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Freeworlds: Tides of War

Feature List Gameplay

• Join the New Republic, Galactic Empire, Corellians, Hutt Cartel, Pirates and more
• Multi-player Scripted Missions
• Fast-paced and dynamic gameplay
• Multiple Role Vessels
• Precision Bombing
• A potential for 100 players online at any given time
• Improved Artificial Intelligence of the Non-Playable Characters

• 23 canon systems from Hoth to Calamari and Bastion
• Massive systems never seen in the likes of the Freelancer Engine
• Epic sized stations like the Kuat Planetary Ring or Mon Calamari Ship Ring
• Improved scale of planetary bodies
• Custom Bases

• 104 player flyable craft
• Canon size
• Canon equipment and loadouts
• Unique X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter inspired game physics
• Custom Hitboxes
• Flyable Capital Class Craft
• Dockable player controlled carriers
• Unique ship hyperspace jumping

• Over 1000 unique trade runs
• Material inspired economy eg. X of metal A + Y of material B + Z amount of credits = product
• Forum controlled bank
• Dynamic Economy
• Forum integrated economy graphs, to allow you know what product is worth the most

• DirectX 9 integration
• Bump mapping
• Shadowing
• Brand new explosion and hull hit effects
• New laser effects
• Brand new sound effects
• New graphic user interface

• Heavy role play emphasis
• Friendly
• Active Development Team
• Respect for all players is a fundamental rule

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