and Akira in Japanese means light.... Are you trying to say that we will bring about the fall of the Kusari Government? The Federation will not permit this. I will not permit this...."

"You may not necessarily be leading us into battle. Your actions will bring the destiny about in subtle ways that you won't notice."

"Erm...." I was confused. "All right."

"Captain," Alisha said, "engaging docking procedures, sir."

"All right. Blue Alert until we are done."

After a few minutes, the Akira jerked to a stop. A slight hiss indicated that we had successfully docked with station and the airlock was connected.

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Monday, October 20th 2008, 4:17pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57719.23

We are now docked with Kyoto Base, a large, hollowed out asteroid with a whole city built inside. With an internal atmosphere and artificial gravity. This is the home for thousands of Blood Dragons.

Their history goes back to the fourth century after the colony ships reached Sirius. The founding members of the group were the Shogun's Royal Guard during the Hideyoshi family dynasty.

In a bloody coup during the celebration of the revived Sakura festival in 321 AS, the Shogun was surrounded in the palace by Samura-backed elements of the military and asked to surrender, along with the Royal Guard. The Shogun, humiliated by the shame he had brought to his family, committed suicide. The guards, headed by Kozue Okamura, did not acquiesce so easily.

In a bloody battle, they fought their way out of the palace and retreated into the darkness of northern Kusari space, namely the Chugoku System. There they regrouped, built the Kyoto Base and began a centuries-long guerrilla campaign aimed at overthrowing the Samura-controlled Kusari government.

The Blood Dragons are a tight group who hold the sympathy and support of several individuals in the highest levels of Kusari government. They periodically launch surgical strikes and commando raids from their Kyoto base designed to destabilize the current government to the point where sympathetic officials could potentially seize power.

They are perhaps, the best pilots in Sirius. Even with such few numbers they managed to severely threaten the Kusari Government.

They also believed in something called "The Coming Of the Light". Which meant that when a thing called "Light", or in their Kusarian, "Akira", comes to the Blood Dragons, the end of the current Kusari Regime, and their victory, is near.

Thus our arrival caused quite a stir among Blood Dragon ranks. They began to see us as their destiny ,their victory.... And began revering, almost worshiping us.

I cannot allow that to happen. The Blood Dragons do not and do not want to understand that the name of this ship and their Legacy are things from two different places. It is just all a case of extreme misunderstanding and coincidence. No more, no less.

Anyhow, I had allowed my crew and myself some shore leave. But I had explicitly ordered that the Prime Directive must be followed to the letter.

End of log.

I walked around the streets of Kyoto, everyone I saw looked at me, in fact, at every Starfleet Officer, with a very slight awe. I felt somewhat distasted. We are definitely not going to help them out too much. I thought. When they realize we are not their saviors.... Will they feel ruined? Will we ruin them?

I found myself standing on the landing pad and remembered my purpose here. Trent, Jun'ko, Ozu and a man called Lord Hakkera were in intense conversation on the pad.

I was told that Hakkera was the covert ops head of the Blood Dragons.

They looked sober, though, a complete surprise to me as I thought that they should be drinking happily in a bar now, cerebrating their success.

"What's happening?" I walked to them, and asked. "You look as if something went wrong."

"Yes...." Hakkera said, with his head down at a slight angle. "I am sorry, Captain...."

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"The transport.... There is no Tome in it's cargo hold.... And Tekagi was a fake!"

What?!! I thought, How could this be?! But after overcoming the initial shock, it actually made sense. If I am Tekagi and was bringing something that my enemies want badly around, I would make the trip in a battleship with full escort. And I would make some decoys too. A vulnerable transport with some defense for my enemies to bite on while I take the Tome to my happy place.... The perfect plan....

"Then do you know where he is?" Trent asked.

"We are back to square zero. We need time to track him down," Hakkera became more enthusiastic, "for good, this time."

"Good luck then, keep in touch." Jun'ko said.

"I promise," Hakkera said as he walked to his ship, a blue, boxy affair. "Tekagi will meet his end soon."

We watched as the blue ship lifted up and flew towards the airlock. They called it a Series Z "Sabre" Class Very Heavy Fighter. It did look heavy, but I couldn't imagine it doing any fight.

"Hey, people," Trent began, "let head to the bar, I am paying."

"All right." Jun'ko followed him. "What about you?"

"Okay." And I walked along with Trent.

The bar resembled the bowels of a medieval European Castle. Dark, made of carved stone and statutes of gargoyles standing guard at every corner.

We found a four-seater. Trent went to get the drinks.

"I will go for a Sidewinder Fang. Jun'ko?" He asked.

"Musudo Sake."


"I will have a glass of cold water." I answered, and got Trent looking at me strangely.

"Are you sure?" He asked doubtfully.

"Yes. Sorry but I never drink alcoholic beverages." I replied, like a Vulcan, in my opinion.

A few minutes later, Trent returned with three drinks in his hands.

"Enjoy!" And we clinked our glasses.

I gulped the cold water down and felt something wrong. Instead of cooling me down it heat me up and everything were spinning. I had a vague idea of what was happening but couldn't express it. I made muffled noises and fumbled for my hypospray. It fell to the ground. I tried to pick it up, but I fell off my seat instead. After a long crawl for the hypospray, I grabbed it, stuffed a vial of something I hoped could save me from further disgrace into the spray, and pressed the hypospray against my arm.

An icy aura diffused from the hypospray and into my bloodstream. It purged all the dizziness and heat from my system and I stood back up, one hand holding the table for support.

I sat back into my seat and looked around. Jun'ko looked at me sympathetically. Trent merely grinned.

I poured the 'Cold Water' onto the floor, quickly pulled out my phaser, set it to maximum heating (startling Trent and Jun'ko in the process), aimed it at the puddle, and fired.

The liquid brunt with a blue flame and quickly brunt out.

"Trent," I began, "did you know that alcohol is a very volatile liquid? And It seems that you put something extra along with that in my 'Cold Water' so that it brunt with a blue flame."

"Heh...." Trent had nothing much to say. "Must had swapped Jun'ko's Saki with your water."

"Riigghhttt. Since when did we put water in bone china and Sake in water-glasses?"

"Errm.... Today?"

I removed the vial in the hypospray and put it in front of Trent's eyes, so that he could read the words.

"Rehakpheale." I said. "used as a Fast-Acting Alcohol Neutralizer."


"Lucky for you and me. I don't have to face the crew as a drunkard, and you don't have to drag me back to my ship!"

Everyone in the bar gave uneasy stares at us.

"Sorry.... I didn't know that you were allergic to alcohol. But can you please put that," Trent pointed at my drawn phaser, "down first?"

I holstered the phaser, much to the bar patrons' relief.

"It's Cool Flame, a cocktail with Alliphas tequila and some Liberty Ale in it. I thought you'd like it."

"Jun'ko," I turned to her, "may you be so kind to remind me to invite Mr. Trent to the Akira's bar when we meet again?"

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Thursday, October 23rd 2008, 3:03pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57729.71

The Akira is currently exploring the Sigma-19 System, after taking a few backdoors to evade Kusari patrols. While waiting for Tekagi to be tracked down.

Our reason here is rather strange. A few hours ago, while exploring the Sigma-13 System, we received a strange signal originating from Sigma-19. The signal was badly distorted by the nebulous environment of Sigma-13 but the message seemed to conform to standard Federation encoding, in other words, it may perhaps be a message from another Federation Starship. If this is true, we first have to warn them of the threat of the parasites. Then we may arrange returning home.

We are now trying to locate the precise origin of the signal now.

End of log.

"Scan results?" I asked Slaavok.

"A signature is in the ammonium patch in the system."

"All right, Alisha, take us there."

We were halfway there when we were hailed.

"Onscreen." I said.

"Audio only, sir." Kamel said.

"This is the Federation Starship USS Monarch. Identify yourself!"

I recognized that voice, it was Miles Miller, a friend of mine when we were serving on the Antares. He sound worried, though. And it was not normal for a Federation Captain to request identification so rudely.

"This is USS Akira, Miles, it that you?"

"Finally!" Miles said, relived, "You sly old buggard!"

"I see that you got yourself a ship."

"And more. We are here to look for you."


"Four ships, my friend. The people here attacked us without warning and we were chased for days. We found this place to hide." His tone turned to a sneaky, impish one, "Did you do anything to drive the people here mad?"

"It was a long story, Miles." I said, pressing a few keys on my console, "Uploading everything we know to you now."

I allowed some tine for Miles to digest the information.

Meanwhile, the Akira took position alongside the Monarch. A Sovereign Class Starship.

The Akira was no match to neither the Monarch's equipment nor it's beauty.

Her escorts were as impressive. The USS Thunderchild, and the USS Yeltsin, both Akira Class Starships and the USS T'Kumbra, a Nebula Class Starship.

It was a while before anyone spoke.

"Hmmmm...." Miles finally began, "These parasites you said of.... If they get into Starfleet Command, we are in serious trouble."

"That's why I want to stay and help out." I replied.

"Well. They can archive FTL, and that means we can help.... I will have to inform Starfleet of this. Hang in there...."

A few minutes passed as Miles explained the situation to Starfleet Command.

"Okay! Starfleet's given us the go-ahead. Akira, lead the way."

"Set course to the following coordinates." I transmitted the coordinates to Kyoto Base.

We arrived just in time to bump into Ozu and Trent's ships hurrying to the Tohoku jumphole.

"This is Ozu, we had tracked Tekagi and the Tome down. He's in the Heaven's Arch now but he will soon depart for Rhineland. We must hurry."

Rhineland?! Why would Tekagi want to go there? Along with the Tome? This is not good.

"This is the Akira, entering formation." I said, "Ozu, we've brought friends."

"I am indeed surprised," Ozu said, "where did those ships come from?"

"This is Commodore Miles Miller speaking aboard the USS Monarch, we came looking for the Akira, now not only we've found her, we've also found some adventure too."

"I may have to disappoint you, but this is no adventure. Tekagi's defenders are powerful."

"Our ships ain't weaklings either."

We found ourselves in front of the jumphole.

"Trent and I will go first to inform the Dragon Assault Force of the new development. You may go in next."

And with that, their ships disappeared into the jumphole.

"Miller to taskforce, prepare enter the jumphole, Akira, take point."

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Saturday, October 25th 2008, 5:48pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Waiting for us on other side was a cyan-blue nebula.

"This system is littered with hidden defenses and patrols," Ozu began, "we have a secret outpost in this nebula to monitor the Arch. I am uploading coordinates."

"Coordinates received." I said, "Set course."

Soon Ryuku Base was in view, a secret outpost of the Blood Dragons, built in an asteroid.

There was also the largest Blood Dragon fleet I had ever seen.

More than 30 fighters were on stand-by. Each piloted by Sirius' very best. It suddenly dawned on me the scale of the resistance we were about to face.

"This is Outpost Ryuku, long range scans indicate a large fleet of ships outside the Arch. It seems Tekagi is preparing to leave."

"If we don't hurry," Ozu said, "we will lose the chance of retrieving the tome.... And ending Tekagi's life...."

"We are uploading coordinates of the Arch to all of you now." The operator of Ryuku said, "Long Live The Dragons!"

"This is Miller, all ships prepare for combat! Proceed to the Arch."

"Red Alert!" I ordered, "All hands to battlestations! Set course to the Heaven's Arch, now!"

We were still working our way through the nebula when another squadron of Dragon Class Fighters joined us. But they were of Tekagi's guards!

"Break and engage." Ozu said, and the Blood Dragons began methodically downing the Naval Fighters.

"Lock phasers," Miller ordered, "fire!"

Four red-orange phaser streams shot out of the Monarch's phaser banks and raced to four of the hostile fighters. Their shields were instantly cracked and their hulls began to melt. Within seconds what was once four fighters was now four pieces of molten metal.

"Well," I said, "can't let Miles take all the credit. Strum, fire at will."

"Yes sir!" He said, and four streams of blazing, superheated particles streaked out of the Akira and found their mark. Another four heaps of molten scrap and we were even with the Monarch.

And the fight was over.

"That's the easy part," the captain of the Thunderchild said, "And there's the hard part."

As the nebula cleared, we realized that he was right.

In front of my eyes was the one of the most elegant objects I had ever seen in my life, and guarding it, a full Kusari fleet.

The Heaven's Arch was an arch set on an asteroid. it may look unimpressive when in other places, but with the blue hue and the sun of the Tohoku as a backdrop, it was simply perfect.

"The Heaven's Arch," Ozu began, "built by Kusari's best architects, was once hailed as one of the seven wonders of Sirius. Now it is a sign of tyranny. Today, we are going to return it to it's former, unblemished glory."

It wasn't perfect though, Kusari Naval ship were crawling everywhere and a battleship of theirs, which looked like some sort of switchblade, stood between us and the Tome.

"Let's get close to the arch and beam the Tome out." I suggested, "Minimizing losses from both side and surprising Tekagi, imagine his face when his most prized possession vanishes in front of him."

"You are so evil!" joked Miller.

"You had forgotten that we still need to kill Tekagi." Ozu said.

"Why did you hate him so badly?" The Captain of the Yeltsin asked.

"I will explain later."

"All right!" I said, "Let's take that battleship out first."

"I am reading a shield generator array surrounding the docking section of the Arch." Ozu informed, "We must take it down!"

"On it!" Trent headed for the generators.

"This is Miller to all ships, break and engage!"

Trent was way ahead of us and began taking fire from the battleship. The Akira distracted her with a few quantum torpedoes. One of them blew one of the battleship's front 'blades' off.

This enraged the battleship captain, and the battleship turned at the Akira, then charged.

That was Trent's chance! He fired a few torpedoes into one generator, and it exploded brilliantly.

"One down," Trent shouted, "three more to go!"

The Akira began to take fire from the battleship. We returned fire and somehow managed to blow off the other front "Blade".

Now the battleship's crew was really mad. It turned broadside at the Akira, and began firing like there was no tomorrow.

"Evasive maneuvers!" I yelled. "Looks like we've got their attention!"

The Akira shook most of the incoming blasts off, but still some hit our ship.

"Shields at 74%." Slaavok reported. Not good.

"Their status?" I asked.

"Their hull integrity is at 80%, sir!" Strum shouted.

"We need something that they won't expect...." I suddenly have an idea, "Computer, engage manual steering column!"

A few joysticks popped out of my console.

The Akira charged at the battleship, doing barrel rolls in the process, then slipped under the battleship, did an Immelmann turn around her, and fired at the split second the Akira was directly above the battleship's bridge.

The battleship shook for a bit, and began to drift away, dead like a beheaded dragon.

"The battleship is down!" I shouted, proud with myself.

"We are getting the upper hand in this fight." Miller said, "T'Kumbra, go and get the Tome out. We will cover you."

The 'cover' was redundant though, as the Kusari fleet had been reduced to a mere handful of fighters and gunboats.

"This is the T'Kumbra," the Vulcan captain said calmly. "we are unable to use our transporters to retrieve the Proteus Tome. It is kept in a chamber lined with transporter-proof materials within the Arch."

"How did they figure that out?!" Miller asked.

"Whatever," I said, "now we only have one choice left-board the Arch."

"The second generator is down, people," Trent said, "almost there for the third one...."

A bright explosion at the tip of the Arch indicated that the third generator had just been destroyed. The Akira swooped in and began firing on the last.

"This is the Akira, I will lead the boarding party." I took up the intercom, "Lt.Drayla, prepare a security team, take some of the heavy equipment along with you too, we may need to break a few doors. Garon, you have the bridge."

"Yes, sir."Garon replied.

"Don't worry," I said as I left the bridge, "I won't get myself killed."

After a quick turbolift ride, I entered the ship's armory. Drayla was already distributing phasers to 4 other security officers. I took a type 2 pulse-phaser and a type-1 phaser.

"All right!" Drayla shouted as I holstered my weapons, "Listen up! This is a forced entry situation. Get in quick, get the Tome and get out. The captain's tagging along, so don't not let him down, okay?"

"Yes Madam!" The Security officers said in unison.

"Good! Now move out!"

We marched though a few corridors and were in the transporter room.

"Energize!" I said.

Everything turned light blue, then black.

The darkness quickly faded and we found ourself in the main docking bay of the Arch. A Falcon Class and a Blood Dragon Class starfighter were already landing. Trent and Ozu's ships.

They quickly jumped out their cockpits. Ozu was wielding a photon piston while Trent sported dual laser guns.

I took out my pulse phaser and held it tightly. I scouted around, but the well-trained security officers were more coordinated, and finished the job quickly.

"Area secured, madam." One of the officers, Lt. Fester Jakob, said, "It's strange, there isn't any guards around to try to repel us."

"Maybe they've retreated and barricaded themselves." I suggested.

"More likely they are planning an ambush," Drayla said, "stay sharp."

Stepping cautiously, we made our way to the central chamber of the Arch, where the Tome was located.

We soon came to the last corridor leading to the chamber. I had been scanning everything we came across with a tricorder for hidden explosive devices or various traps. I pointed it at the door, and it detected three lifesigns.

"Somebody's behind that door." I whispered, "Get ready! Phasers to stun, kill only when you absolutely have to!"

We stood on the sides of the door, ready to point our weapons at the unsuspecting guards.

I interfaced the door lock mechanism with my tricorder, it slid open smoothly. I bolted out, aimed my phaser at the three men and pulled the trigger.

A small stream of energy pellets flew across the corridor and hit the guards, they promptly fell, without even firing back.

"Nice shooting, captain." Drayla said," I didn't expect your trigger-finger to be so quick."

"Thank you for praising." I said, "I just got lucky. Someone please disarm them and tie them up, I don't want them waking up and banzai-charging at us."

Lt. Adora Marianela went to the guards, kicked the guns off their hands, seized their katanas, then restrained them with electromagnetic handcuffs and footcuffs. "If we need to take them prisoner," she explained, "the handcuffs comes with transporter tags."

I scanned the guards. "Hmmm.... They are not infected.... Should be safe to keep onboard the ship."

"What are you talking about?" Trent asked.

"Long story." I said, "I will show you after we are done here."

We hurried through the corridor and to the main chamber.

The main chamber was large and circular, with particle fountain at the center and a ring of skywindows for a ceiling that let one look out into the stars. The view was magnificent.

"It's empty!" Lt. Vikenti Miroslav said in surprise.

"Where's everybody?" Lt. Kristian Pall asked, "Bingo?"

If this was a part of a normal chat I would have laughed. But since it wasn't no one appreciated the joke.

I pointed at a large, box like lounge overlooking the fountain with my tricorder. "There, the Tome is there!"

"Then where is Tekagi?" Ozu asked, impatiently.

"Maybe he chickened out." Trent answered.

"More likely a trap," Drayla said, "captain, are you reading any thing weird on that tricorder of yours?"

"Hmmm.... The room has it's own air circulation system and air tanks.... In case of the breakage of one of those skywindows perhaps?"

Drayla looked at the tricorder. "With all due respect sir, you may be a good space captain but you are just too naive for boarding action. Those air tanks you spoke of are filled with neural gas. And the doors can be closed and locked remotely."

"You mean that someone is monitoring us, waiting to nab us when we're all in that room?"

"Seems so to me."

"Then we have to think of something.... And fast."

(P.S. 800+ views and no comments? Come on. Please send me some, so I can know if the fic is good or not.)

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Sunday, October 26th 2008, 3:35pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

I scanned the chamber carefully once more, and quickly outlined my plan to everyone.

"That chamber is the only place with a hidden camera," I said, "If they see anyone in there they will trigger the trap. Drayla, I want you and your team to bring your door-breaching kit with you, and put on your personal air purifiers. When the gas pours in, play dead. Trent, Ozu and I will hide outside. If they see you lying in there they are going to come and investigate. When I give the word you will blow the door out from the inside. And we will give them a nasty surprise. Got it?"

"Okay, sir."

Drayla's team entered the chamber while Ozu, Trent and I hid behind a railing. The door snapped shut as expected. I heard a slight snap and gas began pouring in the chamber, following a few muffles thuds.

"Now the wait begins." Ozu whispered.

We couched there for nearly half an hour. Then a door at the opposite end of the chamber opened, a few guardsmen rushed out, followed by someone escorted by four more men. These men wore differently from the Kusari guard we met along along the way. They were the elite guards of Tekagi.

Tekagi was a large man, slightly obese though mush fitter than Tobias. Wearing some sort of traditional Kusari-Japanese outfit.

We waited with trembling hands until the vanguards were upon the door.

I pressed my commbadge, "Do it!" I shouted, then stood up, aimed my phaser at the two men and dozens of phaser bolts swept both of them down.

The door then exploded outwards, the door panels flying across the chamber. Drayla and her team rushed out, phasers in hand, and began firing at Tekagi. His guards returned fire but missed. They were hit by the team's phaser beams and went down. I pointed my phaser at Tekagi and shouted, "You are surrounded, surrender at once!"

Tekagi began to put his arms up, for a moment I thought he was indeed going to submit to us. But then, to our horror, two blades suddenly slid out into his hands, then he aimed his left arm at me.

On instinct I leaded to my left, a silver shade flew across the air and I looked behind me to see the blade, embedded into a wall at the other side of the chamber. Then my right arm felt moist. I turned my head and saw it nicked by the blade, it bled a lot but wasn't lethal.

I aimed and fired. Bolt after blot hit Tekagi's large body but he didn't even flinch. He raised his other arm. Everyone fired too, but he felt nothing.

I set my phaser to kill and resumed firing. He spun around and fell face-down to the floor.

I walked to him and examined his body.I turned to Ozu. "Well, that's it, your nemesis is dead and-"

I heard something weird behind and turned. A blue, slug-like lifeform shot it's many tentacles reaching for my neck. It lifted me a meter above the floor and began to strangle me. I tried to undo it's arms but couldn't, suddenly it's grip loosened and I fell back onto the floor, next to my phaser. Drayla and her team fired at the lifeform. I took up the phaser and fired. But it soon ran out of power.

"AAAARRAGGHARGHHHHH!!!" I screamed and reloaded the phaser with a fresh power pack. And unloaded a full power-pack worth of energy into it. The lifeform fell over. I lose control, kept screaming and began smashing it with the butt of my phaser. I kept on smashing and screaming until the phaser snapped in half.

I backed off the now inert lifeform and realized what I had done. I felt dizzy and set down at a corner. I looked at my hands and saw, for the first time, the blue blood on it. I put them down, looked at the lifeform, looked at my hands again, my mind flooded with emotion. I broke down and cried.

"It's all right, sir," Adora said, "you didn't have a choice but to kill it. Or it's the other way around."

"I killed an intelligent lifefrom...." I sobbed, "We could have talked with it, to know what it wanted.... It may just be a misunderstanding...."

"If this is just 'a misunderstanding'," Ozu said, "they don't have to manipulate us into fighting with each other, and trying to kill us all. You did what you must do."

"Well, if they must blame," Trent said, the Tome in his hand, "say it's a little misunderstanding of your own." And grinned.

"Put yourself together, sir." Drayla said. "We still have work to do."

"All right.... Akira, beam us up."

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Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

We were securing the Arch when I returned to the bridge after a lengthy decontamination. We had transferred the captured Kusari Guards to Blood Dragon custody.

"Nice job!" I patted Garon at his back, "Garon, I've reviewed the battle footage. Well, I couldn't have ever thought of that-doing a somersault with a starship to evade fire. Hmmm.... that's something I can learn."

"And congratulations to you for not getting yourself killed." He said, and we chuckled.

"Sir," Strum said, "Hakkera is coming to secure the area, Jun'ko's gone along with him."

"All right," I said, "tell him that we've got the Tome and let's go and get it to Sinclair and Quintane."

"Hailing frequencies open, sir." Kamel said.

"Hakkera," I said, "where is Sinclair and Quintane? We have the Tome and will bring it to them."

"I shall do this for you, there are more important things you and your Federation friends must do, come with me to Kyoto, I will explain on the way."

"Alisha, set formation Alpha-6-D with Hakkera's wing." I tapped my console and relayed Hakkera's message to Miles. "Miller, did you get the message?"

"Loud and clear. We are forming up." He said, "Lord Hakkera, what is so urgent that we have to be pulled out like this?"

"Had you seen the boarding footage?"

"Sure.... That parasite Sy killed.... Well I didn't expect it to be so large...."

"We know them as the 'Nomads', they've been infiltrating the houses for months evensince the Rhineland Expedition returned. Until now, no one had seen a nomad with their eyes and lived. Now they've taken over Rhineland, and are attacking the other houses. The Rhineland West Fleet is pushing up to Kusari as we speak."

"You want us to destroy it?" Miles asked.

"No, we shall do the job. But instead, may you stand by in Rhineland?"

"To hide in the Lion's Den, why?" I asked.

"We have an informant in Rhineland that had important intelligence that can turn the tides to our favor. But his cover was blown and he is being hunted. Trent will extract him but we need you to act on whatever information he's given us. We have a vague idea of that information-In his previous reports he had mentioned of 'Prototype Rhineland Battleships" and he believed that they are not of human origin."

"Any ideas on their armament?" Asked Miles.

"No. And that's why we need the informant so urgently. Once I had arranged with Trent, we will proceed to Rhineland space."

"Understood. Monarch out."

"It's a bit uncomfortable to being bossed around by someone not from Starfleet, isn't it?" I asked.

"They are only ones around here who knows what to do," Miles said, "besides, it's better to unite than to work for the same objective individually."


"Captain! Three Rhineland gunboats! Decloaking off the port bow!" Strum suddenly shouted.

"Red Alert, battlestations!"

The Akira rose her shields within the fraction of a second. Deflecting the incoming fire away or absorbing it.

"Phasers locked!" Sturm said, "Firing!"

The two edges of the bow phaser strip lit up with energy, then the two globes of light moved in the opposite sides, finally meeting at the tip of the bow. Then it turned into three beams and went for the gunboats.

"Direct hit!"

The damage done was catastrophic. One gunboat lost it's engines and went tumbling, straight into another gunboat. The last gunboat was punctured, a hole brunt through the length of the ship-from the bow to the engine exhaust. Green gas flowed out of the hole like blood. Then it exploded.

Lord Hakkera and his wing destroyed the escort fighters with stunning ease.

"They knew of the Tome.... And want them back." The Captain of the Yeltsin said, "Hakkera, they will be hunting you all over the place.... Let's just say that I don't think you can make it with the Tome to the scientists. Perhaps we will take the Tome to them instead."

"No," Hakkera said, "if we were to defeat those experimental battleships, we are going to need heavy firepower, only your ships can provide that."

"Starfleet? Heavy firepower?" I asked, "These two words don't often come together in the same sentence."

"They do now."

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Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Excellently done AH5, luckily the story you have written is only just behind howe far I have got ingame, so no spoilers for me!

Congrats and well done!!

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Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57743.87

The Akira is currently in the Frankfurt System, docked to the Bruchsal Base. We were told to receive the informant here as the original scheduled meeting place, Honsu System, had been overran by the Rhineland Fleet. Rhineland Military presence in this Rhineland core system was surprisingly sparse. As most of their ships were out of the fatherland, fighting the other houses for the gain of the Nomads. Thus slipping into Rhineland was extremely easy. But what worried me the most was the fact that things seems to be going too smoothly for us, we'd encountered no real difficulties in our encounters with the Nomads. It is irrational but I had a sort of gut feeling deep down that the Nomads know of our plans, and we are sailing blindly into a trap.

No matter what the odds, though, the Federation shall prevail.

End of log.

I was sitting in the big chair, relaxing and reading the file of the informant, Herr Von Claussen, kindly provided by Lord Hakkera.

He was a legend in the colonies for being the greatest tactician ever lived in the history of Sirius. He was also a great pilot, and it was said that under he had never lost any of his wingman. I doubted it, though. Perhaps his qualities were added by the people who admired him, and may derivate from the truth. I turned to the next page for his photo.

Before I could see how he looked like, a wing of Rhineland fighters suddenly uncloaked and began attacking.

"All hands to battlestations!" I shouted, throwing the file away at an empty corner, "Raise shields! Strum! Lock phasers! Fire at will!"

"I am reading something weird on those fighters...." Miles said through the comm. "Holy! Those are plasma torpedoes!"

On cue, globes of searing green plasma shot out of the Rhineland fighters and homed onto us.

I peeked at my sensors readout and let my jaws drop a little. "Miles," I said, "they are using disruptors as their main weapon!"

"Where did they get those?! It's not like they had deals with the Romulans or something."

"I don't know, but each of those Valkyries carry as much hurt as a Klingon Bird of Prey! Watch out!"

Some of the fighters took hits from our phasers, but their shields were much tougher than the ones normally used in the colonies. But their hulls were not too resilient and we managed to keep the fight under our control.

"This is Von Claussen," A voice full of confidence began, "I see that our heavy artillery has arrived, Trent, let's take the attackers down."

"My pleasure." Trent said with a certain bit of smugness in his voice.

A lucky hit of a quantum torpedo from the Monarch vaporized a Valkyrie while the Akira's phasers took another one down. The Thunderchild managed to hit the engine system of a Valkyrie and sending it veering into an asteroid.

Trent began firing at the Valkyries, after a few initial comments about how tough the Rhinelanders had suddenly become, had a good time downing hostiles, though Von Claussen seemed to do it a little bit quicker.

"The enemy squadron strength is down to ten percent!" Strum yelled.

"Rhinelanders.... Don't you see? Today you die." Von Claussen said, coldly.

The fight, though tougher that what we had expected, ended well for us. We lost only five fighters, and most interestingly, the loss was incurred before Von Claussen came into the picture.

"Good show." The station master applauded, "Herr Von Claussen, please land and tell us what we must do."

"So he is the leader of a underground resistance," I thought, "surprising."

"Federation allies," Von Claussen began politely, "please meet me on the base, for we have urgent matters to discuss about."

(Next chapter will feature a small Federation taskforce vs ST tech Rhineland Fleet!)

(Thanks for your timely comment! I was losing motivation but now I'd found it again!)

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Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

I and the Akirs's senior officers materialized on the docking deck of the Bruchsal Base, surprising many of the base's crew.

This base was owned by the Bundschuh, the organization was believed to be founded by a group of New Berlin University students in 679 AS, the movement had much support among the liberal elite of New Berlin, tired of the corrupt practices of the government that had led them to financial ruin near the end of the 80-Years War. During the Dresden rebellion of 700 AS, the Bundschuh found their first official cause -- shipping supplies "liberated" from Frankfurt to the Kruger and Daumann rebels. Three months after that, sympathetic maintenance workers started sabotaging Daumann manufacturing operations in New Berlin. The industrial heart of Rheinland stopped beating, and the Popular Revolution had begun.

Five years later the Emperor was overthrown,, and a new coalition government was established in its place. While the Bundschuh initially pushed for a full investigation into the activities of companies such as Kruger Mining and Daumann Heavy Construction, more pragmatic elements within the government decided that for the newly formed Rheinland Republic to succeed, it needed the support of the aristocrats who controlled those and other major companies. Both Kruger and Daumann were eventually required to pay substantial reparations intended to "improve the Rheinland Republic for the good of all people," and all Rheinland companies were forced to comply with a newly ratified Workers' Rights Convention.

Bitter at being cheated by this new government, the Bundschuh took to their arms again and began the underground struggle for freedom. They are now gathering sympathizers for a new revolution and hopefully, a new Rhineland where there is no oppression and exploitation of people.

Now realizing the nomad infestation, they had dedicated all of their resources to assist the Order on their mission to protect the colonies.

The officers of the rest of the taskforce soon arrived, to our surprise, in a runabout. Trent's Falcon and Von Claussen's Valkyrie began to set themselves down.

The runabout USS Wakenitz landed and Miles was the first to come out.

"Hey," he began, "Long time no see!"

"You know," I shook his hand, "it's not exactly grammatically correct. A good alternative is-"

"Forgive my interruption," Von Claussen's voice came behind me, "but it's not time time for grammatical discussions."

He led us to the base conference room. A smallish rectangular chamber with a window looking out into space. A few people, presumably high-level Bundschuh, had already taken their seats. We found ours and made ourselves comfortable.

"Let me introduce," Von Claussen said, "this is Botzler, the commander of this Bundschuh base."

One of the seated men waved at me.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Miles was faster. "Commodore Miles Mandras Miller, Commanding officer of the USS Monarch and the Leader of this Federation taskforce. It is my pleasure to meet you, and I am impressed by your defiance to oppression and tyranny, to strive for your ideals against impossible odds...."

There was a reason why Miles was a flag officer while I am only a captain of a single starship. He had a sort of ability to befriend others with his words alone, making him fit for being a diplomat.

His tactical and strategical skills were also very good, being one of the apprentices of the master Zakdorn strategist Sirna Kolrami, and famous for inventing a space version of the (in)famous Blitzkrieg tactic, although it was mooted by Starfleet Command for being too aggressive, it was well-received by the Klingons and was hailed by them as "The Ultimate Plan".

It could be said that Miles was more or less the exact sort of person Starfleet was looking for:Excelling in both diplomacy and tactics, he can promote and uphold the Federation's ethics and value in all situations while managing emerge victorious should the situation deteriorate to the point where armed conflict is unavoidable.

Eventually Miles felt the building air of impatience and quickly ended his short impromptu speech.

"Thank you," Von Claussen said, "now I shall get to the point."

A hologram blinked into existence above the table, it was a representation of the Frankfurt system. A particular patch near the Bruchsal Base was flashing red.

"I had confirmed the location of the prototype shipyard," he pointed at the red patch. "The Rhineland Military is building some sort of ships there. I am not sure of the exact specifications, but I can assure you that these ships, where ever they came from, are definitely not of human origin."

The Bundschuh whispered to each other, shocked by the fact. Trent, who was seated just next to me, tapped my shoulder, "We are dealing with aliens on this one, any pointers?"

I didn't know if he meant pointers to converse or to engage the aliens, so I answered him sloppily. "Just keep an open mind, I think."

"I doubt doing that will put a dent on them."

Now I realized what he was talking about.

"Just give it your best shot," I advised, "don't get too surprised with whatever things you will encounter. Stay cool and you will be all right."


"The site is very well defended," Von Claussen continued, "a sphere of mines surrounds the perimeter of the shipyard by a 50 KM radius. Within the minefield are numerous automated sentries and guard posts, designed to warn the shipyard of any intruders and stopping minor intrusions. The whole Rhineland South Fleet was defending the shipyard itself, be expected to meet at least two battleships and more than six cruisers with full escorts."

"The mines is low-yield, but emit strong ionizing radiation as their explosive charges are highly radioactive. This can be countered with heavy hull paneling and a constant use of hull-patch nanobots."

"And fortunately for us," Miles commented, "the radiation won't harm our vessels."

The starfield dissolved and was replaced with a detailed holographic model of a Rhineland Battleship.

"These Rhineland ships had received some sort of refit from the shipyard, and are now sporting powerful weapons that would have taken us decades to invent. In addition, they had managed to equip shields on all their ships, including the capitals."

The turrets on the battleship flashed and then the hologram zoomed onto one of the turrets. It took on an uncanny resemblance to a pair of Klingon disruptors mounted on a platform.

"This seems to be a new Rhineland energy weapon, it is able to deal extreme damage and had a high refire rate. A version of this weapon had been adapted onto fighters, as we saw during the earlier attack."

"That thing's power signatures matched that of a pulse disruptor, and is very likely to be one." I said, "It is a common sight in our universe, used primarily by the Klingon Empire. I don't know how the Rhineland Military or the Nomads managed to get their hands on such technology but I can tell you this:It's power output is slightly higher than our phasers, but loses it's punch over range. Also, since it is fired in pulses, or in a stream of energy pellets, it is easy to evade, unlike our phasers, which can not be dodged once target lock is achieved."

"Thank you for this information," Von Claussen said as another weapon is brought into the limelight, "And this is their heavy weapon-it is some sort of heavy plasma cannon, but with tracking abilities and had a very efficient magnetic bottle that allows it to hold much more plasma than anything we had."

"That's a Plasma Torpedo." Strum said, "very dangerous to anything, it is able to severely disrupt shields and devastate unprotected hulls should it hit. The torpedo itself does not travel very quickly though, and not only it is easy to get out of the way, but it is actually possible to disrupt the magnetic bottle with weapons fire, effectively weakening the damage potential of the plasma torpedo. One last thing, as in all plasma weapons, it has a very short effective range."

"It's strange...." Miles said, "how did the Nomads get weapons only found in our universe.... Disruptors could be bought in the black market but the Romulans won't give one of their most powerful weapons out like this. Unless they had already infected the Romulan Government.... But the Romulans had one of the best counter-infiltration force in the galaxy...."

"Then the Romulans must have traded their weapons technology with the Nomads for something in return," I reasoned, "but what is it?"

"The Kruger Corporation had been sending large shipments of strange crystals, something called 'Dilithium'," Von Claussen said, "into an unknown location in the Omegas. But we have more urgent matters at hand."

The hologram of the plasma torpedo turret faded and was replaced by an image the shipyard, and the outlying minefield.

"We will split into two forces," Von Claussen pointed at a opening in the minefield, "this is an opening for the access of capital ships, and will be very well defended, as the Rhineland Fleet expect any attackers to take the obvious route. The Federation ships and two squadrons will be Strike Group 1, which will engage the Rhineland Fleet and to draw most of the shipyard defenders away."

A shrunken version of Miles' taskforce and the Akira appeared at the opening, attracting several Rhineland Military ships. And began fighting holographically.

"Strike Force 2, composed of fighters, will weave through the mines, and destroy the shipyard compound while the defense force is busy engaging Strike Force 1. Once this is done, Strike Force 2 will proceed to enter this jumphole, which is within the minefield, Strike Force 1 will then retreat, and we will rendezvous in the Hamburg System."

On the opposite edge of the minefield, dozens of fighters of various configurations, evaded the mines and began wreaking havoc in the shipyard.

Curiously, the prototype shipyard was shown empty. "Do you have any idea on the visual profile of the prototype ships?" I asked.

"I am sorry, but my contact was killed moments after he told me that the ships were not of human origin."

"May he or she rest in peace." Miles said.

"It's she, actually. Now, is there any problems with the plan?"

Miles leaned at Von Claussen and whispered something into his ear.

"What? Your ships can do this? Then we have a change in our plans."

Miles typed something into a keyboard and a technical cut-away diagram of USS T'Kumbra appeared.

"The USS T'Kumbra had been equipped with a prototype repulsor probe. Designed to disperse minefields, it works by going deep into the minefield and detonating, producing a shockwave that will repel any object within a 3KM radius. With that, we can make our own opening instead of engaging the Rhineland Fleet directly. The probe can be used at the very same location as the entry point for Strike Force 2, which is the least defended spot of the shipyard. We will use another one to clear a path for the exit jumphole. My taskforce, minus the T'Kumbra, will engage and draw the Rhineland Fleet at the main entrance. The Akira, the T'Kumbra and rest of Strike Force 2 will enter through the backdoor and destroy the shipyard. Are there any questions?"

Everyone remained silent in approval.

"Excellent! Than we should go and get ourselves ready!"

A few hours later, after we ran diagnosis and optimized our ships' systems, we were on our way.

The Akira, T'Kumbra, Trent, Von Claussen and dozens of Bundschuh fighters led by Botzler approached the minefield.

We stopped thirty kilometers short of the minefield.

"Mrs. Kamel," I said, "please contact with the Monarch."

"Hailing frequengies open, sir."

"This is Strike Force 2, we are in position, how about you, Miles?"

"We are in position.... Rhineland ships spotted, engaging!"

"All ships," the Vulcan Captain of the T'Kumbra, Sornek, announced, "stand by for probe launch."

A red bolt slid out of the Nebula-Class starship's weapons pod, and made it's way into the minefield, leaving a red trail in it's path.

We all held our breathes.

A blue sphere began growing in size in the middle of the minefield. Flashes of light dotted the edge of the blue spherical shockwave as mines were pushed out of their positions and triggered their detonators.

The shockwave kept enlarging until it's radius reached 3 kilometers, no more, no less. Then it began to fade slowly.

I called for everyone to move in as the shockwave faded completely.

"Strike force 2, move in, maximum speed!"

We quickly passed the radiation field, the ionized particles eroding the hull platings of the Colonial ships but deflected by our navigational deflectors.

Soon the radiation levels dropped to the point that it could not damage our ships, and in front of us was the prototype shipyard.

The shipyard was an immense structure, essentially two standard large shipyards linked together. It had four docks at each side for a grand total of eight.

It wasn't the shipyard itself that caught our eyes, though, it was the ships that were being built.

Four monstrous neon-blue ships sat in their respective alcoves in the left side of the shipyard. They were, in essence, enlarged version of the Nomad ships that destroyed Freeport 7, their hulls translucent to the darkness of space.

What really shocked us, however, were the familiar shapes sitting in the other side of the docks.

They were a Sovereign class, a Nebula class and two Akira class starships.

Everyone on the bridge let their jaws hang loose for a moment.

"Holy mother of...." exclaimed Alisha.

"What the blazes were they up to?!" I asked, "Mr. Slaavok, scan those ships, I want to know when and how did the Nomads got their hands on Starfleet vessels!"

"Yes, captain."

"All ships," I shouted through the comm, "engage at will!"

The Akira began firing off streams of quantum torpedoes, her phasers cutting the shipyard docks' fragile framework down into scrap metal.

Our fighters sprang into action and went for the shipyard. The few weapons platforms that defended the yard was subjected to a hailstorm of high-energy particles, within seconds the platforms had taken a startling amount of damage, and began breaking up.

The T'Kumbra targeted the main shipyard superstructure and began pumping photon torpedoes into it, in hopes of exposing the station's main reactor and detonating it, causing unrepairable damage to the prototype battleship project.

As I was single-mindedly overseeing the shipyard's destruction, Slaavok had completed the scan.

"Sir, may I have your attention for a moment?" He asked.

I walked next to him and leaned toward his console. "Yes?" I asked.

"Here is the scan results. The Nomad ships are organic in nature, it's cell structure is most intriguing, a cross between normal plant and animal cells. It is fueled by photosynthesis, and is able to supply the energy needed to sustain it's many glands, which seems to be able to secrete energy packets for use as a weapon. It moves by ejecting a gaseous substance for thrust. This ship can be classified as a bioship, yet I must stress that it had very little similarities to the vessels employed by the Species 8472."

"What about those Starfleet vessels?" I asked.

"Upon closer inspection, the ships were impostors, made by grafting hull panels and other equipments onto a specially grown Nomad bioship. These ships, sir, were meant to impose as Commodore Miller's taskforce. The ships had the matching registries and profile to the Monarch, T'Kumbra, Thunderchild and the Yeltsin."

"They are trying to infiltrate Starfleet Command!" I exclaimed, a chilly sensation flowing down my spine, "This can not be allowed to happen.... Mr. Strum, concentrate fire on the imposer ships!"

"Aye, sir!"

"Captain," Kamel said, "we are being hailed!"


"This is Strike Force 1," Miles said, "be advised, the Rhineland ships are falling back to the shipyard! They are so desperate to protect it that they didn't even bother returning fire at us! I think they are giving all their power to the engines. We will try to take this chance to reduce the number of Rhineland vessels but don't count on it. Finish your business at the shipyard ASAP and get out!"

"Got it!" I said, and relayed the message to the rest of the Strike Force. "People, we'd better hurry, forget the other targets and concentrate on blowing the main shipyard complex! The T'Kumbra is going for the reactor, help her!"

The Akira assumed position beneath the T'Kumbra and fired, the explosive power of the quantum torpedoes dislodged a few more pieces of hull plating. A few phaser bursts later, a green, shimmering object was unraveled.

"The reactor vessel is exposed," I shouted, "all ships, engage at maximum ran-"

"Captain," Strum yelled, "the Rhineland ships are in range and are attacking!"

Disruptor shots rained upon us, Botzler's wing instantly took many losses from the onslaught The Rhineland fighters went for the kill under the cover of their capital ships.

"My tailpipe!" One of the pilots screamed as his ship lost control and exploded after a barrage from a Valkyrie.

"I am taking heav-" A Rhineland wing swooped in, all five Valkyries concentrating disruptor fire on one poor fighter. He didn't last long.

"Arrgaghhhh!!" A pilot flew into a plasma torpedo and was instantly vaporized.

The Akira took a plasma torpedo square-on, the ship shook and rocked, if not for our seatbelts we would be thrown around the bridge.

"Status report!" I yelled.

"Captain," Strum said said, "shields at 47%"

The Yeltsin found herself in the middle of a rain of disruptor fire.

"This is the Yeltsin, shields critical!"

"This is the Monarch," Miles shouted, "we will cover you! All ships, retreat! We can't win this! T'Kumbra, clear the jumphole!"

"Understood." Sornek replied.

"We still have some fight left in us!" I argued, "We can't just leave this mess unsettled!"

"But we won't last too long under that sort of fir-INCOMING PLASMA TORPEDO, EVASIVE MANEUVERS!"


The Akira's phasers was brought to bear and intercepted the torpedo just in time.

"Thanks," Miles began, "I owe you one. Let's get out of here while we still can!"

"NO! My men would not have died in vain!" It was Botzler, and I suddenly realized the only fighters left were those of Trent, Von Claussen, and Botzler.

"I have a quantum displacement charge on my ship, leave now, my friends!"

"The way to the jumphole is clear." Sornek informed.

"Get us there," I ordered, "full impulse!"

Everyone except Botzler hurried to the jumphole, leaving the shipyard behind us.

"FOR RHINELAND!" was Botzler's last words, before he sacrificed himself to deal the final blow to the shipyard.

"NOOOOO!" Von Claussen screamed in uncontrolled grief, but soon got his composure back. "Goodbye, my friend."

"He's done it!" Miles said, "Reading a massive energy fluctuation at the location of the shipyard. It is exponentially growing!" He suddenly took on a frightened tone, "All ships, into the jumphole before that shockwave engulfs us!"

Everyone got into the jumphole a controlled panic.

We emerged in an obscure asteroid field in the Hamburg System.

"Phew," Strum swept the sweat from his forehead, "that was a close shave."

"It wasn't for many." I reminded him, grimly.

"At least we've completed the mis- what's that? Rhineland battleship decloaking!"

The Battleship Odin appeared out of nowhere and began firing, as if mocking us and adding insult to our already bad injury.

"Another ship is decloaking, it's not a Rhineland ship? Ain't a Nomad ship either...."

A ship that looked strangely similar to a Liberty battleship uncloaked and began firing at the Odin. It hailed us.

And we were pleasantly surprised as Lord Hakkera's face lit up on the screen.

"This is the Osiris, Trent, Von Claussen, dock at once. Federation vessels, let's take that battleship down."

The captain of the Odin suddenly realized that the odds are at his disadvantage, and promptly cloaked his ship and escaped.

"You had went through a lot, Federation taskforce, please form up on the Osiris and head to the following coordinates. We are now planning to stop the Nomads, once and for all."

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Monday, November 24th 2008, 3:38pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57749.35

Our mission to destroy the prototype shipyard was a success. But our victory was Pyhrric at best. Of all the fighters present in the battle, only Trent and Von Claussen survived. the USS Yeltsin had sustained severe damage and had to return to the Alpha Quadrant for repairs.

The situation in the colonies is desperate, the four houses are now openly fighting with each other, with the Nomads pulling strings from the dark, waiting for the time when the colonies were sufficiently worn down, and then they will strike. Reports of unknown vessels attacking convoys and shippings are increasingly frequent, and we now receive news that the Liberty president, Jacobi, had went missing, most likely abducted by the Nomads, to be infected and used as one of their many puppets.

But we have a chance, though, the Order had confirmed that the president is now being held in the maximum-security Mitchell Prison Station deep in the Alaska System. She is the Order's last hope for breaking the Nomads' hold on Liberty. Perhaps there is a chance that she can be reached before the Nomads own her, body and soul.

But we must tackle many barriers in order for us to reach Alaska, which is used by Liberty to incarcerate her most dangerous criminals and to research top-secret technologies. The only gate to the system is situated in the center mysterious Zone-21, in a remote corner of the New York System. The Zone is surrounded by a thick minefield, defended by numerous weapons platforms, two full battlegroups and whatever the Liberty or the Nomads were working on in Alaska itself. This time though, we could not use our repulsor probe as according to Orillion's intel, the mines were equipped with micro-thrusters and can restore position seconds after it had been displaced.

In addition to that, the Liberty Navy had just deployed a tachyon sensor satellite array that can neutralize the Osiris' cloaks near Zone-21, it's range covering the whole New York System. We must take it offline before the Osiris can operate safely in there.

Miles' taskforce, along with us, are standing by near Buffalo Base-ironically run by the Liberty Rogues, a local criminal triad. Instead of being enemies of the state and try to cause more trouble and make more profit from the weakened government, is now actually helping to save Liberty.

I was surprised when Walker's taskforce came to meet us-after we lose contact with him I had considered the possibility of him dying in combat. Though his taskforce had dwindled badly than the last time we saw him. One cruiser and a large proportion of his fighter escort were gone, and the two cruisers bore the scars of many battles-blemishes and burn marks dotted their hulls, and I felt sorry for all the hell he and his people had to go through.

He is here to guide us through the minefield. There is a mine-free corridor for capital ships to access the Zone-21 gate, but this meant that we will be facing the Liberty Fleet head-on.

We are waiting for Trent, Jun'ko and someone called King, as soon as they arrive at Buffalo Base, we will move out.

End of log.

I invited Walker to visit the Akira as we waited for Trent and friends to arrive.

"This is the bar," I sat on a bar stool, and showed Walker the one next to me, "stocked with all drinks imaginable from all over the galaxy. And thousands of snacks to choose from. Bartender?" I called.

The bartender was a Bolian ensign called Forjor, who was in the process of snacking on a pack of peanuts when I requested his services. He bolted up from his little chair, and began coughing vigorously. He, surprised of hearing his captain's voice, had accidentally choked on his peanuts.

"Are you all right?" I went and patted his back.

It took a few minutes for his coughing to subside. And a few more for him to sort himself out. Walker couldn't help grinning, but politely covered his mouth and turned his face down to hide the fact that he was laughing.

"All right, sirs," Forjor smiled, "may I take your orders?"

"Cold water." I said. "And what about you?"

Forjor set a mug of water, with a Starfleet-emblem-shaped piece of ice floating on top, on the counter in front of me, I held the mug tightly, letting the icy coolness diffuse into my right palm, and began drinking.

"Liberty Ale."

That's perhaps the only drink we didn't have. Forjor and I looked at each other blankly. Suddenly the whole bar was filled with dead air.

"Bet you people don't carry it." Walker said, "Forget that then, I'll have a Tennessee whiskey."

"One Tennessee whiskey coming up!"

Walker took his drink and took sip, then he spat it out in disgust.

"What-the-hell-is-this?" He asked, word by word but somehow slightly amused.

"Tennessee whiskey." Forjor answered.

"The flavor is off, way off."

Curious, I pulled out my tricorder and scanned the beverage. "It looks all right to me." I said, and showed Walker the scan results.

He studied the readouts carefully and pointed his finger at one column. "75% Synthehol, that's the problem."

"Forjor," I whispered, "do we carry any real alcoholic drinks?"

"Will have to replicate it, sir."

"Do it."

He went to a replicator at a corner of the bar, pressed a few buttons and handed Walker another glass, this time filled with real Tennessee whiskey containing real alcohol.

Cautiously, he took a drink and then smiled. "That's what I am talking about!" He applauded, "It's the best drink I had for years!"

"That serious?" I asked, concerned with the grim situation of beverages, and life in general, in this universe.

"That serious." He replied, "It's hard to find a good drink these days. Even if you did it would be pretty expensive. Most of us were stuck with Liberty Ale, cheap, but crude."

"What exactly is it, sir?" Forjor asked, with a PADD in his hand and ready to jot down notes on how it was made so that we can serve it in the future.

"I applaud your attitude with your job," Walker took another sip, "but I think your bar will be better without it."

"Well," I argued, "it won't hurt to give our future patrons one more choice, and it satisfies our curiosity, as you know, we are a curious people."

"All right." he sighed, "But don't ask me to sample it."

He cleared his throat,"Liberty Ale's made by condensing the brunt fuels of ships and ship exhaust into a liquid, then fermenting it for a few weeks before serving. Some of sloppier breweries skip the fermentation part and just used some sort of chemical catalyst, needless to say, it tasted horrible. And what's the worst? The Navy purchased that lousy ale in bulk to lower costs in expense of us officers' tongues. I once read something about the chemical composition of Liberty Ale, and turns out it was 50% ethanol, 45% water, the rest are assorted esters and trace amounts of methanol."

I was deeply shocked by this. "Methanol?!" I asked in rage, "That thing's not fit for human consumption! No, let me rephrase this, it's toxic!"

"The companies know, the government knows, everyone knows!" Walker banged the table angrily, "They said that it is within acceptable levels but I don't think the Government gives a damn. Hell, they may have been bribed by those corporations to give the Ale a green light!"

I decided to change the topic before Walker or I were overwhelmed by all the insanity of Liberty. I broke eye contact with Walker, and focused on my drink. During the transition of my eyesight, I caught glimpse of Forjor holding a glassful of a transparent, oily liquid. He took a sip, and began to speak.

"Captain Walker," he said in a coarse voice, "'crude' is too good a word for this.... With all due respect, sirs, crap."

With horror we realized that he had just replicated a Liberty Ale to the exact formula given by Walker, and tried it. The extremely bad taste had caused his throat to spasm uncontrollably, his tongue to tremble and his marbles to go missing.

I was afraid that he may pass out, or worse, away.

"Do you have to go to the sickbay?" I asked and took his vitals with my tricorder, which somehow was still in my hand.

"Thank you, Captain. But I think I will live."

His vital signs were all right, and fortunately the Bolian body can digest methanol without too much hassle.

"All right...." I sighed, "Don't hesitate to seek help if you feel something's wrong with you."

"Got it."

My combadge beeped, I tapped it with my right middle finger.

"Captain Sy here." I said.

"Captain," Garon said through the comm, "Trent, Jun'ko Zane and King are here. They are docking with Buffalo as we speak."

"Garon, please do me a favor, ask Trent to dock with the Akira instead, tell him that we have personal matters to discuss."

"Okay, sir."

I downed the rest of my drink while waiting for Garon's reply. My combadge beeped again.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"I am sorry, sir." Garon said, "He ignored us and docked with Buffalo."

Trent, what a coward.

"I will get him later." I turned to Walker, who had swallowed the rest of his Tennessee whiskey with love, "Walker, do you want to meet Jun'ko now?"

"Okay, I will fly." He was referring to his Defender Class Starfighter, which he used as a shuttle. "You can come with me if you don't mind cramming into the cockpit with me."

"I suggest a faster method." I said, "Computer, site-to-site transport, two to beam-Captains Sy and Walker, to Deck A-3, Buffalo Base."

"What does that mean?" a confused Walker asked.

"You will know a few seconds later. Energize."

A blue light shrouded our eyes. A few seconds later, the veil of blue was lifted and we saw Trent, Jun'ko and King staring at us with wide open mouthes.

"How did you pull that off?!" Trent asked.

"Magic.... It's magic." King added.

"I once heard someone say that," I explained, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

I turned to Jun'ko, but couldn't find her. It took me a few seconds to see that she was embracing Walker.

"I hate to cut your reunion short, but here's the deal." I show them a map of the New York System on a PADD. "The Liberty Navy had set up a tachyon sensor satellite array near Zone-21. With that the Osiris' cloak will be good for nothing in this system. you will take this jumphloe, a intra-system one, to get you closer to the array, then take it out before everyone is alerted. The Starfleet taskforce and Walker will standby near Zone-21, once you are done with the satellite, meet up with us there. Then we will proceed for the Alaska jumpgate. We will upload the coordinates and the mission details to your computers on the way. Any questions?"

"How do we get into the zone?" Trent asked, "I heard it was a minefield."

"There is a large opening in the field for the entry of ships. We will strike there."

"No chance for using your little repulsor-trick again?"

"No." I replied, "The mines can move by itself and the minefield will be restored within seconds."


"I second that." King said.

"I think we should get back to our ships now," Walker advised, "It's almost time.... I will have someone ferry me back to my cruiser."

"Where's your shuttle?" Jun'ko asked.

"I left it on the Akira." Walker answered, obviously embarrassed.

"All right." I said, "Nevermind that." then I tapped my commbadge "Computer, site-to-site transport, Captain Walker, to bridge, LNS Utah."

I waited for everybody to examine me for signs of insanity. I grinned with amusement.


Walker suddenly remembered something.

"Hey, what about my Def-" and got no further as his body dissolved into the matter stream, to be reassembled in his cruiser's bridge.

"I will get it to him later." I explained, and tapped my combadge, then realizing that I had just turned it off, tapped it again, "Akira, one to beam, energize."

I materialized on a transporter pad. After exchanging a few idle remarks with the transporter chief, Lt. Lee, about subatomic particles and how they affect the performance of transporters, headed off to the bridge.

"Welcome back, captain." Garon greeted me as I stepped out of the turbolift.

"Thanks." I went to my chair, "Status report?"

"All systems green. Trent and his wing had already set off to the intra-system jumphole."

I sat down and made myself comfortable.

"Sir," Kamel informed, "the Monarch is sending us a message, taskforce is to move out at 1400 hours."

I looked at my console, it was 1358 hours.

"All right. Red alert, all hands to battlestations."
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Monday, November 24th 2008, 6:27pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Just great story, best Freelancer Fanfic I´ve ever read. You´ve integrated the starfleet really well. What gave you the inspiration to this?

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Thursday, December 4th 2008, 7:00am

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

(Just a few mad fantasies of mine. I am also planning a ST-Homeworld fic, with the same crew but a new ship. The fleet-action is based on SFC and Legacy.)

"Captain," Slaavok reported, "the Monarch is engaging her impulse engines."

"Formation pattern Alpha-3." I ordered, "Match velocities and course."

"On it." Alisha said and steered the ship beside the Monarch. I heard the soft hum of the impulse drives powering up.

"Incoming hail." Kamel informed.


The viewscreen changed from a view of the space in front of the ship's bridge, to the bridge of the Monarch.

"This is Miller to all ships, we will be maintaining communications silence as soon as we leave the badlands so as not to be detected. Once Trent's wing are done destroying the array and make the rendezvous. We will break the silence and proceed into Zone-21. If anything goes amiss, use your navigational lights for communication in Morse code. Miller out."

The image of the bridge snapped away and the starfield was restored.

"All right people," I said, "you heard the man, Mr. Slaavok, keep an eye at the other ships of the taskforce, tell me if they are messaging. Mrs. Alisha, ETA to the rendezvous point?"

"15 Minutes, sir."

"Thank you. Mr. Strum, load quantum torpedoes and charge the phaser capacitors."

"Already done, sir. I did that as soon as you ordered battlestations."

Strum was indeed a good tactical officer. Perhaps not being allowed to choose my own crew wasn't too bad after all. I made a note to myself to commend Strum for his professionalism in my logs.

"Excellent, now we wait." I said, and began prowling around the bridge, which is my little quirk when I have to wait.

"Captain," Kamel asked politely after I had done a few laps round the bridge, "no offense, but can you please stop walking around? It distracts me from my work."

I apologized and returned to the captain's chair. I read a few reference files on my console to help kill time.

I was studying a diagram of a Constitution Class Warp Core when Alisha called out.

"Captain, we are in position."

"Then where's Trent?" I asked.

"Not yet here," Strum said, "sir."

"All right." I said, "Inform me of any new developments." and then switched the cross-section of the Constitution Class Starship, or affectionately called by older Starfleet officers as the "Connie", for the Akira's sensors readout.

Minutes passed without Trent reporting, we began to fear for the worst. Still, we kept the communications silence.

The situation was tense, every passing second was like years to us. Cold sweat began forming of the bridge crews' heads.

"Captain!" Kamel suddenly yelled, making me literally jump out of my seat. "We are being hailed!"


Everyone were relived to see Trent safe.

"Trent here, we did it."

A wave of applause erupted on the Akira's bridge, and on the bridges of each of the taskforce's ships.

"Everyone's safe, we are almost here."

"Excellent!", Miles cut in, "Let's get ready."

Within seconds three fighters, Trent's, Jun'ko's and King's. Arrived on cruise speed. And formed on the taskforce.

"I am glad to work with you again," Jun'ko said passionately, "Walker."

"Just like the old times." Walker replied suavely.

"It's kind of strange that a Liberty Captain was working with the enemies of the state." I joked.

"And dragged more than a few alien powers along into the whole mess." Jun'ko said, "These are strange times."

"Strange indeed." Walker sighed, "The freedom we had enjoyed in Liberty had been replaced by a cold blooded, iron handed military dictatorship ever since president Jacobi went missing. I must say that I missed the old, liberal, Liberty."

"I am appalled to know this, but that's why we are here-to fight it back, Captain Walker," Miles said, "lead the way."

"Everyone, follow tight, the passage is barely wide enough for one ship."

"This is Miller, all ships, line astern."

The sight of a Liberty Cruiser, followed by a Sovereign Class, two Akira Classes, a Nebula Class Starship with fighters laced in the gaps between each starship, passing through a treacherous minefield, was a sight in strange times indeed.

Soon after we had cleared the minefield, we picked up chatter from the other side, the Liberty Navy was alerted of our presence, and scrambled to defend the gate.

A wing of five defenders in delta formation came and greeted us with energy fire.

"All ships," Miles shouted, "break formation and engage at will!"

The taskforce sprang into action, letting off phaser fire at the incoming attackers.

"Phasers," I ordered, "full spread!"

Five phaser streams found their mark, and quickly tore through all five defenders' shields. Then it proceeded to heat the hulls pass the melting point of trititanium. The fighter crafts became softer than cream, their pilots had no time to scream as their vocal cords, along with their bodies, were vaporized.

Something was wrong, though, the full Naval battlegroup we were expecting was not there, instead a large group of fighters defended the gate. Then we realized that that may just be enough.

"Holy!" Trent shouted, after a few hits collapsed his shields, "What the hell were those ships armed with?!"

"Pulse guns?" Jun'ko asked.

One of our Anubis-Class Starfighters was reduced from full shields to scrap metal in just 7 hits.

"Mr. Slaavok," I asked, "are those disruptors?"

"Negative, the weapon's power output was slightly higher, the waveform does not match any known energy based weapons...." Slaavok paused briefly as he studied more data, before continuing, with one eyebrow raised in surprise. "It's energy signature matched that of the Rowlett's Revenge. In other words, it is a Nomad weapon.... Sensors detect Nomad tissues within the casings of those weapons."

"In other words, captain," Strum said, "it is a Nomad gun fully compatible for use by Sirius vessels!"

The Akira rocked slightly as it took a full volley from a Defender wing.

"We will talk about that later," I said, "now we have to neutralize those fighters-Strum, weapons free!"

Beam after beam of phaser shot angrily out of the Akira, and hit the hulls of several squadrons of defenders with terrible accuracy.

"I need some time to hack the gate," Jun'ko shouted through the comm, "give me some cover!"

"Hack?" Miles asked, "I thought we are here to use the gate, not to cut it down."

"'Hack' means 'interface'." I explained, "Apparently they are still using slang words of the 21st century."

"That makes much more sense." Miles said, satisfied with the explanation, "Hold on there, my lady, we are coming to the rescue!"

The Monarch swooped in front of a flight of fighters which were bearing down on Jun'ko, and obliterated them with a full spread of quantum torpedoes.

"No need to be so dramatic, Commodore." Walker said sourly, "I know how to take care of her."

A flight of defenders were unfortunate enough to happed directly in front of Walker's cruiser, a blast from the main cannon later, the fighters were nowhere to be found, disintegrated into various molecules and ions.

"Just a few more seconds!" Jun'ko yelled.

"We will give you just that, my dear!" Miles said, and shot another defender wing down.

"Miles," I suggested, "your playing the gentleman is making everyone nervous, stop it and get serious."

"Did it!" Jun'ko shouted, this time in triumph, "All ships into the gate!"

We left the Thunderchild and the T'Kumbra to defend the New York side of the gate, and proceeded to the Alaska System.

(A exam is coming so please have patience with the frequency of updates.)

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Friday, December 19th 2008, 1:15pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

(What bug? Did I mention one?)

The Alaska System didn't match it's namesake. Instead of a clear, idyllic stretch of space, all was green and murky.

Weird spiky spines of asteroids dotted the area, they looked artificial, perhaps long-defunct constructs of an ancient era, with an unknown purpose. To top it off, strange, floating spaceborne bacteria added to the scenery. I would have joked that we had just dove into an over-sized alien sewer if we didn't have so much to worry about.

A shipyard complex was in front of us. It wasn't as impressive as the one we encountered in Rhineland, but nevertheless, we prepared for a hard fight. The only problem was-there was nothing, no one, there to stop us.

"The Mitchell Prison Station is not far from here," Walker said, "form up on us."

"Got it." Miles said, "By they way, isn't it weird that we haven't met any resistance since we cleared the jumpgate? Do you think that they are planning an ambush?"

"I don't know, but what's important is to get the president out safety."

"I personally don't feel good about this." I said, "The whole thing was too easy.... As if they are waiting us to sail into a trap. Then pull the string."

"I am feeling the same thing...." Miles sighed, "But under these circumstances.... We have no other choice but to see what's in store for us."

We went through a passage lined with buoys at the sides. The nebula had cleared a bit, and the stellar stalactites could be vaguely seen behind the lines of buoys.

"I wonder what those asteroids are." I mused.

"Perhaps, captain," Slaavok began, "we can make a detailed analysis, at a later time. I had made a remark on my log of this."

"Thank you."

"Weird." Walker said, "We should have been hailed by the station by now."

The asteroids were covered by the veil of the nebula again, and in front of us, was a box-shaped station.

"That's it," King said, "strange, it's automated docking systems are operational but no one is responding to hails."

"I will dock first." Jun'ko said, "King, you will be next, then Walker and Trent."

I tapped my combadge. "Bridge to security, assemble a away team and meet me in the transporter room."

"Garon, take the bridge."

"Yes sir, good luck."

I took a turbolift ride, and went to the armory. I slung a compression phaser rifle on my back and holstered a Type-II hand phaser as backup.

Then I met Drayla's security outfit at the transporter room.

"As we know," I briefed the team, "the president is being held in this complex, and is about to be, or, has been infested by the Nomads. If it is the former, we must prevent the latter from happening. If it is the latter.... Make her death a quick one."

From the confused look of team members' eyes I could see that they were all stuck within the whole logical loop of "former" and "later", I decide to give them a more straightforward order.

"Rescue or terminate, are we clear?"

"Crystal." Drayla said.

We got on to the transporter pads and prepared ourselves.


We materialized on the landing deck of the station, which was half-lit with barely functioning lights, flickering on and off. It was soon clear that the staff of this station are either missing or dead. Walker and his people had already secured the area. Jun'ko pointed at a corridor, that leaded to the interrogation chamber, where the president was likely to be held in. I gripped my rifle tightly, and motioned for the away team to follow.

Treading silently, we kept out heads up for any hints of possible attackers or the president's whereabouts. Cell after cell were opened and searched, but we found no body in them. I began to have a sinking feeling that we might be too late.

Then I heard something, it was the sound of someone struggling, and moaning in pain.

"Did you heard that?" I asked.

"Heard what?" Jun'ko asked in dobut.

"I think it's the president, follow."

I trailed the voice. It grew louder and louder, finally, we reached Room G-5, and unlike the other rooms in the station, it was fully lit. We took position besides the door.

I heard a female voice-that of the president.

"How dare you! Abducting your president?! Do you know that it is high treason?!"

A nervous little man went out of the room, and walked right into Trent. He held him at gunpoint, and instructed him to remain silent.

"The Rhineland chancellor?! I should have known, the attack of Willard Station, murdering our ambassador...."

"The time has come for me...." A deep, masculine voice whispered, "to plant a seed in you."

"Guards," he ordered, "leave."

It was time to act. Trent used the man we captured as cover, and used his retinal signature to open the door. Using him as a shield, he fired at the two guards. They returned fire and killed the man instead. I leaned from my cover and trained my rifle at the chancellor. He turned back, his eye glowing neon-blue like Tekagi, and his mouth was wide open, the tentacles of a Nomad parasite flailing in it. I took aim at the grotesque sight, and squeezed the trigger.

He staggered a few steps back, then drew a pistol from his pocket. I aimed for his head again and fired. This time, he fell onto the ground, motionless.

He did not fall alone, though. I felt a sharp pain at my right chest, and lost all my strength. The rifle felt heavy and I could hold on to it no longer. I let it fall to the ground with a clank, followed by my body. I tried to breath but it was painful. I slowed my rate of breath to compensate. I knew I was hit but I didn't know if the wound was bad. Then I saw a pool of red spreading from me, and knew that I was bleeding, a lot.

"Hang in there, captain!" Drayla knelt beside me and examined me. "Damn, that was pretty bad. Akira, one to beam, directly to sickbay!"

I was now on a bed in the sickbay. I was spread out on the biobed. Dr. Miranda took a hypospray, filled it with an anesthetic, and injected it into me. My vision began to blur as I slipped into unconsciousness.

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Tuesday, December 23rd 2008, 1:14pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

I woke up in the sickbay, feeling absolutely drowsy and dizzy. All was blurry, and I couldn't make anything out. The pain was gone now, and I knew my wounds were repaired. I blinked a few times, and my eyesight cleared out enough that I saw a gray shadow, perhaps that of someone, moving. It waved something in front of me, it said something but I could only hear muffled voices.

" you hear me?"

I recognized that voice as Dr. Miranda.

"Yes." I answered fuzzily. Then something urgent suddenly came up my mind.

"How long I was out? How's the mission? How's the president?!"

"Relax, captain, you was out for just 15 minutes, the president is safe, and everyone's all right. We are about to leave the station now."

"I need to get back to the bridge." I stepped out of the biobed I was lying on, and promptly fell over.

"The anesthetics hasn't completely worn off." Miranda helped me to a chair, "Please take a rest."

I refused and tried walking.

"Captain!" Miranda ordered, "You are unfit for command! You won't do any good at the bridge anyway! Please stay here!"

"I am all right." I said, and limped out of the sickbay.

"Security! Restrain the captain before he hurts himself!"

Two security officers rushed in and grabbed my arms.

"I am sorry sir." One of them said, and dragged me back into the sickbay.

"Look, can we make a compromise?" I offered, "You can monitor me all you want, all I want is to be present on the bridge."

Miranda mused over this for a moment, and finally came to the conclusion that this may be the best option.

I made my way toward the bridge with the help of the two security officers that once tried to restrain me. I was put on a stretcher, on Miranda's orders, to save me from stumbling and falling on my way.

I stood up from the stretcher, and fell into Commander Garon's empty chair, as he was sitting in my chair, as acting captain.

The Taskforce was ready to leave, the president safe aboard the Monarch. When suddenly dozens of unidentified signatures flooded our sensors.

"ID those ships!" Garon ordered.

"Commander," Strum called out, "it's the Nomads, their power signatures match! More ships are decloaking, fast!"

"Damn, I knew it was all a trap! Phasers, full spread!"

Several streams of hot particles literally cooked the Nomad fighters, turning them into a sickening, opaque green instead of their normal, semi-transparent neon-blue.

"The whole place is lit up!" King said, and it was true, dozens of Nomad fighters rained destructive energy on our ships. Their numerous energy pellets lighted space up like Christmas lights. It would be a pretty romantic scene if the pellets were harmless. But they were not.

"This is the Monarch, the Thunderchild and T'Kumbra are reporting a large Nomad-Liberty Fleet is entering the system, they can hold the New York side of the gate, but not for long, we have only about 15 minutes. All ships, full speed to the gate!"

"You heard the man," Garon shouted, "Alisha, full impulse!"

In such situations, normally we could have warped, but we had to cover Walker's warp-incapable cruisers and in such a dense asteroid field, warping would end us horribly-our bodies and bits and parts of the Akira will end up skewered on the spikes on the asteroids. Not to mention that the thick nebula will simply interfere with our warp drives.

We began hastily retreating. The Monarch and Akira provided covering fire to buy time for Walker's cruisers to charge their cruise engines. After several seconds, the cruisers and their escort entered cruise speed. We followed tightly, on full impulse, into the passage. The Nomads proceed to give pursuit, but fortunately, we were much faster and had too much of a headstart.

We were safe, for now.

"What do we do when we reach the gate?" Jun'ko asked.

"We have no choice but to break through." Walker said, "All I can say, is to brace for the worse, and hope for the best."

"The situation is extremely unfavorable for us, Captain," Miles said, "the Nomads are in strategic high ground. I can expect a large ambush to be waiting for us at the gate, and even if we make it through the New York System, we still have to break through the Zone 21 minefield before we can warp, and your cruisers can use you jump drives."

"No matter what, we've got to try."

"Agreed. Here comes the end of the passage. Good luck."

And between us and the gate, were two Liberty battleships, hundreds of Nomad fighters and infested Defenders. Nomad gunboats began turning to us and the Nomad taskforce that chased us from the prison station had caught up with us.

"We are badly outnumbered!" Garon exclaimed.

We soon found ourselves to be on the wrong end of hundreds of guns. Round after round hit our ships. And without shields, Walker's cruisers soon began to buckle.

"This the the Phoenix.... We had lost contact with our engine room...."

"Commander," Slaavok informed grimly, "the Phoenix's reactor had been punctured. A breach is in progress."

On cue, the Phoenix was immersed in a blinding white light.
"We are reading a breach-"
and the Captain got no further, as the Phoenix was ripped apart by her exploding reactor core.

"We must get out of here now or we will all die in here!" Walker shouted.

"Easily said." Trent replied.

Walker's cruiser engaged cruise, and headed straight at the gate.
"My ship is loaded with enough gravimetric mines for both battleships."

He was going to ram the battleships and detonate the mines!

"No!" Jun'ko protested, "There must be another way!"

"I am sorry, but there isn't."

An idea suddenly popped into my head.

"Walker, hold it!" I shouted, "There is a way! Full impulse to the Utah, prepare to beam Walker's mines in once we get in range!"

"Captain!" Garon protested, angerily, "I can't let you throw the lives of the whole crew-"

"Then get close to those battleships, set those mines on, and beam them onto the battleships! After that, we get out of the way."

Garon stood up, his jaws wide open in shock and awe. Then he did something totally unexpected-he got out of the captain's chair, and gestured me to sit in.

"Welcome back in command, sir."

"A goddamn good idea." Walker complimented, "I am setting those mine to remote-detonation."

The Akira hurried in, and beamed the mines into her cargo bay. Then, with all due haste, charged at the battleships, and at the last moment, did a U-turn, sent the mines off, and blazed away like there was no tomorrow. Once the Akira got out of the blast radius, the battleships began exploding, dozens of tiny metallic volcanoes erupted all over the ships' hulls.

"The gate is clear!" I yelled, "What are you waiting for, get in!"

The fighters dashed for the gate as the capital ships provided cover. It only took three minutes for every one of us to escape the system.

We emerged into another warzone, our two starships were fighting a losing battle with four Liberty cruisers, and wing after wing of Defenders, now under Nomad control.

"Finally!" The Thunderchild's Captain sighed with relief, "Let's get the blazes out of here!"

"Spearhead formation!" Miles ordered, "We have to break through their defenses!"

The Monarch acted as the tip of the spearhead, and led us into battle.

The Akira cut down a wing of fighters with her phasers, a cruiser attempted to use her main cannon on the Monarch but was taken out by a photon torpedo volley from the Thunderchild.

We were almost half way out of the minefield, madly plowing through wave after wave of Defenders and cruisers.

A Liberty caught us while we were reloading torpedoes, it began pounding us with it's main gun. The situation was desperate, and I had another idea.

"Engage tractor beam," I ordered, "lock on to that cruiser, drag it into the minefield."

It proved to be a wise decision, a swift swing of the tractor beam was all it took. A mine slammed brutally into the cruiser's hull and blew it in half.

We were almost out of the minefield, but waiting there for us were two more cruisers, their main guns pointed right at us. And A Liberty battleship physically blocking the exit.

"This is the Omaha, return the president at once!"

"Never!" Miles shouted, "All ships, concentrate fire on that battleship!"

"You will soon meet your doom."

All three ships began bombarding us.

"Captain," Strum yelled, "shields down!"

"Captain, any of your ideas?" Alisha asked, expectantly.

"Not now.... Keep firing at that ship!"

Alisha frowned, and I could see fear in her eyes. Fear from the prospect of imment death.

"We are taking damage!" Garon reported, "Bow section ablative armor integrity is down to 47%!"

"Not good," I muttered, "definitely not good!"

Then, miraculously, the Omaha and the cruiser LNS Merrimack began exploding. The debris cleared and behind the dead hulks, was the Osiris, and a Galaxy Class Starship.

"This is the Osiris," Orillion said, "Trent, Jun'ko, dock quickly!"

Then a totally unfamiliar, yet friendly voice began speaking.

"This is Captain Powell of the USS Suruga, we are here to help."

I had heard about the ship before, the Suruga underwent a full overhaul during the Dominion War and was blessed with advanced shields and weapons. There was a lot of controversy about the ship though, as people were arguing that the Federation, a peace loving interstellar power, should not equip an explorer for battle. And the Suruga had the dubious honor of being called a "Federation Battleship".

"We are uploading the regroup coordinates." Powell said, "it is the Omicron Major System, the Order's main base."

"All right," I ordered, "warp, engage!"

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Friday, December 26th 2008, 4:50pm

Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57770.78
We are now in orbit of the icy planet of Toledo, the secret base of the Order. We had finally got in touch with Doctor Sinclair and Professor Quintaine, and their newest results on Trent's artifact. They believed that it is some sort of an ancient, alien starmap of a vast network of hypergates, gigantic interstellar conduits capable of transporting ships and even fleets at speeds exceeding transwarp, these gates, along with the artifacts, and the Nomads, were constructs of a long-vanished empire that occupied this area of space called the Dom'Kavosh.

The Nomads were the organic guardians and servants of the Dom'Kavosh, made with advanced genetic engineering. They were made to fiercely defend their masters' space at all cost, and with any measures. Their masters had gone since gone, but their genetic programming still prompted them to be constantly vigilant for any intruders. Unfortunately, the Rhineland expedition had triggered them, the Nomads, now awaken from their centuries long slumber, they now see any human as their enemy, and sought to destroy them.

It not known where the Dom'Kavosh had disappeared into, or why they chose to disappear, but the evacuation was hasty, leaving many artifacts and ruins scattered around in the Sirius sector. One of them is Trent's map.

The map also served as a key to the hypergate, and our scientists think that it can be used to remove the Nomad threat, but first, we need a source to power it. Any generator the Order could offer were not compatible, and the same was the case with our power sources. So we have no choice but to find a suitable power source-a Nomad power cell. But locating one, let alone retrieving one, is almost impossible. Orillion had sent his people to search at likely sites, at the meantime, I am going to catch some much-needed shore leave, and take the chance to visit Toledo.

End of Log.

I beamed down on the landing pad of the Order base, a stinging gust of wing blew at my face, and I instantly regretted my last sentence of my log entry. It was so cold that it seemed no amount of extra clothing would help. I hurried into the main section of the base, which was built into a cliff and completely sealed from the outside environment.

An android welcomed me into the base. These androids had no skin coating nor they are similar visually to humans, They were dumb machines equipped with only slow electro-optic CPUs and whatever it needed to do it's job and no more.

"Unidentified individual," it said, and pointing a pulse rifle at my stomach, "scanning.... Attire unknown.... Visual profile unknown.... State your intentions at once."

"I am here to...." My mind raced to formulate an acceptable reply, "Errm....Visit your base?"

"Access granted, please note that visitors are not allowed into base operations and command."

"Okay...." I smiled a wan smile at it, but it either failed to notice or didn't find the need to reply.

I strode off in another direction and walked straight into president Jacobi.

"OW!" I cried, then realized that it was me who bumped into someone, not the other way around, "Oh.... Sorry, I am terribly sorry."

Then I realized that I had indiscriminately walked into the President of Liberty. And I was in extreme trouble, her bodyguards would swarm up all over me with stun batons and....

"Hello captain, it is my pleasure to meet you here!"

"I can see the headlines now.... Starfleet captain assaults president! Then Starfleet decides to pull another Operation Retrieve, then there will be war! All out war between Liberty and the Federation, millions will die, trillions will lost their homes and loved ones, all because of-"

A snowball hit me at my head. I turned at the general direction of the thrower and saw Miles, standing beside a bulkhead, another snowball in his hand.

"That'd calmed you down, eh?" He snickered, then turned to Jacobi. "Madam, don't mind him, he's like that sometimes, what I call a 'Brain Overheat'."

"Yes...." I said, "That worked pretty well, where did you got that snow?"

Miles opened the bulkhead, extended his right arm out into the blizzard, retracted it, and began packing the snow accumulated on his hand into another snowball. He discarded the two snowballs by throwing them outside, closed the bulkhead, and turned at me. We shook hands and I was unpleasantly reminded how cold Miles' hands were.

"Got you." He chuckled, "Now, why don't we go find a place to sit down and talk, the president here had just done inspecting the Monarch and you may be the next. I can tell that she seems eager to know you more."

"I am not going to get myself into something that sordid." I declared, and together, we made our way to the bar.

There we were joined with all of the Captains of Miles' taskforce, Captain Powell and Orillion. We found a table and sat down.

Powell looked particularly concerned, as if he had something that he must say.

"Good Day, President Jacobi, Commodore Miller, Captain Sy, I have to cut short on the courtesies and get straight to the point, and I hope you can understand. We had shared our data on the Nomads and the Dom'Kavosh with the Klingons, and we've got startling news."

"What news?" Miles asked.

"Please, sir, let me finish. Now.... Where was I? Oh yes, people, had you ever heard of the Hur'q?"

We shook our heads in unison and confusion.

"No.... Well, they were a race of aliens who invaded Qo'noS approximately a thousand years ago. When they were forced out, they took with them many Klingon treasures, including the Sword of Kahless.

We sent the data regrading the Artifacts, Dr. Sinclair's parchments, and the Proteus Tome to the Klingons. The scripts written on those papers match Hur'q letters. In other words, the Dom'Kavosh are the Hur'q.

Ancient Klingon texts had also described a 'Dishonorable Servant' of the Hur'q that are almost identical with the Nomads. Among the mentioned are bio-organic starships, their ability to possess their enemies' top officers, and a weapon of incredible power-a star-destroyer that can cause a star to undergo a premature nova, destroying all in a star system."

We gasped in horror at the revelation.

"But somehow they didn't use the weapon against the Klingons, instead, they retreated, and were not heard form ever since."

"Are there any reasons?" I asked.

"Unknown. But if the Klingon texts are credible, we may have a huge crisis at our hands. The Nomads could activate the Star-destroyer, and take it on a rampage."

One of Orillion's men whispered something into his ear, and he immediately turned to us.

"We had found the Nomad power cell." He said.

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Re: Star Trek:Akira-Phased Realities, a ST-FL fic

Captain's log, stardate 57773.99
The Akira is now on course to a distant star system in order to retrieve a nomad power cell. The power cell is at an abandoned Nomad outpost located deep in a treacherous nebula. We had found a jumphole that could bring us there in a remote, faraway corner of the Omicron Major System, we can not warp there due to the dense asteroids there and had to fall back on impulse, it will take us several hours on impulse to go from Toledo to the jumphole.

We had to hurry, though, the phase-flux of the jumphole is destabilizing rapidly and we have a very limited amount of time to get to the outpost, take the cell, and get out. The jumphole's size also decreases as it destabilizes, and from our estimations, it can only allow the safe transaction of small, shuttle-sized ships when the Akira reaches the jumphole. And thus, we had rallied our very best fighter pilots: Trent, Jun'ko, and King to execute the mission.

The Suruga happened to carry with her a squadron of Gryphon Class Fighters, but without anyone to pilot them. So I had insisted that we loan these crafts to our three pilots. Although intel indicates that the base is very likely abandoned, I had a bad feeling about this mission, it could very likely be a Nomad trap, and we have to give Trent and his squadron the best shot for this mission.

The Akira will deploy our pilots, and monitor the operation from our side of the jumphole, while the rest of our fleet stands by on orbit of Toledo, and will move to assist us should we get into trouble.

I sincerely wish our pilots good luck.

End of log.

I examined the Gryphon Class Fighters Powell sent us as I waited for Trent, Jun'ko and King at the shuttlebay. I ran my hands lovingly on one, enjoying the smooth hull of the fighter craft.

Powell was a nice man, and he had sent us his whole complement of Gryphons along, instead of just three that I had requested. He claimed that the extra crafts were for 'insurance', in case if any of them failed to function. But I could hardly imagine any malfunctions with those sleek crafts of unearthly beauty.

Each of the six fighters sitting in the shuttlebay radiated an air of competence, each silently awaiting their mission, and were determined to complete it with the utmost skill, valiance and courage.

I was so attracted to the Gryphons that I failed to notice the trio's ships landing on the shuttlebay, I was pulled back from my fantasies of piloting one when Trent tapped my shoulder.

"What are these?" He asked, and began muttering to himself. "I think I had fallen in love. As long as I don't have to get electrocuted, shot at, had jump out of windows, and get skewered by some strange Nomad incubi just to fly her it should be all right.... No... I am willing to go through all of above just to get a chance to fly with her."

"Gryphon Class Tactical Fighters," I stated, "with mini quantum torpedoes and pulse phasers as weapons, regenerative shielding and ablative armor for defense, and are warp capable."

"Groovy ships." King said, "Beats the hell out of any of ours.... I do envy you some times."

"Well, no more envying for you, people," I announced, "you will fly these ships for this mission."

I swear I could see their eyes brighten up and open wide.

"Wow...." Jun'ko exclaimed, "But.... We don't know how to fly them."

"The controls are more or less the same as your colonial ships, joysticks, throttle, buttons.... Nothing you can't handle." I assured, "Come, I am going to show you how to fly this babe."

I led them to the holodeck.

"What is this place," King asked, "a room with grid lines for wallpaper?"

"The 'wallpaper' is actually holoemitters. Watch." I tapped on a panel on a wall console, found the program I wanted, and activated it.

The holodeck dissolved into the shuttlebay of the Akira, four Gryphons were lined up for launch.

"Damned advanced technologies...." Trent gasped.

"Now," I announced, "the lesson begins."

"Wait," Jun'ko asked, "you know how to fly a fighter?"

"Yes, I took it as a hobby during my academy days."

"Great," Trent said sarcastically, "Sunday fliers."

"And you will be flying with one hand and flipping through the manual with the other if you don't pay attention." I retaliated, "Of course, all this plus dozens of Nomad fighters hot on your tail."

Trent decided to shut up and pay attention. Within hours they made surprising progress and were able to fly the Gryphons even better than their own ships.

We even had some time to take a rest at the bar as the Akira was still several lightseconds away from the jumphole and needed about half an hour to cover the distance.

I showed Trent a table, he looked rather uneasy.... Perfect.

"Take a sit." I commanded, and went over to Forjor, the bartender.

"Give me the Secret Weapon." I ordered.

Forjor went and rummaged at the bar counter. He produced a bottle and handed it to me.

"Thank you." I grabbed the bottle, and held it behind my back. I walked to Trent. He looked up at me, and I could read fear all over his face.

"There's no escape this time." I stated flatly, I placed the bottle in front of him. He examined the blue liquid in the bottle, smelled it, and withdrew his head.

"It's strong." He complained.

"I know. Drink."

"You've gotta be kidding, I can't fly drunk."

I showed him a hypospray.

"No worries." I grinned evilly.

Trent sighed, and downed the liquid. He choked on it, spat some of it out, tears filled his eyes, he tried to scream but couldn't, he clutched his throat in pain, bent over, and laid twitching on the floor.

I injected the hypo in him, and he soon got his senses back.

"Holy! What the heck was that?!" Trent asked.

"Romulan Ale. Strongest drink in the galaxy."

"If I made it back alive," Trent muttered, "I am going to need a whole crate of these."

My combadge beeped.

"Captain Sy here."

Garon's voice came through. "We are at the jumphole, sir."

I turned to the Intrepid Trio.

"It's time to scramble!"

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