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The Underverse

It is now 30 years since Riddick sat on the throne and became the Necromonger leader. One of the first things he did was to stop the advance of the fleet into more territories and had them fall back to home space. Then he freed all who remained from the truely demolished worlds, Furyans being the first. Once news of this surfaced, other non-purified survivors began returning to their home systems to start the slow process of re-population. Riddick himself disappeared 15 years ago, his whereabouts and fate unknown.
Now the houses are stirring again.
Now the war drums are sounding again.
Where will you be when it all starts again?!
Welcome to the UnderVerse! Featuring:
dedicated event and special systems, 16
dedicated clan buyable systems, 39 plus 5 Capitols
dedicated Sovereign systems where bad guys own bases, 26 systems
dedicated new player area called the Merchant Alley, 18 trading systems

This is a Role Play server, not a PvP server.

Some of the special things in the UnderVerse:

Using a mix of Computer Generated voices and Human Actors
We have supplied complete custom voices for two pilots, one docking character and the Mission Commission,
With the release of 2.24 we have added new voices to the The Bribe Girls and The Ships Computer
The only Original Voices Left ingame are the Bartender and Trent
These will be replaced in the next release and we will continue to add new voices for all the ingame chars, Giving each one a Sense of humor to Enhance the Players experience.

To prevent short-cutting during fighting, you can't return to the Origin after leaving it
With the best freighter and best trade runs you can make $50 - 100 million per hour
There are many custom ambient sounds and voices everywhere, turn up your music
We feature many events and special systems to keep you from getting bored
Got a beef with another clan? Challenge them in the Feudal Wars system
All base npcs have unique names including base, system and faction
The UnderVerse Manual can be found in your cargohold at launch
Our npcs have been adjusted to drop custom goods and weapons
Delight at three new intro movies and a custom load screen
Want some spur-of-the-moment sparring? Find the Mosh Pit!
We have adjusted the game font to show more information
All of the sun, cloud and asteroid fields have names
UV battleships don't bounce and spin, they fly well
The base farewell voice will work with each undock
Custom house names show as you enter each system
FLAC is being run on this server, thanks Eagle
There are 73 scores of custom music & sounds
We have a banking system & UnderVerse Bonds
The system paths are correct & error free
All fields show correctly on the NAVmap
All infocards are working and complete
We have 474 dockable planets and bases
Bribes are inserted where appropriate
The ammo capacity is boosted to 100
We have over 150 custom commodities
Each appropriate base has missions
Every base has a custom billboard
We have 87 + custom ships to buy
Instant docking has been enabled
There are 108 systems to explore
All planets have been custom made
All original suns have been fixed
The cruise speed is boosted to 550
The new global workaround is included
All stations have been custom assembled
The mod has grown from 6mb to over 258mb
Scanner ranges have been increased to 15km
The top missions have an $8.4 million payout
We have special Merchant-only planets and items
Docking rings won't interfere with larger ships
We have brighter trade lane and hazard buoy lights
Two unique NPC Challenge Arenas should keep you busy
You will find a custom NAVmap with custom house names
This is a Total Conversion Mod (95%), no original systems
$2 billion net worth is possible for each pilot (level 90)
There are 249 custom 3db icons for our commodities and ships
The npcs now fly our custom ships and use our custom weapons
Twenty people built this mod with over two years of development
Cloud and asteroid fields show correctly when referenced in missions
Dozens, maybe hundreds of custom guns, missiles, thrusters, shields, armor
All bartenders and other dealers have been given appropriate body language
The npcs are upgraded in difficulty and they use bots and batts (and tractor beams!)
The mod has undergone seven Alpha Tests and six semi-open Beta tests with over 100 testers
This mod is free of error checker errors and has many other behind-the-scenes corrections as well
If you want to fly the top fighters, bombers, cruisers and battleships, figure out the two 'Roads to Glory'!

This Mod is Dedicated to the memory of [RIP]Phenomena & [RIP]Wyno
Never heard of the Chronicals of Riddick? Did you watch it too many years ago to remember? Go down to Walmart or Target and buy the Trilogy for $14.00

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